Moving Soering: Another baffling exit move by Kaine

news-kainesoeringFamily members fear that Kaine's move will soon set Soering free.

Just one week after announcing a new state park without tallying the full cost to taxpayers, outgoing governor Tim Kaine has again blindsided citizens–- in this case criminal investigators and family members of the late Derek and Nancy Haysom, a Lynchburg-area couple killed in 1985 by then UVA student and Jefferson Scholar Jens Soering. A German national who fled the United States and vigorously fought extradition after the in-home double killing, Soering may now be sent back to Germany where he'll be eligible for parole in two years, under a transfer the governor reportedly approved Friday, January 15, on his last full day in office. The transfer, which reportedly occurred without input from surviving Haysom family members, has unleashed cascades of outrage including interest among some elected officials in blocking Kaine's exit-day action. Soering, now incarcerated at the Buckingham Correctional Center, was convicted in 1990, sentenced to life in prison, and writes extensively on religion and prisoner rights. His former girlfriend and co-conspirator in the premeditated crime, Elizabeth Haysom, was the daughter of the victims and is serving a 90-year sentence at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women.

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So we need to look where we are at the end of Obama's term? I remember where we were at the beginning of Bush's term. No war, $1trillion budget surplus, zero unemployment and .95 per gallon gas. He fixed all that for us.

Doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican; these mysterious, last minute actions by politician are always viewed with suspicion, by the public, and are therefore a mistake.

I could not agree more with Rob Knolls.

All Obama can muster up is one broken promise after another. I personally DID NOT vote for him, however I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, he spoke a good piece during his campaigning. All that was ...was one lie after the other. All this hope and change was nothing more than BS and more BS.

Rob Knolls,

re:"has already spent $WAYYYYYYYY.YYYYYYY more in 6 months than the Bush administration spent in 8 years"

That is simply not true. Shame on your for stating such a bald faced untruth.

It is disheartening the amount of debt this country has taken on. George Bush had a real opportunity to continue to responsibly service the debt as Clinton AND the GOP congress did in the 90s. He chose a different path and tacked on far more debt than any president in history, including his dad and Reagan.

Bush managed to make his deficits appear smaller by paying for his wars "off the books". Obama ended this practice, thereby immediately making his accounting both more truthful and more painful for him politically. This is the truth but I'm sure you won't hear that from Beck or Rush et al.

Obama was dealt a REAL bad hand. I think if you were being honest you'd admit that.

But I had hoped he would bite the bullet and say, 'you know what, I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may' and cut spending. Honestly, I had hoped he would. Of course, then he'd REALLY consign himself to one-term status.

But he didn't and in not doing so he is merely continuing the borrow and spend policies of his predecessor. Your vitriol could have been used against the policies that got us into this mess. But now that the President has a D next to his name, he is lambasted (and maybe rightly so) for nothing more than trying to ease the painful situation he inherited.

Our economy is a slow moving train wreck. The fall of 08 was merely the warning shot across the bow. Our country's debt level is a fact that will make our future obligations vis a vis medicare and SS fiscally untenable.

Obama is NOT to blame for this, but he does have an opportunity to do something about it. But he, like his predecessor, may choose to try and get reelected. In a way, it is unfortunate that a politician needs to appeal to the masses in order to get into a position of power. Because it is we, the American People who have been living beyond our means. WE are the ones responsible for the mess we're in. Not Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. We only elect politicians that give us short-term fixes for long term problems.

Eventually the piper needs to be paid. Lord have mercy when that day comes.

I'm just glad Capt. McCain and Mrs. Palin are not in the White House.

LMAO @ One Big A$$ Mistake America

I need one of those also.


The will of what majority are you speaking of, yepper .. The majority of the Dems .. or the majority of the people that they claim to represent? The health care is a COSTLY joke! Anyhow, it appears as though you are at one end of the spectrum and I am at the other, so discussion on this is and/or your beloved Obama is pretty much pointless. I am old and don't have much time left in this world, but I sure feel sorry for the young people and the following generations who eat up the "Hope and Change" soup this cream puff is serving. It is reminiscent of Reverend Jones and his grape Cool-Ade.

That's really great- the convicted murderer sits in prison and wrires extensively on religion and prisoner rights. Strange how he doesn't write about his VICTIMS RIGHTS!

Perhaps he thinks he is the victim here.

Tim Kaine just moves on, double dips and, oh, by the way, for all of you Obama lovers above-

"How's that Obama thing working out for ya- huh? Can't wait until his "team" really "rocks the house".........

I thought "Life" meant Life.

I think we’d be much better off if George Bush and Congress had just let the Investment banks, regular banks, and the Real Estate market FAIL.

A lot of rich people would now be dirt poor and a lot of financially responsible- lower to middle class people- would be in a position to become the new wealthy as a result of the newly downwardly adjusted cost of living values.

Umm, Bush and Congress did let the financial sector fail by failing to have adequate review and regulation.

And not fixing the problem would have affected financially responsible middle class people who have 401k plans, bank deposits, etc. Unless wiping out their life savings strikes you as a good idea ....

quote: " I am ashamed I voted for Obama."

And I bet you're one of the people still riding around with his bumper sticker on the back of your car. :)

I saw a lady scraping one off the other day with a screwdriver. She must really be upset with the hope and change he never delivered.

It's hard to believe the presidency in this country can be won with a 3 word phrase.... "hope and change".

Yes, there is something Obama has not been able to accomplish. He has not managed to get us into another war!
Do people really expect him to wave a magic wand and solve in less than a year all the problems of eight years past?
Yes, I wish he had done more to directly benefit the average person,like some of the programs FDR iniated to put people to work.Give the Rethugs a real reason to cry Socialist!
No, the man is not Che Guevara. much as some on the Left might have hoped him to be(or some on the Right are acting like he is).
Those who disliked him from the start are one thing. Nothing he does will win their approval. But those who supported him and now are whining about how bad he is-I say either display some patience or shut up.
And what is the alternative? Sarah Palin? Or best case scenario, he gets some pressure from the Left to act more forcefully- much as FDR did when he realized that Huey Long might mount a serious challenge for control of the Democratic Party. And don't forget in the 30s we had viable Socialist and Communist parties. We have nothing now that stops the Democrats from acting like Republicans sometimes, and deferring to Wall Street and other corporate interests.

quote: "And as far as BHO goes, He has done more to fuel conservatism in this country than anything in the last 10 years."

The only thing that has conserved fuel in this country is the PRICES. Demand will go way down as soon as we hit $3.00 a gallon next month.

I couldn't care less who wants to take credit for the reduced demand though, I will keep plugging away in my SUV that gets 8.2 miles per gallon until there is no more to be had. There was no way in the world I was going to junk a $55,000 SUV just for a $5,000 trade-in rebate from Osama.

HollowBoy said:

"Do people really expect him to wave a magic wand and solve in less than a year all the problems of eight years past?"

Do you really believe that propaganda? The Great Messiah has already spent $WAYYYYYYYY.YYYYYYY more in 6 months than the Bush administration spent in 8 years! We are $soooooooo.ooo00 far in debt now that my children's great great grandchildren will still be feeling the pinch. Bush's budget came under attack from Pelosi and Reid who labeled them as being both dangerous and unpatriotic.
For whatever reasons, the bag lickers changed their tune with the Anointed One and his 6 month deficits running into the trillions and still climbing. Have people really adopted the habits of an ostrich and have their heads stuck in the sand? ..or somewhere else?? This administration is scary!!

Intellegent and educated -president- snake.


Annnnd the idea didn't work. Pretend the word "president" isn't even there.

Harry, I think you're seeing that even Obama can't fix the mess Bush put us in in one year. After 4 years he'll most likely have made some real progress and the American People will reward him with a re-election.

God Bless the United States of America and PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama!!

Yepper .. Yepper .. Yepper .. Obama is of your generation (assuming that you are in that category) not mine. Good luck with trying to conquer the trillions .. [how many zero's is that any way not including the one for 0'bama] .. of debt he has handed you all already, and he has hardly gotten started.

$1,000,000,000,000 = 1 trillion dollars. Multiply that times 3 ..4 .. 5 .. God only knows where it will stop! Thank the man you voted into office, Yepper.

Gasbag!!!!! We agree...:)

Well, a crime like that committed by a lovesick 19 year old puppy was sensational when it happened, but 25 years later it's all kind of irrelevant. People in this country are often obsessed with "justice" as a numbers game (as in maximum number of years) and forget we're all dead in the end anyhow. It really doesn't matter if this guy goes to a German prison and ends up being freed when he's 50. Maybe we should all focus on real problems of the present and future....
On the other hand another more recent "crime passionelle", the murder of Walker Sisk, goes unpunished and the perpetrator is free to enjoy his life and very likely re-offend, given his background and history. This elucidates how actually capricious and arbitrary our vaunted "justice system" is and how unimportant in the larger scheme if dippy little Jens "escapes justice" by being released from prison as a middle aged man.

Many Obama supporters are frustrated to discover he's another politician who campaigns by whipping people into a delirium of "hope" that their particular dream of a society structured in conformity with their viewpoint may be just around the corner, but ends up having to fit into the system. Google Gore Vidal and read what he has to say about the minimal differences between the parties...
the "system" of having to cater to greasing the squeaky wheels of various pressure groups always ends up co-opting whoever is elected.
last year when he won, I was unenthusiastic because I knew he'd end up supine and chewed up by the system, would be a one term wonder. Thinking the big blowout of casino capitalism would collide with limits to growth, I always felt that the ideological heirs to Ayn Rand were to blame for the economic mess and that one of them, John McCain ,should be president when the faeces hit the fan so he could be the goat...

No shame here, Yepper. The facts are the facts..Let's see where we are at the end of the term, especially if this absurd health plan goes through, and maybe we can jump in the ring and duke it out again.


This is just a lesson every generation needs to learn. We'll be fine. But the next election can't get here soon enough.

Mr. Knolls,

Apparently you are ignorant of the fact that there was a 10 trillion dollar debt on the books the day Obama was sworn in.

He inherited a 1.2 TRILLION dollar deficit (which gets added on to the [10 trillion dollar] debt already outstanding).

Now that I've educated you on federal government accounting for 1st graders, I will state the obvious:

To claim that Obama is responsible for the hole he inherited even after one year in office is either incredibly stupid or outrageously dishonest. Yes, I'm saying YOU are one of those things. Take your pick.

Obama simply drilled a hole in the other side of the sinking boat to let the water out...

Don't worry, this guy is so incompetent that the the proof will be undeniable.

I would say give him enough rope but I am sure one of the crybabies on here would call me a racist.

Yepper .. while we are in to name calling here, I will respond that you are either blind as a freakin bat OR you are an ostrich with your head stuck in the sand. Yes, I’m saying YOU are one of those things. Take your pick.

Look what just happened in Massachusetts .. That is the "change" we need!

Damn, I wish we were driving people away. SLN seems to be little more than a loon with fingers.

So let's sum up: Virginia is gaining a state park and losing a convicted murderer. And losing a good governor and gaining a Pat Robertson acolyte as governor with a storm trooper as attorney general.

Sounds to me like people are just wanting to vent their Republican frustrations and are looking for things to comment on. This sort of thing (making state parks and prisoner transfers) happen all the time folks. This is not BIG, BIG, SHOCKING NEWS. Its only made to be for the sake of the media and as an outlet for typical partisan attacks.

quote: "Yeah, it must be so difficult to live in a country with an intelligent and educated president."

OK, intelligence and education. But, where's the hope and change he promised? Or was that just a campaign promise?

And what did Kaine do on the way out of office, proposed a tax increase? Who's going to pay the taxes after everybody is laid off and unemployed?

If it’s about money I bet we can pardon a bunch of peaceful drug convictions and clear that up.

That would actually be a great idea. No pardon is needed, just parole. Of course, Virginian Republicans such as George "Macaca" Allen capitalized on unjustified fears and saddled the state with excessive prison costs while slashing supporting for public higher education.

HollowBoy, it's possible you missed my sarcasm.

The Hook is beginning to not care how biased it appears. This may be due to the fact that it is clearly winning whatever competition it once had with the cville weekly, or perhaps it's due to the fact that the cville weekly doesn't hide it's bias either.

Regardless, it's a little cowardly to all of a sudden pile onto Tim Kaine at the end of his term when his successor is so clearly not of his choosing. It is entirely possible that Tim Kaine chose this action because he believes it is the right thing to do, and that motivation most likely is behind his action on the new state park.

But there is a narrative. Politicians are corrupt. Tim Kaine is a politician. The Hook is now trying to shoehorn all actions by the retiring governor into this preconceived narrative.

It will be interesting to see how the hook treats the new Governor. Certainly he has some unsavory associations and has performed actions as a public servant that reflect poorly on his character. This all may well come to light during his term. A true test of the hook's journalistic integrity will be how it responds then.

It was great to see Obama bringing the same corrupt Chicago politics I grew up with to Washington. Now I am so proud that this corruption has spread to Virginia.

I am ashamed I voted for Kaine and I am ashamed I voted for Obama. This Independent may never vote Democratic again. The politcs of spending and corruption and bribery must stop and as an African-America I would like to see the race baiting stop too.

What's baffling? Soering is the son of a German diplomat and Kaine is now the head of the democratic party, after being appointed by Obama. The US government needed something from the germans; the germans asked for the transfer of the killer. Then someone at the state department talks with the Kaine and Kaine (for some reason he will/can never explain) made it happen.

I'm sure what we got from the germans was important but we will never know and the family will never understand how this killer, who would have gotten the death penalty if he be anyone else son, will now be a free man.

The laws has always been different for those with money and connections. Ask Bill Clinton about his pardon of the worst tax evader of all time, Marc Rich, on his last day of office. I'm sure the fact that Hilary is now the head of the State department is just a huge coincidence

re:"Just one week after announcing a new state park without tallying the full cost to taxpayers"

Not to mention how much this prisoner transfer will cost! Someone has to drive him to the airport!! That takes gas, manpower, stateroads, you name it.

Clearly, when announcing this, Tim Kaine should have thanked the taxpayers for making this all possible. I'm sure Bob McDonnell will do the same and if he doesn't that the hook will skewer him for it (once he's a lame duck of course).

My "foreign land" happens to be Rappahannock County, Va. Before that, one side of the family British Isles, the other Germany. No New York or CA connections at all.
That sort of mentality is what gives Southerners a bad name, that we are all supposed to be running around in a sheet and hood.
I rejected that nonsense back when I was in high school, in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. And let me add that I have run into my share of those "liberals" from "up north" that assume just because I am a white country boy that I fit a certain stereotype.
Have one great-grandfather that served in the Confederate Army. I am not ashamed of that.Neither do I feel the need to apologize for what I believe in.

Let Germany deal with him. Just as long as he can never reenter the US. This will save Virginia money. The couples' daughter is still imprisoned, so additional punishment is still being meted out.

I think it is safe to say that when it comes to future jobs in Virginia, Tim Kaine need not apply.

Sorry, but I cannot go along with the outrage over this decision by Kaine. In the first place, why we taxpayers have to continue to Soering, we are supporting enough inmates already? Let the Germans have him.
And over the years certain questions have been raised about the degree of his involvement, namely whether her or Elizabeth Haysom did the actually killings, or whether they both had a hand in it. His story was that he accepted the full blame to spare his girlfriend the death penalty. We may never know what really happened.
I don't see him as someone likely to commit more crimes, and he has spent much of his life behind bars. Lets save our outrage for those who committed crimes and got off with a slap on the wrist(like that Uva student who murdered a firefighter a few years ago), or those career criminals who released and then go right back to their old ways.
Obviously , we have a lot of people here who miss no opportunity to denounce Kaine for anything he might do.

When are Virginians go to MAN UP! When are Albemarle Countians going to start to hold liberals accountable for awful government dealings of this nature. All those libs coming to the city and the county, as well as, northern Virginia has contributed to the feminization of your county and your state.

You elect losers like Kaine and Perriello and appoint libs to every job in the state. Oh, Perriello is another loudmouth loser of limp-wrist, wimp politics ready to appease the outside world. What do you expect?

Remember the old adage...Shame on you, the next time Shame on me! Shame on you Albemarle for allowing liberal Kaine/Perriello and all their cronies in prior years into office so they can shame you, so they can demoralize you, so they can destroy the moral fabric of a once beautiful God loving area or our nation and lastly so they can destroy OUR Constitution.

Virginia fathered great Presidents to lead our nation except for Woodrow Wilson, the first liberal from our state. Reverse this Kaine/Perriello lib fanatical lifestyle and stand up with a voice. If I lived there conservative groups would be a perpetual pain in the butt and face of people like Kaine and Perreillo.

Come on Albemarle...gut up, man up and stand up for your wife, family and parents. Do something other warm your hands under your butt.

South Looking North

South Looking North

re:"All those libs coming to the city and the county, as well as, northern Virginia" , "If I lived there"

Which is it? Are they "coming" here or going "there"?

I live HERE in Albemarle and believe that it will be an honor to re-elect Tom P. Sounds to me like YOU'RE the outsider who either doesn't know what he's talking about or simply forgot to take his meds (or both).

Bobby M in the days after the '13 election will be a whirlwind, I assure you. Of course, unlike Tim Kaine, he probably does want to run for political office again, so there may be a few of his friends that will be disappointed.

Since, Kaine is freeing the "nut jobs" and sending to Germany why doesn't Kaine send "Hollow Hippie Boy" back to his foreign land too. New York, California or Madison, WI could use his great advice.

I knew both Jens and Elizabeth while we were at UVA together.I won't comment on Elizabeth,except to say she was a beautiful, brilliant, troubled girl. I never thought Jens was guilty as he did not seem capable of such a heinous crime. However, I do know he loved Elizabeth deeply , maybe even sick deeply, and would do anything for her. Add that to heavy opiate usage, and who knows? I don't know and never will. I wasn't there. And neither were any of you.
So how can any of us truly judge his blame in this(circa )30 year old crime?
As far as Tim Kaine goes--I'll be interested to hear what people have to say about the NEXT exiting VA Govenor.

If it's about money I bet we can pardon a bunch of peaceful drug convictions and clear that up. Leannji, 12 people decided he was guilty, not you or me.

If I has an OBAMA sticker on my car , I would burn the car !

Dakota :)

Yeah, it must be so difficult to live in a country with an intelligent and educated president.

Dakota said:

"If I has an OBAMA sticker on my car , I would burn the car!"

I have an Obama sticker on mine, and I am proud of it:

It says

One Big A$$ Mistake America

I think we'd be much better off if George Bush and Congress had just let the Investment banks, regular banks, and the Real Estate market FAIL.

A lot of rich people would now be dirt poor and a lot of financially responsible- lower to middle class people- would be in a position to become the new wealthy as a result of the newly downwardly adjusted cost of living values.

But no. The established oligarchy had to protect it's own.

Why's everyone so mad at the guy? It was the daughter who was the instigator... and it was her parents. Isn't it more awful to be a parent killer than some stupid boyfriend who couldn't think beyond his next tumble in the sack?

Have no fear .. when the Anointed One lays hands on the health care reform, by his grace everything will be healed! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT!!!

quote: "...if I was to scrape it off my neighbors (and my own family) would kill me. one will ever pull the wool over my eyes again when I am in the voting booth!

Whether your family members will admit it or not, I suspect many of them feel the same way you do.

There was an article in today's paper (page 2) about his first year in office and how people have given up on him because he has accomplished absolutely nothing so far. No "hope". No "change". No "hope and change".

His car rebate was one of the biggest failures in American history. The people that really needed new cars still couldn't afford them, even after the large rebates. And those who really needed new cars found themselves not needing them as well after being laid off and becoming unemployed, they didn't need to get to work. It might have stimulated the auto industry for a few months. But now the industry is in the same shape it was before the rebates. Most car salesmen can now qualify for food stamps.

I think it's absurd. Elizabeth Haysom admitted to her crime and is still behind bars. Meanwhile, Jens arrogantly maintains his denial and writes "religious" books. You can't change what you don't acknowledge and I'm guessing that there is no real "change" in Jens ~ he's merely running a huge con. Kaine's decision is an insult to the families of murder victims everywhere.

Dear Gas Bag,

The Obama sticker does remain on the back of my car, but as an African-American living in Esmont if I was to scrape it off my neighbors (and my own family) would kill me.

Yes, I am succumbing to peer pressure, and I get the same peer pressure at my job at UVA, but no one will ever pull the wool over my eyes again when I am in the voting booth!

The sight of Barrack Hussein Obama sickens me.

...funny how everyone wants to keep religion out of schools. You can't have GOD mentioned anywhere in government...but that clown of a president goes on national tv this morning at a DC Church and talks politics...

..double standards? What happened to the liberals always crying of seperation of church and state? Guess that doesn't apply B.H.O. It's a do as we say, not as we do kinda government.

My goodness, I don't wonder where some of these respondents are from, but how much education they have. They won't answer that, but just want to rant on. And on. Oh well, it pays...Limbaugh, Palin, Cheney, etc make a killing off irresponsible populist rant and vitriol. They are seen as fools and buffoons to the rest of the world. Glad I moved to Australia.

No, these type of things are done for personal gains. Little Timmy wants his last actions to fulfill his original campaign promise of fortifying 400k acres of National Park Forest. He took a page out of Rambo's playbook and didn't let an opportunity go to waste (Biscuit Run). And as far as BHO goes, He has done more to fuel conservatism in this country than anything in the last 10 years. And deja vu congressional elections 2002; 2010. Go Scott Brown GO!!

...and speaking of last minute shenanigans by politicians, did you see the AP article on the Yahoo news page:

Dems look at bypassing Senate health care vote

BOSTON ââ?¬â?? A panicky White House and Democratic allies scrambled Sunday for a plan to salvage their hard-fought health care package in case a Republican wins Tuesday's Senate race in Massachusetts, which would enable the GOP to block further Senate action....

Talk about a bunch of pompous, arrogant, politicians .. They are the ones that should be ashamed! Lord have mercy on this country!

rob knolls, the democrats have at least 59 senators and a majority in the house. Are you saying that it is fair that they should NOT be able to pass their legislation?

You think it's fair that 40 senators from small, backwards states should be able to thwart the will of the majority? Is that democracy?

Health care reform will pass and when people begin to see all the benefits (which they will) the GOP will have to explain their NO votes. May the VOTERS have mercy on them!

Rob, You should feel sorry for the younger generations for the heaps of debt your generation is leaving them, to be sure.

South is still looking North...
I still say to Virginians and Albemarle citizens to GUT UP! Shut off the spigot that spills your tax dollars into the City and the Counites wasteful pockets of ill conceived ideas!
You have driven many to other states or remote Virginia counties where the lifestyles are far less lib, morals still remain somewhat intact, and you can talk with some sense to your county elected leaders.
Far different than speaking to some 16-18 year educated civil servant ideaman who sits in his government palace in Cville making a salary that takes taxes that could provide many meals at the dinner tables of Cville and Albemarle Co. families. Let's hope Thomas and others start kicking some butt up there in town. Time is running out. It is far late for the City Council. Gee Whiz...they are better that SNL. When are they going to remove their clown suits so we can really see who they are. Probably the Marx brothers hiding out at Council.
Hey, Hollowman... great to hear you are from the Commonwealth. My mistake! Apologies to you! My misread!
Hey, My family came here to VA from London in 1814. Our family still owns the land our GGG Grandfather bought when he came here along with several hundred more acres. Our family has sent 4 to fight for Virginia in the Civil War. Thanks be to God they all returned whole. We are invested here as you are.
My political leanings are more to our forefathers. We don't need government to do anything extra for us but manage/administer the simplest needs of government including caring for those who can not care for themselves. Libs load lots of additional non essential stuffs upon us. Form exotic ideas all brought down from the North. THis thinking within our schools has also bent our thinking toward liberalism and the Democrat style of socialism or maybe a more bolder socialism the Democrats in Richmond and in WASHDC desire.
It is now much overdue that you all demand a ceasing of this over spending and outlandish government you have. Thank goodness other counties are electing more conservatives to offset Kaine and others down there. Pereillo should be next. Get that lib gone too!
Demand your new leaders follow a simpler government with a greater love of the state and national constitutions. If they pledge to do so, then watch them. If they don't remove them and hold them accountable. Make 'em pay with removal from office. It is happening everywhere.
Did you know by rumor tonight that JD Hayworth is going to take on Moderate McCain in Arizona for the US Senate. Love it! Whoopee, and take out Sen. Grahamcracker in South Carolina too in 4 more years.
God gave us Deeds, Obama, McCain, Kaine and Pereillo to wake us up and to demonstrate to us what we have forgotten, taken for granted or are having it lost forever. See what you can do to make better change. Maybe Thomas is your beginning here at home. Time is a wasting. Start seeking people for the school board and take education back in Cville and the COunty and teach our great history, etc. We are behind in America.
Again, ALbemarle and Cville GUT UP and move for change back to the old days where we didnt let Libs rule and ruin.