Carving Board Caf�© handed off

The Carving Board Caf© in Albemarle Square has changed hands, but not the menu.

Since opening their little Albemarle Square sandwich shop in June 2005, Carving Board Caf© chef/owners Justin Van der Linde and Candice Liptak have turned it into one of the most popular lunch spots in town. Now they’ve turned it over to fellow Johnson & Wales cooking school grad, Ken Beachley and his wife, Jennifer.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a negative review of the Carving Board anywhere, and it has been consistently ranked among the top five eateries on both and the Hook’s Foodfinder, not to mention a Reader’s Choice Award from the Daily Progress last year. Last August, new Virginia governor Bob McDonnell saw fit to make the Carving Board Caf© a launching pad for a campaign stop at the University of Virginia.

So why give it up? Liptak says Van der Linde (who happens to be recycler Peter Van der Linde's nephew) decided he wanted to be a massage therapist, and that the couple wants to start a family. But they are taking the time to guide the Beachley's, who also own the Italian Villa, through the transition.

The secret to their success? Pay attention all you present and future restaurateurs”Š

As Liptak told the Hook just a month after opening, "We enjoy providing excellent service, and we care more about our customers being satisfied than making a buck.”

Today, Liptak stands by that statement. "That's the reason for our success," she says. "It's a motto we continue to live by, and that we are passing on."

Over the last few years, the two young Johnson & Wales cooking school grads reminded us that reputations are built on keeping the horse before the cart.

As for the Beachley’s, they plan to leave the menu exactly as it is. Smart move. In fact, Liptak says that’s the reason they turned the place over to the Beachley's, because they trusted them to take care of the customers who have come to expect so much. With stints at the Jefferson Hotel and the Waldorf-Astoria, Ken Beachley appears to have the chops to keep the lunch crowd loyal, plus he’ll be continuing the tradition of baking, roasting, and smoking all their sandwich meats in-house.

"Everybody has been like a family here," says Liptak. "And we'd like to thank all our wonderful customers, and let them know that the caf© is in good hands."


hello to every one.Wish you all whim be ok.

psst! when making nouns possessive, add an s not an apostrophe-s.

Justin amd Candice's smiling faces and tasty food will certainly be missed. However, I will certainly not miss the long lines and slooooow speed of standing in line to simply take your order. Some simple advice to follow during lunch rush: Step 1) Take Order, Step 2) Prepare Food, Step 3) Give to Customer. Instead of Step 1) Chat with Customer for 5 minutes about life, Step 2) Take order, Step 3) Chat some more about life with same customer, Step 4) Chat for another 5 minutes with next customer in line about life, Step 5) Take order 6) Chat some more, etc. Just take orders!!! I am not your friend. I am a customer!!! I have very little time for lunch and I want to simply get in and out of there with some delicious food.

I can only hope that the new owners are as friendly and as amiable as Candice was at the register. The fact that she took the time to chat was one of the reasons to go there for lunch - it's nice to find people who care about their customers these days.
I hope the new owners stay as close as possible to the old business model, and can keep the space as inviting and the food as delicious as Candice and Justin were able to do.

Please have weekend hours!

I wish Candice and Justin the best, but am sad to see them go. The Beachleys have big shoes to fill.

Good luck Justin and Candice. We'll see how the new owners do with keeping the relationships the Board has created, thats not as easy as making the same food. The Carving Board and The New Deli are the only sandwhich shops on their side of town that offer that level of genuine customer service, becoming friends with thier clients. People will wait a few extra minutes for that on top of a great product. So Lincoln, if you don't see the value in it, hike on down to Lil'Dinos or Subway and eat that crap.

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I hope the new owners will open on the weekend!

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