Body positively ID'd, Harringtons express closure

news-findmorgan-bridge-memorial-insetMorganThe body found Tuesday in a hayfield on a southern Albemarle County farm has now been positively identified by law enforcement as Morgan Dana Harrington, the 20-year-old who disappeared October 17 from the Metallica concert in Charlottesville, according to a release from the family's publicist which also contains this prepared statement from Dr. Daniel Harrington, the young woman's father:

Morgan’s mother, Gil, and I are overwhelmingly saddened by yesterday’s discovery, but we are also relieved because our questions can now be answered and we can give our daughter a proper burial. We know that because of the good life Morgan led and the love she created for everyone around her, she is now in a safer, better place. We appreciate everyone’s respect for our privacy at this difficult time and we thank everyone who has helped us through this tragedy and helped us find Morgan.

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55 comments are truly awful. Debra are not far behind with the idiotic question about whether Mr. Bass had any grown sons. Stick to your day job.

The hay was cut in August which would have left it about waist high around the time she went missing. Have you ever seen anything that is 700 acres big "veracity". Thats alot of ground to cover, most farmers that have that much land only check it every so often. Leave the the poor man that found the remains alone, you have no right to put any blame on him at all!

"HOW HARD would it have been for Mr. Bass to search his property when Morgan first disappeared?"

I guess you missed the other article that says it's a 700 acre farm.

So sorry to hear of this horrible news! My daughter and I have followed this story from day one, we tear up just thinking she is gone.. Our deepest sympathy is with Mr. & Mrs. Harrington, in their time of loss. We hope the person who was responsible for this horrible act against such a beautiful girl is soon in the electric chair!!!

Veracity, everything everyone else has said to you AND Mr Bass is nearly 70 years old. Leave the poor farmer alone, his life is already in turmoil and his property value just took a huge tumble for something that's not his fault.

May God bless Morgan and provide comfort to her family at this terrible time. God bless the farmer who found her, he will be haunted by this for a long time...
Why do bad things happen to good people?

quote: "Lay off this poor guy. Any of us could have found the body in our backyard."


I live in the city, but I do have a rather large back yard. There's spots I haven't personally seen in my back yard since October 17. And I probably won't see them until the first time I have to cut grass this spring.

I would think my dogs would alert me to a body laying hidden in my back yard behind building or under tall shrubbery, but even that is not certain.

instead of wasting energy thinking about what could have happened, let's think about Morgan and let's find the killer

Veracity, your post defies belief--what an irresponsible (and downright mean) thing to say about the man who discovered her body.

God Bless the Harrington family in this very difficult time. You just never know what could happen as my family went through the same grief and pain. I would agree with everyone on one fact, whoever did this horrible crime lives within the community and knows the area well. I hope they find him soon so he can not hurt any more innocent women.

Is it possible, knowing that Morgan had a car at the arena, that the phone call from her friends was answered by a person other than Morgan? Morgan is reported to have said that she would find a way home -- why wouldn't she have said "I'll meet you at the car?" In my opinion, when the friends called her from inside the hall, amid all the background noise, they may have thought they were talking with Morgan but could have been talking to one of the perps.

Could someone please tell me if the UVA cops were in charge of the initial investigation? When was it turned over to the State Police?

Rest in peace, Morgan

Veracity, you're just an awful person to say that. Truly wretched. Did you search YOUR yard when she turned up missing? How dare you throw the responsibility onto the person who found her? I can't imagine what it's like being in that poor man's shoes right now, knowing that this was her final resting spot. Seriously, what on earth is your problem?

Bless the Harrington family, all the investigators, and Mr and Mrs Bass. This is heartbreaking.

Does Mr and Mrs Bass have any grown sons? Had to ask, sorry. I would suspect that the perp is someone whom is close to that house, having knowledge of the farm, whether as family, employee or contractor. I imagine LE will be looking into this very closely.

quote: "If anyone is to blame about searching the land it’s law enforcement, not the owner..."

Huh? No law enforcement agency can effectively search every inch of 740 square miles in their county!

This must be a first for me, actually defending local law enforcement! I need a few Tylenol right quick! That hurt! :)

Veracity has definitely been taking a hit here, that's for sure! But he/she has a very valid point indirectly Namely, as gruesome as it may sound, and as upseting as it may have been to the Harringtons at the time, local law enforcement should have asked the public to watch for and take notice of vultures. And they should have asked owners of large farms to go and look around their farms.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Harringtons.

Why would Mr. Bass comb his farm and look for anything. Don't point blame onto the farmer that discovered her body. Be thankful that he did go out in his fields. Because of him doing a random check on his farm he helped her family find Morgan.

I am just glad that there is some form of closure for the Harrington family. My prayers are with them and the Bass family that found this precious child. May the Lord bless and keep both families at this time. Those of us who are leaving messages here, let's stop speculating and trying to put the blame somewhere and pray. They need our prayers. Let the police do the hunting for the killer(s), and they will be found. The Bible says that there is nothting hidden that won't be uncovered. The Lord Jesus knows who did this act and the uncovering is nigh.

God bless the family. I hope that they may find the peace they deserve.

There are several details that I find interesting about this chain of events:

1) I think that when she stated that she will "find a ride home" to her friends on the phone, she had already "found that ride". Not being very specific to her friends would assume that she may not have been particularly proud of who she was going to be traveling with (possibly a love interest or a boyfriend of one of her friends, or an outsider to the group).

2) Where are the security photos showing her in and around the complex? I would assume that the police have obtained authorization to see them. If they have not been released, I would assume they include some very reliable evidence that could potentially jeopardize an investigation if shared with the public.

3) It would appear that the police are holding information fairly close to the vest. I would assume, based on #2, that they do have more specific detail than is being shared. They, may, however, at this point, not have enough for an arrest, but now that the body has been found, this may change soon.

I agree Satindoll.
Justice For Morgan!!!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Harrington family.

I am so sorry. Love and prayers to the family.

local girl, i think the word you're looking for is poor taste.

Julie = Yes, the State Police said she'd been drinking. One of her friends drove to the show (designated driver?) and had her keys. She must have left the building either for some fresh air or to smoke a joint. Her friends should have rushed to the doors after her call and tried to help get her back in, even to buy a new ticket (show was not sold out). Since they didn't, she meanders around the area for a while, somehow loses her purse before reaching Copeley Bridge and then begins hitch-hiking. A lone pretty girl, intoxicated and thus less wary. Along comes a wrong guy and she gets a ride from which she never returns.
John = The body was found 1 1/2 miles from the gated farm entrance on Rt. 29, but was apparently much closer to Chopin Rd., a side road off Red Hill Rd. It was likely walkable from there for someone (or 2) to carry a body. Mr. Bass said that hunters often hunt illegally on his acreage and would certainly know their way around it.
Local Girl = What was the "something" you saw "at that area"?

The farm was a dump site. The killers knew it would eventually be discovered and if the location had anything to do with them it would have been buried.

Lay off this poor guy. Any of us could have found the body in our backyard.


You are a complete idiot.
The hay was high in the late fall, not NOW, which would make it easier to spot the girl. Next time you post something, think twice about it and make sure it makes sense. I am glad that Mr. Bass did finally find her and give the Harringtons the opportunity to lay their child at rest.

If anyone is to blame about searching the land it's law enforcement, not the owner..Instead of placing blame however, we need to be thankful that despite the fact that the land is 700 acres -Morgan was found. She was not found in the way we would have wanted, we wanted her to be found alive but now the first step has been made bringing the killer to justice....

I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Veracity. She's being barraged by insults left and right. I'm sure she gets it now. She's probably sorry she wrote anything at all.

My prayers go out to the family of Morgan Harrington. What a horrible thing to happen to someone with her entire life in front of her.

quote: "I know more about gas bag then he thinks I know..."

See if you can find 5 people who care. :)

I know more about gas bag then he thinks I know

Quit blaming victims..Killers are sick individual and yes they roam among us . Home invaders continue to be on the rise raping, killing and robbing and yet they are laying off police and crime investigators all over.WE NEED OUR L.E. NOW more ever before for many reasons. It's time to speak up and get this country back to a safe and civilized one while we still can. Enough already.

the farm joins a housing sub-division. i think the killer lives in the sub-division and owns a four-wheeler. The police said the killer was familier with the area. Not a random sight. And she was 1.5 miles off the road. I couldn't carry someone for a mile and a half.
I am glad Mr. Bass found her, for her parents and our sake. It could have been any of our kidds. She in peace now..........

I drive that way every night at 1130pm or so and I am unsure about the date, but I did see something at that area and I called the police and reported it. Also does anyone find it interesting that out of the name of the farm you can spell Morgan and almost get her last name as well? Weird or ironic?

HER car was at the areana correct? So when she "accidently" got stuck outside she had already given her car keys to her friends?

This is what I think...
1. She was extremely intoxicated
2. The friends took her keys
3. Due to the intoxication she fell (cutting her chin)
4. She was either removed from the facility or actually got stuck outside when looking for the bathroom(?)
5. I think she was angry and so were the friends and she left the area mad then one of two things happened.
6. A predator seized the opportunity.
7. She wondered ten miles away, fell, and died.

I'm sure the friends feel terrible, I'm sure the people at JPJ's have regret.
I think the police are holding the video of her and the info about the cell phone call closely...just as they should.

Condolences to her friends and family.

As I understand it, the violent crime rates have been dropping since 1993 (according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports). Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) was at a rate of 758 per 100,000 in 1992, and 467 per 100,000 in 2007.

Hoolarious, why are you introducing empirical evidence into the discussion? Don't you know that we're apparently all supposed to get our information about the world from Nancy Grace?

Matt-- the older sons question is a good one... maladjusted people are amongst us... could even be Bass' offspring... or a tenant. ANyone who lived in his rental house even as long as two decades ago should be checked. I grew up on a farm and you never forget, and know every inch of your farm like the back of your hand.

There were 18,573 homicides in the US in 2006. 12,791 of them were committed by firearms. Apparently, however, the reasonable reentry policy at JPJ Arena is the greatest cause of preventable homicides that people can identify.

The guys at JPJ apparently TOLD her that she would not be able to get back in. She didn't listen.

I am sorry for your loss, and driving 29 everyday on my way to work and every evening on my way home. I found myself thinking of your daughter and where she was. I know this is hard for you and your family and I can only hope that prayers will get you all through this.

I do find it odd that where Morgan was found, that actually the name of the farm ââ?¬Å?Anchorage Farm” That you can unscramble the letters and actually get Morgan and almost Harrington out of the title.

I can’t remember when it was, but there was a car pulled off on 29 a few months back that I thought was odd and I did call 911 and give my name to them and the whereabouts on 29.

I hope justice will prevail on this for you and Morgan.

I think you are right. Further, I think she knew the person she was going to meet before she left the arena. I think her friends knew him third person, meaning Morgan trusted him. I believe they thought she was going to spend the night with him. I also agree he would not be someone included in her "circle" either older or less educated.

Now, don't confuse less educated with smart.

Can we cease speculation about Mr Bass's offspring? Why should he be rewarded for having found Morgan, an undoubtedly traumatizing experience, by having doubt caste on his family? And anyway, no one in their right mind would dump the body of someone they murdered so close to where they live.


I would hope nobody in their right mind would be abducting , raping and murdering young girls to start with . That leads me to believe anything is possible in this case because you would have to be OUT of your mind to commit such a crime .

I must add I personally think Mr. Bass is a hero ,nothing more or nothing less .

I also hope I know you Observer from somewhere else and you received some info about safely contacting me so I can clear up my mistake . If you didn't receive anything then I will have to take other measures as it seems a mutual person we knew is nothing I had came to expect .



May the bastard/bastards pay for their crime soon. Be strong and keep on fighting for justice. Bless you.

OMG GSOE has fallen on the Non shoveled sidewalks in c'ville and hit his head !

I knew you had it in ya to be fair bro !!!!! People just have a hard time seeing it . But I must say , I have a little place on the mountain and I did search it looking for Morgan . I don't expect a 70 yo farmer working 100's of acres to be blamed for anything when he did bring Morgan home . I can't thankMr. Bass enough for bringing the much needed closure for Morgan's family .


please, now that we know, speak up if you saw anything at all when you were driving in the red hill road area on october 17 or 18, or anytime, really, especially late at night or after dark. of course, we may never know exactly when she was left there... i have heard that access to the area where morgan was found is one mile from the main road; i don't know whether that is accurate or not or whether there is a shorter way for the killer to have gotten there on foot. i feel so sorry for the man who came upon such a horrifying, heartbreaking sight, but i am glad for whatever closure his discovery can offer morgan's family.

HOW HARD would it have been for Mr. Bass to search his property when Morgan first disappeared? Looks from the footage the body was not that far from roadway. The excuse the police offered about NO REASON TO SEARCH and SNOW inhibited searching the hayfield are simply wrong. Tey used helicopters didn't they? If Mr. Bass could see what he thought was a dead deer, chances are really high he could have seen a human body too. I bet if Mr. Bass' family member had vanished he would have searched long before JAN. 2010. Mr Bass claimed in an interview this portion of his property he seldom visits, wonder who else knew that or if this was just a series of lucky breaks for the criminal responsible? I hope his/her luck have run out and whoever is responsible will be found QUICKLY. Until this mystery is solved, remember Morgan Harrington was not the only 20 year old in Charlottesville and Metallica was the lone concert!

I will continue to keep you in my prayers, and pray to God your pain shall ease some day. Morgarn you are a light to us all....God bless you and your family.

I am not a mother, nor have I ever lost a loved one to such a horrible, tragic and senseless death. However, I do the pain that comes along with losing someone you love. I have prayed the family would find answers soon so they would not have to continue with the pain of not knowing what happened to their daughter. Now that the Harringtons have found their daughter, I pray that the police are able to find the murderer as soon as humanly possible. The Harringtons and this community will not feel safe and at peace until this person(s) is found. God Bless Morgan's family in this great time of suffering.

My prayers are with the family. So sad.

What bothers me most about this latest revelation is that all signs point to someone from our community as the responsible party in this senseless death.

This is truly sad. But atleast there is now closure. Condolences to the family . In times like this prayer is needed to help support the family and Rev 21:3,4 gives encouragement. This is truly sad.

I wish people would stop blaming other people and start blaming who ever killed this girl. She has been laying under four full moons. If somebody killed her I hope they are found.

Good wishes to the Harringtons!

As I understand it, the violent crime rates have been dropping since 1993 (according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports). Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) was at a rate of 758 per 100,000 in 1992, and 467 per 100,000 in 2007.

Do you have evidence that "home invaders continue to be on the rise raping, killing and robbing"?

LE never held onto any video films of their parking lots--they
never existed. They needed the public to help them with witnesses who might of taken a picture with their cell phones. There wasn't a Security Gard to help or assist Morgan Harrington. When she left the JPJ Arena into the parking lot she was on her own. MAYBE the JPJ Arena of UVA legally didn't have a lawful duty to provide safety on their property after an exchange of money--I don't know. It doesn't seem right, her death is a real shame.