Let the Games begin: Crossfit plans Olympic style competition

news-crossfit-gretchen-smFormer collegiate gymnast Gretchen Kettleberger will compete in this weekend's Superfit Games.

The Olympics may be two weeks away, but anyone interested in watching high intensity athletic competition can get a fix this weekend at Charlottesville's first-ever Superfit Games, taking place Saturday, January 30.

There won't be slalom or bobsledding in these games. Instead, the 100 participants from around the country– all of them adherents to Crossfit, a method of training that involves short, varied, extremely high-intensity workouts– will leap, lift, sprint and flex as they vie for the title "Fittest person in Charlottesville."

"This is a chance to see A-list Crossfitters," says organizer Kyle Redinger, who opened the Crossfit Charlottesville gym six months ago, but notes that Crossfit– the subject of a Hook cover story– can be adapted for all fitness levels.

"I'm sure there'll be butterflies, never having done any type of competition like this," says Todd Edmunds, who's traveling in from Pennsylvania for the Games. "I'm looking to see how I can compete, compare with people outside my area."

For contestant Gretchen Kittelberger, the Superfit Games will be her first Crossfit event but she's no stranger to high level athletic competition. A gymnast at University of Maryland until her 2008 graduation, Kittelberger is now a law student and Crossfit trainer.

"In gymnastics, competing is down to a science– the way you warm up, the person you talk to beforehand to get you psyched up," she says. "Crossfit is not like that, so I'm interested to see how I react in that situation."

The competition takes place Saturday, January 30 from 7am to 7pm at the old National Linen Building at the corner of Market Street and Meade Avenue. Observers are asked to make a donation of $5 or $10; all proceeds will benefit the Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad and Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit benefiting veterans.


People are just doing their job and making a story for whatever reason. If you want some publicity and you have half a decent cause, I'm sure the Hook wouldn't mind giving you a small story like this. I dont see the big deal. Sarah seemed like she took it well to me even tho she may not have liked it so much. No reason to jump all over anyone! These Cross-Fitters might, understandably be high strung.

Yeah with the fees they charge im sure the owner is donating some too. I dont even go to a gym anymore, but i bet i could beat some of these cross-fitters. Where do i sign up?

Yeah, why wouldn't the hook cover some of the bigger, chromed out, cookie-cutter gyms in c-ville. Wouldn't it pique more interest to read about how every other gym in the world does it? Also, whats up with all of the individual attention? A gym owner should be counting money, not critiquing form or motivating members through their workouts. Lastly, whats up with all of the trainers in that place? Every time I go in there, there are multiple certified trainers guiding members through warm-up, skill development, and a workout programmed by the staff and scaled for each member!

Wow. For a brand new gym operated on a shoestring out of a bay door in an old industrial facility, Crossfit sure seems to have captured the imagination of the Hook's editorial staff. Most small business owners in this town would kill to have this much free publicity lavished on their efforts. Guess it's all about who you know...

Kudos on the charity thing though.


You wish you could snatch and thruster like me.

AJ, you recall incorrectly - the story WAS almost entirely about Crossfit (however, it did mention a few other local gyms along the way).

OK, so pretend the blog post never happened. The odds are still pretty freaking long of having a cover story done about your fledgling business when you've literally only been open for a few days. It just seems that some around here are more blessed than others when it comes to the Hook's arbiters of "hip" smiling down upon their uniquely Charlottesville event (or business).

The Hookers give Kyle great Crossfit coverage because of the famous Cvillain front-pager that unfairly made him look like a bit of a twit. They are assuaging their guilt, because they now know he is actually a thoroughly decent chap.

Sarah - CrossFit is an interesting animal. I suggest you try it out before you comment negatively on our business. You can't have a fancy facility and expect people to do the type of stuff we do. That's the standard at every CrossFit affiliate I've ever visited. Also, this event is a noteworthy undertaking. We've got tons of people volunteering their time for charities that make a real difference in your life. We have athletes that compete on an international level at the "olympics" of our sport and train harder than anyone I've ever met in my life. I promise you this is the most unique athletic event you will ever see in Charlottesville. If not, at least you supported a good cause.

Skyler - We were sold out over a month ago, but feel free to try some of the workouts I've just posted for the event and compare your times to the competitors.

I believe I said kudos on the charity thing. Besides, my post was as much a comment on the Hook's editorial credibility (or lack thereof) as it was a critique of your enterprise.

All I know is that you had barely opened your doors before receiving the Hook's official imprimatur as the hippest new workout joint in town. (What good fortune!) And here we are just a few short months later and you're already getting an online shout-out from them. Man, what are the odds?!

I have never fully understood the terminology of CrossFit, but i bet i would be best at moving the bags (if that is even the event). I guess for some people "opening hips and elbows" is just common knowledge. I may know what that is when i see some of the videos you are uploading.

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As I recall the cover story was not entirely about CrossFit, but mentioned several other local gyms as well.

To me the "odds" of having a cover story and then months later having a simple blog post on the internet do not seem to be that great. Sarah, I think you are implying some sort of connection between these events that is unwarranted.

Also, what is wrong with wanting to promote an event unique to Charlottesville? The Hook does plenty to support a variety of local businesses and events; look through the recent blog posts and there are plenty of posts about restaurant week, musicians, gyms, etc.

Sounds like someone has a case of the bitters...you know what would help? Some stress-relieving exercise and a strict regimen of raw veggies and protein! Keeps the body in good working condition. And when your body's happy, your heart is happy. :)

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