$750 City Hall bonuses causing controversy

City employees have one extra reason to be thankful: they just got $750 bonuses. NBC29 broke the story.


Hourly workers got the 750, salary got 15%, 15% of a 110k is....

cuttingback, do you really think City Council cares? After all, City Councilor David Brown defended the bonuses.

This, and other tricks, have been going on in the city for years. For example, back when I worked at the Sheriff's Office, certain sheriffs would give us a year end bonus by submitting "overtime" we had not worked. While I was a party to this "theft by deception" there wasn't much I could do about it. I had enough problems with their management styles without taking on such a trivial issue as being handed free money.

Charlottesville votoers get exactly what they deserve.

My husband's salary has been cut every year for the last 3 years. Did the Council seek input from the public before doing this ?

reader, you must be mistaken???

If a salaried employee made $40,000 in 2009, he/she got a $6,000 bonus???? The $110,000 employee got a $16,500 bonus???e

There's is no way possible the city could ever justify a bonus of this magnitude.

If what you say is true and accurate, the public needs to flood a city council meeting one night and demand an explanation. But, the public is spineless most of the time.

What was the bonus for? What did they do different this year than last to deserve it?

Thank you City of Charlottesville and City Council for using my tax payer dollars to give a bonus to our "world class workers" in our "world class city." Did the high up people get this bonus, too? The Chief of Police already makes over a $100,000 a year, I guess he REALLY needed that bonus.

sympathy, I think it's for the bang up job they did on the snowstorm.

Corrupt Chicago Politics isn't just for DC anymore.

I just read the posted comments on the NBC 29 web site. As usual, appears the family members of cops and firefighters are trying to justify the bonus for them because the jobs are so dangerous.

I knew I should not have grabbed a few Oreo cookies a few minutes ago. I also tossed my cookies reading all that garbage again. :)

Here's what I posted over there:

two war combat vet, I get tired of it too. The cops and firefighters in this city are well paid for the services they perform. Their jobs aren't even in the top 10 of the most dangerous jobs. With the abundant overtime in the private sector available to local cops, even the newest rookie is plain downright lazy if he/she isn't making $50,000 to $60,000 a year now. Then add in the benefits package on top of that! Retirement, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, take home cars, etc... With so many people being laid off and losing everything they own, a cop is the last person who can justify a $750 bonus being slipped into their paycheck.

I missed this on the news. Does this extend to teachers and or health care workers? Goodness knows I have spent well over $750 for classroom supplies this year.

never mind, I went back and read the article. c'est la vie