Ticketmaster merger okayed

In what might initially appear to be a blow to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, who bemoaned the proposed merger, the Justice Department gave tentative approval today to the merger of Ticketmaster, the widely reviled concert ticket company, and to LiveNation, an entertainment conglomerate whose click-pack-and-ship division is headquartered in the Charlottesville-area community of Crozet and known as MusicToday. The L.A. Times reports that Ticketmaster would have to license its ticketing technology. Both companies shares climbed 15 percent on the news.

post amended 11:50am Tuesday, February 2 to remove this phrase from the headline: "What's good for Capshaw... " A cursory glance at the annual reports of LiveNation shows that LiveNation bought 51% of Coran Capshaw's MusicToday in September 2006 and the remaining 49% in July 2007. If Capshaw owns any shares of LiveNation, we don't know about it.

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Great (dripping sarcasm). Now the actual price paid for local concerts will bear even LESS resemblance to the price marked on the face of the ticket. I do not remember the last time that I was able to buy a concert ticket without getting gouged for untold sums in mysterious "processing fes." The thing that really bites my a$$ is having to pay an extra fee even if you buy your tickets at the venue itself! Ridiculous!!!

I would LOVE to see these pricing practices investigated...

Poorly written headline. Get your facts straight.

John...it's easy...it's called a BOYCOT....if a bunch of fans did it for, let's say the summer season, they'd get the message.

anyone?wasent this the plan all along.MONEY.And if u didnt get that ....GOLD.They dont have enough yet.It takes a bit to get your record expunged sooo let it flow......

why is this good for capshaw? he sold musictoday years ago. nice "journalism"

the extra fees are a part of the cable tv, mobile phone, new car, banking and mortgage industries, and really everything else. welcome to the 21st century. no one is forced to buy concert tickets

"...no one is forced to buy concert tickets"

No $h_t Sherlock. But what's so hard about charging the price on the ticket? If that price needs to be higher, then print them accordingly!

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Aaawwww, and I thought Coran was in it all for the love of music and Charlottesville.

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And.....the Red Light/Coran Capshaw leap to the dark side is now complete. The one aspect of their operation that provided hope to many who are sick and tired of the way ticket sales are managed is now officially in the hands of TicketScalper.


The future of our Country is in the hands of mental patients- our Congress- and you are concerned about the source and cost of a concert ticket?

Get your priorities in order....................

Walk over to the Visitor's Center on the mall and you can pick up Jefferson Theater tickets for only $1.75 extra.

This will make figuring out ticket prices easier. Just take the face value, double it, and you will have what you need to pay to Livenationmaster to go to a concert.

First of all, Coran doesn't own Musictoday anymore. And second, they just laid off an entire department at the Crozet location because of this merger. So this is a blow to C-ville citizens who lost their source of income.