Augusta Health Art Committee seeks submissions for hospital gallery display

The August Health Art Committee seeks submissions of "quality 2-D art" for display in the Augusta Health gallery during the 2011 season and beyond. Each exhibit lasts two months.

To apply, artists are asked to submit one labeled CD which includes the artist’s resume, artist’s statement, and images (pdf or jpeg) including dimensions of at least eight different, original pieces of representational work.  Slides will not be accepted.  Submissions must be received by February 1, 2010.  No e-mail submissions, in-person appointments, or phone calls please.  Mail or drop off CD applications to:

Augusta Health Art Committee
C/o Lee Phillips, Volunteer Services Office
P.O. Box 1000
Fishersville, VA  22939-1000

Selection guidelines are as follows:
1)       Artwork should be interpreted as generally uplifting and/or calming.  Subject matter must be non-controversial, non-violent and appropriate to the hospital setting.  Humor and whimsy are acceptable.
2)       Color is preferable to monochrome or black and white.
3)       Artwork that reflects the local environment is preferred.
4)       No reproductions are accepted.
5)       Artwork should be “complete” in terms of matting, framing, etc. when appropriate, and durable with few maintenance requirements.

The deadline for submission is February 1.

For more information, contact Beth Hodge,

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