Black ribbon: Harrington's parents express emotions

news-remembermorgan-ribbonDan, Gil, and Alex Harrington tie a black ribbon to Copeley Road Bridge a day after Morgan's body was found. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

“Our sorrow is etched in our faces; our pain has been carved in our hearts." So said the mother of Morgan Dana Harrington, a day after her 20-year-old daughter's body was found in a cowfield south of Charlottesville.

"I can tell you, having seen them," continued Gil Harrington, "that girl even had some lovely bones."

The attractiveness of the blonde, blue-eyed victim and the sudden, heart-breaking mystery following her unexplained departure from a long-anticipated concert combined to make the case a top national news story.

At the emotional January 27 press conference for approximately 30 journalists, the family–- including the victim's silently grieving brother, Alex–- tied a black ribbon to a pole on the Copeley Road bridge, the last place where the Virginia Tech education major was positively spotted after leaving the October 17 Metallica concert at nearby John Paul Jones Arena.

Clad only in a t-shirt, tights, skirt, and knee-high boots on a misty 42-degree night–- she was, police believe, trying to hitch a ride on the bridge.

On that same bridge Wednesday, her father expressed interest in erecting there a permanent monument as a safety reminder, and he said he will lobby for federal funding to find missing adults, for which there currently is none. He also reiterated his long-held belief that the attacker was a local.

Meanwhile, nine miles south of the Arena, police were conducting a "shoulder to shoulder" search of the field in which her body was found, according to Dave Bass, the owner of Anchorage Farm and the man who found Harrington's remains.

In response to a question from a reporter, Bass said that in 30 years of owning the property, he's never had a problem with trespassers and explained that the front gate along busy Route 29 is rarely closed.

"The gates are to keep the cows in–- not to keep people out," says Bass. "This is not Glenmore."

He says there are two houses on his 742-acre farm, a newer one toward the back of the property in which he and his artist wife dwell, and the landmark historic farmhouse which was long rented to UVA graduate students but now occupied by a member of his family.

Except for the main driveway which runs past the houses, Bass noted that his property is surrounded by barbed wire, and the field in which he found the remains of the 120-pound woman would be accessible only by foot or four-wheel-drive vehicles.

A night earlier, police indicated at their own press conference that they have long treated the case as a homicide and remain eager for tips from the public. Morgan's body, her parents said Wednesday, will not be released by law enforcement until next week, so no funeral has yet been planned.

As traumatic as learning that she had died was, said mother Gil Harrington, the trauma of not knowing was worse.

"It's better to know than to be filling in the blanks on your own," said the mother. "For the first time in 101 days, I'm not thinking, 'What is he doing to my daughter? What is she having to endure?"

Afterwards, Gil Harrington paused to personally greet many of the journalists and to straighten up some of the makeshift memorials clustered along the bridge.

"Morgan was well loved every day of her life," said her mother, "except the last one."


Authorities urge anyone with information to call Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467 or UVA Police at 434-924-7166 or by email at

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First off, who's showing poor taste, Bugsy? I say you.

Most important - someone knows something. There had to be more than one person involved in this - I hope that they come forward and tell what they know.

Well said Heather. There is no good or bad way of grieving, let alone for the parents of a child. I believe the disappearance of Morgan Harrington has had a huge impact on this town, as I did witness with my own children. They mentioned her on a regular basis,and my daughter (14) today wrote a poem about (for) her. In a way, yesterday as a sad day for all of us who live in this community.
We can only wish that people who know more will come forward, and that he perpetrator(s) will be found.

I just want to say I hope they catch the sorry b*****d that did this to Morgan I hope they burn in hell. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. God bless

As a father, and one who has been through a similiar circumstance, my thoughts and prayers are with the parents and family. No one, except those who have been through this, can imagine the horror of losing a child, especially to a criminal act such as this. There is no joy in Mudville tonight but at least the parents now know what happened. That doesn't make it any better but it does give relief of a minor sort. May God bless them and welcome Morgan to His side. Also, may our fine law enforcement personnel find the perpetrator(s) and bring them to justice.

For the last two days I can't stop thinking about how Morgan died and wondering. So many questions. Gil must be an incredibly strong person to view her daughter's bones like this. How many of you out there could do this? Me? Probably not. I think that Gil stating that Morgan had lovely bones is a small way to comfort all of us who are grieving and wondering what happened. She is the one that we should be comforting, but she is comforting us. I think that this is the kind of person that she is, strong, kind generous and you know that these qualities must have been translated to her daughter.

Amen to that Hoolarious. These people need to stop trying to figure out what happened and let the police handle the situation.

I think her mother's reference to "Lovely Bones" may have been quoting from a book and movie of the same name, about a young girl who was murdered and the effect it has on her family.

I am so sad about these horrible things that happen to young women, I cant find words. I need to tell my 18 year old daughter about Morgan (we live in wisconsin so she won't see the news reports) but it seems awkward bringing it up. I will tell her soon though.

My wife and I were like soldiers on sentry duty guarding our daughter since the day she could walk and yet a pedophile still got to her at age four. I have no forgiveness for these predators and no excuses console me. I am quite sure I would kill the man if that were legal.

Every time she leaves the house alone we worry to some degree. We just hope that she is strong enough to defend herself.

What a thoughtful, sympathetic response that was Bugsy.

I find it unconscionable that anyone would criticize anything Dan or Gil said. I have never seen a family endure tragedy with such grace and courage. They are amazing people, and should be allowed to express their grief however they need to without having people pick apart their words. Fwiw, I believe she was indeed referring to the book and movie, The Lovely Bones. The story is about a young girl who is murdered, and her father's relentless search for her killer. The reference is tragically fitting.

GSOE this falls in line with your perp(s) comment , read Gil's thought's.

Oh to hear Gil talk about sleeping in Morgan's bed crying ...HEART BREAKING !


The offensive words were not written by Blink. They were not even originally posted on her site. Someone wrote them elsewhere and another poster brought the comment to BOC, because she (the other poster) thought it sounded suspicious. Blink and a whole host of posters were very quick to assure Dr. Harrington that nobody on BOC took those comments as truth.,,20340261,00.html

excellent interview here on the Today show .


quote: "I hope they catch the sorry b*****d that did this to Morgan...

Everybody in these Morgan threads keep talking singular!

I hope more than one person was involved. If so, they certainly know the case is moving forward NOW as a homicide! And one suspect, hoping to save his own bacon, will attempt to rat out the others in return for a reduced charge or sentence. Whoever gets to the police first and confesses could very well be rewarded.

If I and a few of my friends were involved, I would be at the local Virginia State Police headquarters right spilling my guts and hoping for the best deal I could get! :)

Damn, this case brings out the loonies!

So if they wont listen, Kevin, tell us. What happened? Who did the deed? Tell us what she told you...


Actually, I don't think that the disappearance of Jennifer Anniston would bump Beyonce off the front page (Jennifer Lopez--maybe). Jennifer Anniston just isn't nearly as interesting as Beyonce. It's all about selling magazines, and Beyonce is more of a diva, i.e., better copy, by far.

But my point wasn't how celebrities and privileged people compare with each other; my point was that of previously unknown people (like the Harringtons), we tend to be wildly concerned about those in a higher socioeconomic category at the expense of law enforcement for people of lesser means from more troubled neighborhoods.

There is definitely a racial component to this problem, but I agree with the commenter above who sees it as a heavily class issue. (Watch "Cops" and count the number of times they bust down the door of an upper middle class home to make a marijuana or cocaine arrest.)

Once again, I think this is our problem, not some failing of the Harringtons.

My remark about truck stops was callous. I do believe in protecting prostitutes from violence; it's just harder to do it because they engage in riskier behavior than most.

Thursday, February 11th 2010 3:28 Pm
My Best guess as to what’s going down!

Morgan- We are very interested in your take on what is happening, Kevin?

Kevin- I think your correct justice is not going to happen in this case, I see that two will be charged for your crime. The rest will get away with it. I don’t see who their after at this point. It could be one or two of the three who dumped your body.

Kevin- They may have photos of the dump site using the dear tracking photos. It may be a crappy shot, I am not sure but they may be after some hunters or someone who had access to the property.

Kevin- You’re friends and family are very hostile. They have some good points and reasons to be speculative concerning my involvement. I will say only this, this is my first case? I have never been under pressure like this. I have never attempted to help anyone in this way.

Kevin- The messages I have been receiving come in Images. I did not continually question Morgan about what happened, because graduating students don’t pick on kindergartners.

Kevin- That’s what these people are to Morgan, children. She has totally forgiven them. She can help me and encourage me to utilize my own gifts in the service of others! But Morgan has not really handed me them on a big plate.

Kevin- She has always relented that our love and her return to share more love and understanding is the main focus of her return.

Kevin- All humans want is your body!
And vengeance for what happened.
They all seem to doubt the miracle, of your continued life.
Her graduation from, Earth!
Morgan’s loving messages of forgiveness and transcendence seem to be lost to the

Kevin- I see corruption in the investigation and a cover up! For many different reasons justice will not be done! Mainly it’s your Father that is being lead astray! From the same groups responsible for your disappearance. I have always seen a group of at least 400 strong that has known the truth the whole time! There has been up to 2000 in the surrounding areas that knew the truth, and still do.

Kevin- I think the purse was planted as well as the shirt to throw investigators off. I think the body was left their not as an act of stupidity or callousness, but as a way to cause rapid decomposition. To remove any evidences a smart move. Just like the cell phone move someone was thinking ahead when they took you. There is premeditation evident.

Kevin- I see that a cop is connected to your death somehow? I am not sure if it’s the cop who killed himself. You had mentioned in January 7th of someone who was thinking about killing themselves as a result of being involved in your assault!

Kevin- It would seem obvious that I would look into the fire rounding that area and see if this was the home of the four young men I keep seeing attack you. They may be connected to the farm somehow.

Kevin- The farm owners plan to return the body just before, ââ?¬Å?I think” your mother’s birthday. Is to me an obvious sign of guilt! It seems to me to be an act of compassion and not accidental at all because of the timing.

Kevin- If you checked him further you may find that he has several connections to subversive and hidden groups. So would many of the Kevin haters as they would already know what happened. Those who know what happened or the sold story of, ââ?¬Å?It was an accident?” would be the ones giving me hell on-line I am thinking.

Kevin- Obviously the perpetrator must have lived or now has family in the area. I would think it would be family seeing that they seemed to remember the area from childhood.

Kevin - The farm owner is indeed involved in some way. He feels protected by his hidden affiliation with powerful hidden groups. These boys also feel protected as well. They may find convenient fall guys for your death.

Kevin- Your father will buy any line that they sell him, disregarding any help from you or me. He might even sue me for getting involved, Whit no result.

Kevin- People not as connected to these events will be the ones who enjoy or even love our efforts.

Kevin- They will devour our love and our story. They will not be so clouded by false justice or pain from your loss.

Kevin- They will connect with the only part that really matters your return, your love and our story!

Kevin- I see a mastermind.X1
Two older men x2
Five to six younger men. X6
Three Women one younger one older who knew or saw. X3
I keep seeing the number X 12 connected
To the amount of responsible parties.
A large amount of people involved who will never get charged up to 70+
Who were indirectly involved and could have done something.
A large amount of people involved in a cover up between 400- 2500 people.

Kevin- I only see two getting caught and the whole thing gets hushed up?

Kevin ââ?¬â?? Mr. Harrington seems to be following a whole other story line being, ââ?¬Å?FED to HIM by Investigators”

Kevin- ââ?¬Å?Dr. Harrington, will do what he was told, as the people who started this will finish it, create the problem, enjoy the action, create and manage the solution!

Kevin ââ?¬â?? ââ?¬Å?A textbook example of this method of deviousness employed against the sheep quite blatantly”.

Kevin- I saw allot of proof of this. Did not copy it as I was removed from an area where I could copy it.

1. I saw Hidden symbols of group affiliation being flashed by your closest friends at their Halloween party. Only advanced members would even know of these signals.

2. I saw many of the social media so called friends joining in on masking these events by turning in false sightings of you. To throw off search.

3. That you were last seen ââ?¬Å?crossing over a bridge” is a huge sigh saying we know she is dead long before you were ever found.

4. The case is missing the main element the motive?

a. Revenge or Dr. Harrington. some Bas business?
b. Sexual predators.
c. Dark intentions you were involved in a ââ?¬Å?Ritual” of some dark kind!
d. Sex slave motive.
e. That’s why the death was, ââ?¬Å?Accidental” they would have kept if they could have!
f. Longstanding lusts toward you! For at least three years they pursued you.
g. This was not their first crime; I feel them connected to a disappearance in the area. Check any unsolved cases in the last 15 years, all the way out to Richmond V.A.
h. Your murderer may have been a cop or connected to the local police department, narcotics squad? He may have been working the concert that evening as a rent a cop.

5. The fire in the area may have been connected to the four young boys from U.V.A. It should be thoroughly investigated and the renters thoroughly probed.

6. Everyone will believe whatever the cops and the media tell them. They do not have gifts most of them or minds of their own. So my story will never be verified I will be vilified and attacked for even mentioning that the,”Cover story, is bogus”!

Never Went to a Game

When I read a post like you have offered I am very thankful we have free will to think and I do not have to share your opinion .

I cannot wrap my ideology around your post , I am incapable of absorbing that kind of thinking ; I am thankful I cannot .


I do understand your feelings. Before I had an near death experience in 1991. I felt like most of you, now feel.

I do net need want to be correct, just authentic with what I am seeing, it may help in some way?

Kevin, did she perhaps mention that you are a moron?

This family is a class act. May peace be with you.
So sorry.

Where's Mudville?

I am so sorry for the loss of Morgan...and at the same time edified by the family's behavior and words today...and that they were steadfast in these things all these many months.
It is a great thing to be able to say with confidence that your child was well loved every day. I'm sure she knew that and knows it now.

I find Gil Harrington's comment about her daughter's bones to be in very poor taste.


I so agree . That is one special set of parent's . If I am ever lost , I want the Harrington's looking for me !!!!!!!!!!


god bless them, but i dont dig their multiple comments on cville be unsafe and comments about girls jogging alone whenever they come to town. horrible loss for them, but cville is plenty safe, and their daughter was not nabbed during a afternoon jog around grounds. she did not deserve any of this, but her physical state at the time played a huge role along with the lack of support from her friends. we really dont even know that she was abducted.

my prayers are with the harringtons as they trek along these next few weeks. i know that if i hear anything about the case outside of any info that has already been given i will be reporting it. and i think the rest of charlottesville should too. hasnt anyone ever told those people that keep important things to themselves not to keep important things to themselves? i hope the best for the harringtons,my thoughts and prayers go out.

It actually quite a good movie to which Mrs. Harrington refered.

I agree Gil was most likely referencing "Lovely Bones" .

I also feel she was letting the perp know her family is very strong and " whomever" will not rip the beautiful thing's about Morgan away . Under such horrible circumstances , I feel the Harrington's will do great thing's to bring awareness to situation such as Morgan's .

Gil and Dan are an inspiration .


Actually, I find the entire affair tawdry. From the press conferences full of speculation to the parents hiring a PR firm to the vicarious rubber-necking-at-the-accident-scene of people concerning this is all bizarre. Any life lost before its time is a tragedy but, for some reason, we all want to nominate these parents as parents of the century and want to write blogs and opinions as though we are the Harrington's best friends. And what other missing persons case gets the top State Police cop to come for a live press conference.

Jenni, you have never seen anyone endure such tragedy with so much grace because those people are not calling press conferences all the time. This case--like many others--illustrates the over-exposure and over-access of the media. There is such a thing a too much information. It reminds of the insanity of last week, when all the 24-hour news stations ran live footage of some dog stuck in a flooded viaduct in Los Angeles; I guess we had had our fill of Haiti.

And a permanent monument on Copeley Road bridge? Please...let's just concentrate on finding the murderer(s) and bringing them to justice. Save the rest of the superfluous feel good stuff to Dr. Phil.

Never Went to a Game is going to get a lot of sh*t for that post, but I think he is largely right on. Not to take anything away from the magnitude of the Harrington's suffering, or the enormity of the crime, but there is a bizarre phenomenon in our society whereby non-involved people just CONSUME these kinds of stories like so many bags of potato chips. The media makes a commodity out of everything, suffering and tragedy included. Nancy Grace and the cable news networks are making big bucks because this phenomenon exists.

It reminds me of the OJ case. The media coverage was insane, and people said "oh, we have a right to know." I would say we have a DESIRE to know, but no right to know, this level of detail about any case that doesn't directly effect us. Yes, people in Charlottesville/Albemarle/Central Virginia need to know that a young woman disappeared at a concert and was apparently murdered. (Do people in Oregon NEED to know this? I don't think so.) Locals need information that might prompt someone with information about the case to come forward, or if there are things we should watch out for (descriptions of suspects, if there were any).

But after a certain point, it just becomes nosy. Rubber-necking. And people consume these stories because at a certain level it is fun for them--it is entertaining. Even if the top level of feeling is one of agitation, sadness, anger, or fear, there is a secondary level of feeling that motivates people to come back again and again and again. *Following* the story is engaging and entertaining. Posting endlessly on multiple discussion boards is engaging and entertaining. Pretending to be Sherlock Google is engaging and entertaining. It's no different than people who tune into Nancy Grace religiously and get drawn vicariously into her latest missing-little-white-child case.

NWtaG is right that people endure tragedy with grace ALL THE TIME. It's just not always so visible.

quote: "Yes, people in Charlottesville/Albemarle/Central Virginia need to know that a young woman disappeared at a concert and was apparently murdered. Do people in Oregon NEED to know this? I don’t think so."

Why not? It serves as a warning to parents and teenagers NATIONWIDE. While we will never have accurate statistics, the national media coverage of this case will probably prevent other abductions and/or murders in the future.

How about the Peterson cases? Should people in Virginia not have any interest in following these cases? These murder cases should be a strong warning to wives NATIONWIDE to get away from abusive and dangerous husbands as quickly as they can run!

What's the point here? With the Internet and worldwide access to news, people don't have to wait and learn these lessons from watching the movies on NBC 3 years later.

She's very eloquent. She goes places, in her writing about this tragedy, that probably make some people uncomfortable, but she's confronting unbelievable things with real honesty.

Abomination is the word, that's for sure. How does someone get to a place where he can look upon another human being as an object, something to use and then throw away like garbage? I can't fathom it.

The Lovely Bones--I have an image in my minds eye- a young girls body under 2 feet of snow-- she is peaceful.... her pain is a field.

I thought the Mom's comments were real and very sensitive

Gil’s Harrinton's words

January 31, 2009
Clouds were mottled, purple bruises over the Blue Ridge as we drove over Afton Mountain to reclaim the skelontinized remains of our precious daughter, Morgan Dana Harrington.

We had tried to prepare ourselves for this eventuality for three months, but the reality of it is sharp and disorienting. How could someone have erased so much of what Morgan was and reduced her to a jumbled heap of bones? What a waste, what a desecration, a gross injustice.

Who would ever have thought it would be mine to see every image of Morgan’s life ââ?¬â?? from her first faint shadows on fetal ultrasound to the gaping orbital hollows in her skull? An abomination to witness this ending.

And yet there is growing peace. We realize Morgan has been dead for some time. Perhaps even since the day of the concert, October 17, 2009. Morgan Dana Harrington has been at peace, beyond pain and suffering, knowing that brings us some peace also.

Once her body is restored to us and put to rest, we can finally begin the hard work of grieving and growing strong as a triangulated family. Bless all of you who have held us up on this journey. My Darling Morgan!

2 4 1




I know that people are entitled to say whatever they want... I appreciate freedom of speech... but what really baffles me is why people (like Never Went to a Game for example) who think the coverage of Morgan or anything else, whether back tracking years to OJ Simpson or indulgent Brittney Spears articles over the years is so excessive & unnecessary.... don't just avoid what they don't care to read or watch?? If you truly feel it isn't warranted, don't view it (you have that freedom also!), don't read (or comment on) the related articles. We don't get to control what interests others around us- plain & simple- but we do have full control over what we choose to read, write, view, etc. You CAN get on here & say whatever you want, just like me- that is your right- but you can also spend your valuable time doing something you find more important... if you weren't just a little interested, why are you here?? I don't even search for articles or even skim articles for that matter, that are of no importance to me, or that I feel are excessive or uniteresting...

I think the Harringtons used our society's infatuation with the media from the press conferences to the PR firm to increase the possibility of finding their daughter, not because they are "tawdry" (a condescending/pretentious choice of wording in & of itself)- if other parents of missing children don't choose the Harrington's path, fine- they are entitled to handle something this horrific any way they want & shouldn't have to worry with criticism from anyone... maybe more parents should try their relentless methods and their children might not still be on missing lists however many years later, with little to no public coverage & unknown to all of us- maybe you can't hire a PR firm without monetary resources, but we all know it doesn't take money to get to the press- if you want to talk- someone wants to listen...usually it seems whoever is the loudest- not necessarily the wealthiest- is shown a fair share of coverage. T

he media is annoying for us all at times, but maybe in this case, it was a necessary evil & the Harringtons turned it around to be used for their advantage- and the advantage of their missing daughter...

I am also tired of hearing we only cared about Morgan because she was pretty, wealthy & white- we cared about Morgan because her parents made sure we did- they made sure we heard about her in some form every single day of the over 100 she was missing- not because they think she was the most important thing in the world to everyone (or more important than any other missing child)- but because she was the most important thing to them & they didn't know what else they could do.... until someone else with a missing child comes forward & proves that they REALLY tried all the same diligent methods & can then still honestly accuse, "no one listened to us, no one put us on the TV [like Morgan]", I will stand by the idea that we paid attention because the Harringtons put their daughter in our faces every day; they sought to make us all care, and in many ways, it certainly worked. More power to them, I'd do the same if I was them, though I'm not sure I would have had the strength they did to do it for so long.

Isuggest this is a college town and people from all over live in and around town to attend college there. It maybe one of the ladies that are grads that will add some light into the investigation. Maybe this perp or perps have committed he unthinkable to one of them. As I have mentioned before.. NO ONE should be excluded as the perp. It could have been a person droppinng off a concert goer who abducted her and did the deed and returned later to get concert goer. Just be sure..The perp/s will be caught and it cannot be soon enough. That spot where her remains were dumped may have been a frequent place for the perp that another victim will remember. Someone knows something and something will jog a memorycell in someone.There are some creeps everywhere and the perp/s responsible for this will be caught. DNA has come along way and hopefully Morgans' remains hold the key. They usually do.

Hey Dakota ,

All based on my opinion here :)

data , why did you quit posting over at STINKONSLIME ? Were you a victim of BLINKS underhanded moderating and deceptive way's to make anybody that is not her PET or disagrees with her look bad ? That's Blinks style , she steals info from poster's , changes post around and fool's people that are not smart enough to figure out only they can see what Blink wants them to see ,BLINK keeps what she wants then post the rest of the garbage,then claims to be protecting something she knows little about . After reading your post here at the Hook about Sherriff Miller , you are A ok in my book and I wish you could have met him , he was everything you are thinking and so much more . Please keep your good commentary here at the HOOK where it's safe and certainly not underhanded with selective "moderating ".Rest assured some of Blinks Pet's are actually moles that caught on in the Caylee Anthony case and are diligent in getting to the bottom of the issue .Blink will be exposed even worse than Dr. Harrington ( Morgan's father ) did when he chose the one and ONLY blinkoncrime to post a negative comment mere hours into the discovery of his poor daughters remains , Dr. Harrington flat out called BLINK on her behavior after three month's . His timing was beautiful as it clearly showed how he protects his family and Morgan no matter what and he posted at the best place on the net for destroying peoples lives with unfounded allegations . Blink makes one claim in one thread to protect things and does something different in another, like when she allowed the single most damaging and painful word's about the Harrington's written in three months sit on her website for and drum up business, then of course BLINK blames it on somebody else and the typical whoa is me .It is also widely believed that the poster Observer is a fake and is again BLINK keeping things going as she likes to do . .Do yourself as everyone else should and stay away from that dangerous website and I am not telling the half of it .....YET ;-) . Dan Harrington did Morgan , his family and the other people including many from Charlottesville a service BLINK allowed trashed in this case on BLINKONCRIME . Dr. Harrington chose his battle grounds well and so many commend him for it . Sherriff Miller and Dr. Harrington would have molded well together and Morgan's abductor would be sweating bullets with those two hot on the heels and closing in ! If Blink blocked your IP and you missed Dr. Harrington's word's , I have included them here as they would have never been on her site if Blink wasn't exposed on a respectable site for her once again sensationalism disguised as journalism/investigation's of victim's . Dr. Harrington ripped the wind out of BLINKS sails in HER HOUSE !

Comment by Dan Harrington � January 28, 2010 @ 3:38 pm
Somehow, I cannot let go of the offensive statement made several days ago about my family. I am sure I should be attending to more important issues that are going on in my life at this time. That being said, I find it cowardly to post disparaging statements about people. It is easy to say bad things and hide behind your initial and not identify your self.
The person obviously has met me and although not perfect we are not the evil, manipulative, shady folks that the person said we were. I know it is trite to even respond but I am amazed at the individual’s lack of integrity.

What is Blink???

Joe B- *LMAO*

OK, here's a real question - did police find Morgan Harrington's Pantera shirt near 15th Street? C-ville Weekly is kind of reporting this, but it's kind of hard to tell from their blog post.

I worked as a victim's advocate, still volunteer in rape crisis centers. Do the time out there with people. Probably why it irks me even more when people throw out false theories and muck up the waters - it does nothing to help crime victims. Hopefully I have been an active force for positive change.

you know, all you Tracy Ocasio/Morgan Harrington, blink, stink, nancy grace-obsessed people...the best thing you can do to reduce crime and tragedy in your own communities is to step away from the computer, interact with actual human beings in your immediate vicinity, and be an active force for positive change. You all seem to think that you are all Sherlock Googles with advanced degrees in Chatroom Forensics. Go find some real human beings. I know it's not as easy, because real people don't necessarily form such a friendly echo chamber as you might be used to, but the long-term benefits to the world are far greater. Ask yourself, "is this forty-five minutes I'm spending on seven different sites discussing seven different missing white girls' cases helping society MORE than if I spent forty-five minutes at my local domestic violence shelter?" (or whatever shelter you prefer).

Hoolarious is as always hilarious.

Anyone who would attempt to discredit the Harringtons' or their Beauiful,loving caring daughter Morgan is definatey a misguided soul. One could only wish the world was full of clones Of Harringtons' and we would never have to worry about anyone, especially a loved one.
It's a sad day for parents like them that would have to endure any criticism about their trusting daughter.
May they continue to have strength to continue the search for the one/s responsible.
Everyone should continue pounding the pavements until the one/ones responsible are held accountable. Justice for Morgan and everyone that's a victim.
Thanks for sharing Dr. Harringtons' words.

"us non-white, non-attractive, non-blue-eyed, non-photogenic, non-wealthy citizens of the world for pondering whether or not random people would whip themselves into a cult-like frenzy if such a terrible fate were to befall our loves ones."

all of those who protest that of course, race and class have nothing to do with this highly publicized case, please name for me ALL of the cases of missing poor black girls that equally seized the media/public's attention. all of them.

I'm waiting.

and please, do NOT blame the [single? or is that a stereotype?] parents who somehow lacked the effort that the saintly Harringtons put into publicizing their child's disappearance. you have never tried desperately to get someone to care, someone to say anything other than "are you sure that she didn't just run off" and brush you off.

Who is Sherriff Miller? I think you mean Morris ? maybe you picked that up in spell-check .

The rest uggg , have at it . I will only strongly disagree on one thing and that is Observer , some of the other I figured out the hard way ,I,have no energy for it . Observer is real and I am convinced now she is being used by blink . Yes, I know blink manipulates post as it was brought to my attention, neither here nor there for me . I only have the energy to see the animal who did this to Morgan brought to justice and I get the opportunity to fix the mistake I made toward Obswerver .The rest is sad to hear , they can have at that mess over there . I will say one thing , I attempted to link the breaking Hook article on blink about the recovery , she refused to post it , I thought it was posted until someone let me know how she manipulates post . I have seen the screen shots now so I know how the game is played . People will catch onto that mess sooner or later and I did see Dr. Harrington set the record straight . I guess the HOOK link was a threat as I posted twice actually ( blink blocked both) but the horrible words allowed toward the Harrington's slipped through ...yea right . I just cant post there at all now lol , no big loss . I also seen where Sherriff Morris name came up on that site , I hope he doesn't become a suspect as everybody else has over there , sheeeese . After Dr. Harrington's word's I wont get caught up in that mess , I was a little guilty of that also but his words hit home .

I do thank you for the compliment's and yes I enjoy the HOOK , I have looked into Sherriff "Morris" , what a loss ! I wish his family much love as they have to walk the path they do without him .


Hey, -- Do you even know what Dr. Harrington was referring to? His words you brought over here, taken in context with what he was referring to, could be applied to you at this time. Just saying ...


I was reading back and looking for more drama I may have missed lol.I missed one of your post .

I agree with you ,we need more than one perp so somebody talks !

Also , I am very sorry for your friend Sherriff Morris ! Thanks for the stories . I love good stories about good people !


@don't care about it- don't read about it...."I am also tired of hearing we only cared about Morgan because she was pretty, wealthy & white-"

Well, I'd say to you, don't read those comments because that's the reality of the situation. Why The Hook's own Hawes Spenser him/herself wrote "The ***attractiveness of the blonde, blue-eyed victim and the sudden, heart-breaking mystery following her unexplained departure from a long-anticipated concert combined to make the case a top national news story.***" (see above)

And in the article wrote "Search ends: As devastated parents grieve, hunt for killer intensifies" Spenser wrote... "The search for Morgan Harrington was arguably the biggest story of 2009, with ***the photogenic Virginia Tech education major’s face appearing on everything from pizza boxes to the cover of People magazine.***"

So, pardon all of us non-white, non-attractive, non-blue-eyed, non-photogenic, non-wealthy citizens of the world for pondering whether or not random people would whip themselves into a cult-like frenzy if such a terrible fate were to befall our loves ones. Think about it! Peace.

A waste of time.

to Cville teacher....

for being a teacher in Charlottesville, and your posting name points out, I must say you're quite close minded yourself, and if you dislike the "typical white Charlottesville" then why don't you move? Last time I checked, nothing said you had to live in the a city composed of Caucasian individuals as you say. It isn't like you're being forced to reside in Charlottesville. Not to mention, teachers can be used all over the state of Virginia.

And furthermore, if your family is a victim of a violent crime, as mentioned before, the media will listen to whoever screams the loudest, if you're not screaming then someone else wins.

Most of the attention for Morgan's case didn't come solely from them. As being a member of the Facebook groups and events for Morgan's disappearance. We're the ones who got on CNN for having such a large gathering of people wanting to help find her. We let the media do the rest and the Harrington's stepped up. Do you know the people of the Facebook group were the ones writing places like Dr. Phil, CNN, Nancy Grace and all of the above.

So don't give me that line of crap that just because she was white she got more coverage, go check the Facebook group, there are many Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians, Asian Americans, and every other race from AROUND THE WORLD wanting to find her, not just Caucasians.

My heart goes out to the Harringtons. I moved to Roanoke my second grade year. I grew up knowing Morgan and she befriended me when others didn't. Even though we grew apart from knowing each other, I feel that there are things we will never know about what happened that night at the concert.

To Cville Teacher- The fact that she was a white girl with blue eyes and was photogenic has nothing to do with it. It's not just white girls that get kidnapped. You hear about it on the streets. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't stereotype her just because of how she lived her life and whether or not she was rich or not. Money and looks have nothing to do with it.

Morgan was a beautiful person and I'm happy that I got the chance to meet her when I did. I will never forget her. 2 4 1 sweetie.


I believe she was referencing the book and the new movie out "lovely bones" . I also feel Gil is making sure whoever is responsible for Morgan's tragedy will take no more away from them ,if that makes sense .

It was also reported Gil demanded her daughter's remains not be moved until she got to the scene and again reported that VSP would not allow Gil to go to a crime scene for risk of contamination of the scene or for emotional reasons . The report was WRONG . Nobody was going to stop Gil and I think she is making that clear . Mommas are tuff !


Kate Jenkins

I wish I could argue your point but you do have a valid one . I must add Morgan's had two determined parent's who didn't allow their daughters abduction to fall to the wayside . I challenge you to look into other abduction and take note that the effort from the family is not always the same as you seen with the Harrington's .

I also feel the Harrington's will make this tragedy a focus for the rest of their lives to better how we handle missing person cases . They started in Washington before Morgan was even found . I don't believe race or social status will be a focus on their agenda . They will do the right thing . The Harrington's will take this tragedy and keep Morgan's name alive and productive for all missing people . It could be your or my child next time and be thankful through the Harrington's loss there will be better protocol in place because of people like the Harrington's .


My thoughts and prayers are with the Harrington's. What an ordeal they are enduring. I sincerely hope that the animal(s) who deprived them and this world of such a lovely young lady will be caught soon. I hope the Harrington's will eventually manage to find a sense of peace.

@Dakota "I wish I could argue your point but you do have a valid one. I must add Morgan’s had ***two determined parent’s*** who didn’t allow their daughters abduction to fall to the wayside. ***I challenge you to look into other abduction and take note that the effort from the family is not always the same as you seen with the Harrington’s.***"

Wow! that sure is racist!

You mean to tell me that you actually think that the Harrington's care more about their child than parents/single parents just because their story was sensationalized by Nancy Grace and People Magazine and others are not?

As an African American whose family has been touched by violent crime and as the Harrington's are also victims of violent crime, I can't imagine that they would ever agree with your statement. All I can say is wow! and ...typical white Charlottesville.

Dakota, I don't know about the "racist" angle, but I can definitely see the problem with your words, as follows,

"Morgan’s [sic] had two determined parent’s [sic] who didn’t allow their daughters [sic] abduction to fall to the wayside . I challenge you to look into other abduction [sic] and take note that the effort from the family is not always the same as you seen [sic] with the Harrington’s."

You are essentially saying that the Harringtons got the level of attention that they got through simple hard work -- "effort." It couldn't POSSIBLY be the case that the media came to them more aggressively because of who they were, what their daughter looked like, and the circumstances of her disappearance, and then the Harringtons seized that opportunity. NO! It's just that they wanted it more! They just worked harder than the families of the hundreds of missing/abducted children whom you've never heard of!

Those other families? They're lazy! They didn't put in the effort that the Harringtons put in! So, in a way, they deserve it if we care less about their daughters.

You know, I say this as the parent of a daughter who, if she went missing (God forbid and all that), would probably garner headlines. It wouldn't be hard for me to get prime local, and then regional/national, attention if we wanted it. And we would want it, of course, and we'd go after it, just like the Harringtons did. I don't blame them. But to suggest that somehow media attention is this pure meritocracy, that the media sits there and waits for the families who raise the biggest fuss and that's purely who they attend to? yeah...I'm still waiting for anyone to list for me the names of the non-white girls who went missing whose cases get the kind of attention that MH et. al. get.

@are you serious

I find the "if you don't like it, go some where else" line really obnoxious.

C'ville teacher raises valid concerns, and I appreciate her viewpoint. That said, this is perhaps more of a class issue rather than a racial one. If Morgan had come from a poor white family living in a trailer park, my guess is that there would not have been the same coverage. People with fewer means have fewer resources. Believe it or not "are you serious," not everyone has access to a computer and Facebook. I think the fact that Morgan's father is a former UVA staff member and well-respected doctor probably contributed to the special interest and concern this community has given Morgan's disappearance. I think it's wonderful that the Harringtons have kept the story alive and captured the hearts of so many people in the process. I hope that, in the long run, their efforts will benefit all missing children/adults and their families, especially those families who need help publicizing the search for their loved ones.

Valid or not, it's not the concerns they raised I have a problem with. I agree with your statement Jim R but bringing race into the situation is just as bad, don't you think? I wouldn't have had a problem with cville teachers comments, except for the typical white charlottesville comment for the simple fact, that has nothing to do with the Harringtons. Just because Charlottesville is primarily white, doesn't mean that is the sole reason for people's beliefs. Many people that reside in Charlottesville are not from the area originally. Being from there and living in many places all over the country, it just seems unnecessary to bring race into the situation when as you said Jim R, it's more of a class issue. Fewer means and fewer resources doesn't add up to racial status.

don't care about it - "I think the Harringtons used our society’s infatuation with the media from the press conferences to the PR firm to increase the possibility of finding their daughter, not because they are ââ?¬Å?tawdry” (a condescending/pretentious choice of wording in & of itself)" - I could not agree more!!!! Social media is the "it" thing now, and if that will bring light to the case and get people to remember and get people talking, why not use it? They wanted to find their daughter! I don't begrudge their actions at all. - I actually first went to this website on another case (Tracy Ocasio). It didn't take me long to see how they would take any tiny link between people/information/circumstances and try to exploit it. Drawing conclusions where none could reasonably be drawn. They want to post as many theories out there as they can and hope one sticks or they "get lucky" that they post about a perp and it turns out to be the perp. "Think tank" my behind. Completely self-serving, idiotic, irresponsible, manipulative, I could go on and on. I wanted to post on some of the Find Morgan boards, but as soon as I saw posters saying, "Oh, Blink said this . . ." I chose not to participate. I guess they can post whatever they want and there will be no repercussions, other than Karma. And I hope it bites Blink in the butt big time. I cannot even begin to express my aggravation at the site. The person relies on innuendo and rumors and puts theories out there like they are true. They also hint that they have "inside information" all the time. Well, if they know someone who is continually leaking information from a police dept., I would think that would be a problem as well. Sadly, Stink will probably continue unabated. I feel sorry for the innocent people whose lives will likely be destroyed by her speculation.

Thank you, SEE. much more helpful advice than WBF querying a blogpost about MH's t-shirt, which is pure rubbernecking.

Excellent interview on the day Morgan's body was found with Coy Barefoot and Hawes Spencer. The entire Hook staff is to be commended for the tireless effort and excellent reporting they have given to the community on this very sad event.


First I must ask what your definition of racism is ? Then maybe we can dialogue, maybe it's me but I cannot fathom how you took my comment as racist .

I will check back in and go from there .

(scratches head )


yeah...well, I haven't heard the names of the scazillions of poor, black girls who have disappared that everyone is slavering over on Nancy Grace et. al.

maybe you know them, WBF. and whether or not their t-shirts were found on the ground where they disappeared. which is not in the least rubbernecking, is it.

Hoolarious, there's pointless and illogical speculation - of which there is a great deal in the comments on this, much of it from people who have never even been to C'ville - and then there's reporting of an item of interest. The Hook, and more specifically Courteney Stuart, provided reasonable coverage of Morgan Harrington's last known actions and location. Cville Weekly kind of claims on their site that more information is available, but the Hook is generally a more reliable source.

WBF, you asked the readers of this discussion, "did police find Morgan Harrington’s Pantera shirt near 15th Street?"

Please explain to me how your curiosity here is anything more than glorified rubbernecking? are you in fact working on the case? actively involved in solving it? are you in a position where YOU knowing definitively whether or not her t-shirt was found near 15th street advances the investigation? if you were to find out the answer to that question, what would you do with the answer -- would your actions, once you were in possession of this valuable detail, influence the outcome of the investigation?

or are you just...curious?

I am not doubting the bona fides of Courteney Stuart or any of the journalists reporting on this news story. For you to imply otherwise suggests that you don't read carefully. I am doubting YOUR bona fides. You WANT to know if they found her t-shirt...but do you NEED to know? Nope. You don't. You're just rubbernecking.

Not really sure what you said that was racist, you were just making a statement. But after reading all the other statements I see racism never has a place to hide. It will never die, because nobody lets it die, boooo hoooo, your black get over it already, I'm Italian, when I work out in the sun, I will start to turn black.

The Harrington's did what any other parent that was serious about finding their child would do, seek National media attention, if they lack the skills or the education on how to dial 411 or 800-555-1212 and getting CNN or NBC 's phone numbers, then that if their own problem. These parents used their heads and got this story national attention. In this day and age Facebook, is the new way to communicate, the internet is the way to get your story out there.

I am tired of listening to people whine about race, like it's a crutch, it's not what you got or don't got , it's what you make of it that matters, if your black and your kid is missing, call Matt on the today show and get your story aired, they love stories that project that they care.

Sense a pattern here - Hoolarious styles him or herself to be expert and sophisticated and yet continually come across as upper-middle-brow, at best.

I am not doubting the bona fides of Courteney Stuart or any of the journalists reporting on this news story. For you to imply otherwise suggests that you don’t read carefully.
Hoolarious, your reading comprehension and analytical skills do not match your self-confidence. I did not suggest that you were doubting the journalistic skills of the Hook staffers. You do not read carefully, nor do you think analytically.

This ranks right up there with your "How dare anyone suggest that Al Groh not receive some portion of his buyout because he is receiving football-related compensation from another entity?" comments, even though this provision was an explicit part of his contract.

Or Hoolarious's inspired "Let's compare academics' publishing records from the 1950s and 1960s with those of academics today and make fallacious comparisons."

Why would it matter if her shirt was found? If the police wanted to release this information already, they would have done so.

Hoolarious- I'm with you on this. I'm finding this really suspicious as to why someone would want to know if her shirt was found.

The Harringtons did everything that they could think of to find Morgan. They wanted to find her. They did the right thing.

Cville teacher- if you have nothing nice to say about Morgan or any of the other people that have been missing, get off. Her parents did the right thing in trying to find her, which all parents should think about doing. I don't care if you are black, white, purple, or blue. I don't know if anything that I have said is racist, but if you don't like what has been said on here then, Get off. You have no right to judge who Morgan was. She was a beautiful girl who had a long life ahead of her. Her life was taken from her. This could happen to anyone.

Hoolarious- Thank you for pointing that out. Her family thought of all they could to help find Morgan.


but admit it,'re just SO curious to know whether or not her t-shirt was found near 15th street, aren't you? it's just titillating to you...not that you're investigating the crime, or that you would do anything helpful with that information. you just WANT to know.

I agree, Kate: I tend to think that police have released the information people NEED, which might not include the information that people WANT.

I don't think it's suspicious; I think it's rubbernecking. It's turning this tragedy into a series of tasty potato chips to be consumed by bored people.

I am certain police have evidence and leads. I truly believe that unlike Alicia Showalter Reynolds case, that the Harrington case will end with the arrest of the killer(s).
I am amazed that the police finished gathering evidence on Bass' farm in less than 3 days. A 750 acre farm in 72 hours!!!! So they must have found something.
I pray there will be Justice For Morgan.

Why do people keep putting apostrophes in Harringtons and other plural words when they aren't possessive?

Hoolarious , I like your moniker , good one .

First let me say the first line in my response recognized Cville teacher does have a valid point , or should I say it seems "that" way . I also went on to say YES the Harrington's went after their daughter with hard work and determination, I stand by my statement as the Harrington's deserve credit for their determination . I can assure you any Abduction in the general area of a child 0-21 yo is quickly met with media and special interest .How the parent's choose to utilize the asset of the media is up to them . The Harrington's did what it took to get the job DONE ! Saying NON whites are lazy when it comes to finding their lost children is ludicrous to me , nor was it my intention's .

Now if we want to reference the few cases I have seen since following the loss of Morgan as I have never followed a missing person case, with exception, I do remember paying attention to the Lacy Peterson case many years ago . Since Morgan's abduction my senses have been heightened ,mainly geographically as it hit close to home .

Now lets take a look at the missing person/ alleged abductions that made our local news since Morgan's disappearance from JPJA .

We have the most heartbreaking to me ,also a non white abduction/missing person case . Shaniya Davis, a five year old little girl who's non white Mother allegedly traded her daughter for crack cocaine and placed her in the hand's of a non white pedophile to be raped and murdered . I am sure Shaniya's Mother wasn't seeking media attention altering the statistics . For the record ,There is no punishment harsh enough for this Breeder as I refuse to call this woman a Mother .

Then I give you one even more recent here in VA .Aveion Lewis ,a 2 yo non white little boy who's dead body was found in a landfill and the non white stepfather has been charged . Again I am most certain this family was not seeking media attention again skewing the statistics and media coverage .

Of the three missing person cases I have paid attention to recently , it seems there is good reason the non white families did not utilize the resources of the media as they KILLED their own children in the cases I have followed .

Dr. and Gil Harrington are outstanding parent's and I am certain when they use their horrible experience to better how we handle missing person cases there will be no race or social status CARD played !

A child is a child in my book . The effort by the families does play a huge part in the media coverage and closure to these horrible events . I challenge someone to link me to a non white (stranger abduction) where the NON white parent's put fourth the effort and were denied by the media . I would be interested in the fact's . Please keep in mind I believe White children age 0-21 are 65% of the population of children in the USA so the statistics play a big part also based solely on number of event's when catagorized by skin color .

I dislike the race card

Now back to Morgan !
Link's hold up post so for reference I will only incluse this one

@Are you serious?
your entire rant from "for being a teacher in Charlottesville..." to "...not just Caucasians." is racist. Why don't I move? Is that the 21st century way of saying "go back to Africa?" "The lady (or gentleman) doth protest too much, methinks." - William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Thanks to all those here who have at least acknowledged that the issue of how "missing persons" cases (not homicide or other violent crimes cases) are covered by the media is directly influenced by the race/ethnicity of the victims.

Response to your last comment: My participation in this dialog was about how ***the media*** handles missing person's cases. Nothing more, nothing less.

Found it interesting that Morgan was listed on this Wikipedia article around the time of her disappearance, but according to the article history was removed on 11/18/09.

I remember visiting my sister in Richmond around the time that Taylor Behl went missing back in 2005. I remember seeing flyers posted in CareyTown asking for information on the disappearance of a African American toddler who went missing around the same time. That was the only reference I had seen regarding the younger girl and was suprised I hadnt heard anything in Charlottesville.

I admit it; I'm a rubber-necker. I don't pretend to know the Harringtons, but I do know Charlottesville.

I'm following this case because it is geographically close to home, and several key aspects don't make any sense. I can't honestly say that I'm following it because I feel threatened; the crime seems targeted too particularly, and I don't fit the victim profile.

Still, what women hitchhike anymore, except prostitutes at truck stops? We've known this was wildly risky behavior for a full generation or two. You have to be terribly desperate to do it. Just one of the many weird circumstances of this crime.

And I guess you can see the racism/classism inherent in my interest: I don't expect a middle-class co-ed with a car to be hitchhiking, so I am more curious about and surprised by her subsequent death than I would be about a low- or no-income woman who found herself in a similar situation and wound up dead. So Arpal and CvilleTeacher have a point: it is awful to anxiously follow every development in Morgan Harrington's case but not other missing women. Basically, it indicates an feeling that other women's whole life constitutes a greater risk factor for violent death, thus it's not surprising when they disappear or are killed.

I don't blame the Harringtons one drop for worrying about their daughter and keeping her in the news, but we should care more about others, too.

There is no doubt that this young woman's behavior put her at great risk, as did the description of her obvious state of mental and physical health ( some sort of intoxication). We still do not, and may never know, if this was a murder or the result of her own choices. That said, it is a sad, tragic event for any family to lose a loved one, and, the anger and suffering of the Harringtons is very understandable.

There is no doubt that the main stream media treats attractive white girls different than almost anyone else in these types of situations. Society in general valuse attractive white girls as the most valuable. They have been the subject of almost every advertisement to sell everything from Advil to zzoology classes at the local community college.

That does not mean that we don't care about others. It simply shows that many people can relate to the loss of an attrative white girl because we all know one (or twenty).

Someone has to be at the top of the list. It will never be fair.

I am sure if Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez went missing tomorrow their fame would leap them to the top of the list.

But if Jennifer Anniston went missing the next day they would both be bumped.

It is just the world we live in. It doesn't make anyone racist.

BThere, your honesty about your own motives and impulses is rare and refreshing. I don't think anyone has to be a saint -- just honest. Our assumptions about who is innocent and who was probably asking for it have a lot to do with what the person looks like, what social background he/she is from, and those things are inflected by class and race. That's how we've been trained to think, and media coverage of missing girls just adds to that training.

To C'ville teacher

I can understand your anger. As a no longer young white woman, I do not know what the public outrage would be if I disappeared. I would however expect there to be greater outrage at the attacking of a young female of whatever race. I do not live in Charlottesville, but if you have had any issues about family missing that I as a member of the public could help you with send me a private message. Several of my friends have had to deal with violent family deaths.

Also, to the general postings on this site: I personally feel that attacking Charlottesville teacher for her posting was unsuitable. The Harringtons made every possible effort to raise awareness of their daughter's plight--they forged new ground in doing this. That doesnt give anyone the right to ignore some of Charlottesville teacher's observations or to belittle them. You strengthen the case of C'ville being racist. I dont live there any more but your posts dont sound good. Praise Morgan, praise her family, don't ignore the pain of other families who have lost children.

Why Bugsy? She viewed the remains, and I think she's entitled to say whatever she wants to about the experience. I, for one, cannot imagine how painful it must have been to see her daughter's cadaver. No parent should ever have to witness such a thing.

I believe Gil's comment about her daughter's bones is her way of saying, she was beautiful in both life and death. You can change the outlook of a person's physical being, but the person they were/are is still there with you.

The saddest part about the entire article is the last line. So terribly saddening.

I go to VT and there isn't a day I walked to class, wondering if I had seen Morgan waiting for the bus, or sitting at a stop light or passing by on the drill field. I never met her, but just knowing she was my age and a fellow classmate is enough to feel like you know her.

RIP Morgan

I see a lot of people stating that Gil Harrington meant something about a book when she mentioned her daughter had lovely bones.
I saw her on the Today Show and she was asked that question. She said it was because her daughter actually had lovely bones. Her interview is on-line.

Morgan Dana Harrington, appeared to me and told me herself what happened on December 5th but no one would listen? They still never even asked me what she is saying after 60 day's its sad?

I am so sorry for her loss, she is an awesome soul and is doing quite well. I just wish I could relay this to the hearts of those whom are suffering so much.

I feel that our western mentalities just don't allow for such things to be received? It's quite sad really?

and maybe we can take care of this old fashioned mob style. Yeesh, gimme a break

Wait, didn't she disappear in October?

I think the truth is far more amazing. Morgan is not a victim, just taking her final earth class, facing death.

So, she knew she was not only going to her death, these young men had been after her for some time.I see the 5 young men and at least 3 older men would be frying... if you asked me!

Mr Harrington is very smart he is on to at least two of them, I would rather see all 12 face the chair.

so we've got a dozen now? Good, that should make the odds of catching 1 or 2 easier. wow....

I could see it be just as amazing as 2 started it 4 joined in and one covered it up, seven go down for it, and Morgan has been telling us the whole time.

101 days, over the bridge, diamond dog chain... Halloween.

Morgan is quite a dramatic teacher to us all. Not a victim, not a child!

A master hiding amongst us all.

I just love Morgan and I am privileged to see she is doing fine. Sending everyone her love. A amazing soul she has, she's my hero!

Her lesson as far... as I can see, "Love Never Die's! So be only Love!"

Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razer
that leaves your soul to blead

Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you it's only seed

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winterfar beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun's love
in the spring
becomes the rose

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Between Kimberly Marie Simmons and You

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 8:51am
Morgan showed up in my office 60 days ago telling me she had been murdered. She had allot to say. I just hope everyone listens.

Kimberly Marie Simmons February 25 at 6:04pm
Kevin, did Morgan tell you how she was murdered and what actually took place that night?

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:10pm
I saw her being raped and chocked at the same time a violent sexual act of rap that went horribly fatal

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:11pm
He was standing behind her she may have fallen on her head and broke her neck

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:12pm
This was not the guys who nabbed her this was a larger older male

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:12pm
possibly an authority figure

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:13pm
a smiley faced guy who would just laugh it off

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:14pm
oops broke her ahhww we weren't finished is all he cared

Kevin McNeil February 25 at 6:15pm
I am seeing days go by, not an oops dead but we got her finally senero'

one day when the miracle of our love is fully shared.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 10: 04 AM

Morgan- We are happy to announce that some of your love has gotten through the insurmountable shields raised by others to defend themselves from the truths you are sharing.

Morgan- We are also glad to announce the speedy return of hope into your own life as a direct result of your courage and unstoppable nature.

Morgan- As you have experienced many time before, there is also the specter of the dark surrounding you looking for a weakness in you to exploit your energy for their own benefit.

Morgan- You must stand strong, Kevin. You are not alone! Remember this, at all times.

Morgan- You have so many things to offer the world! We share with you that your pen is intoxicating many with the words of our true love. The truths you are allow me to share with the many who long for my presence in the world. My love and my true words are now pouring through you without resistance. Allowing for the resuscitation of many, a wounded heart.

Morgan- My love returning to the scene to clean up what you have called, ââ?¬Å?My Own Mess”. The mess created by my sudden disappearance and tragic death. Is truly a miracle, a miracle that some will share!

Morgan- A miracle received by the opening of hearts to the magic of God’s sweet, secret?

Morgan- Love never dies; your body is just a shell. Sin is not real and death holds not power over God’s greatest gift, your soul.

Morgan- Even my father whose intellectual walls lie like skyscrapers. Towering above you loftily made of finest steel! Intellectual walls which seems so insurmountable, formidable and unyielding.

Morgan- Will eventually fall, like rain under the thunderstorm of our true love. Our simple hopefulness expressed through the words of love that we spin. Spinning our love and our truth like a web over the hole of their sadness.

Morgan- Bridging the gap between Heaven and Hell. Allowing others to cross, without fear into the shores of resurrection. Traveling unblemished and undamaged through the fire of their own fears.

Morgan- Even your missteps have been granted to you from on high. Your duty in service to me is not to judge. It is to allow my love too flow through you. My soul to enter the world unmolested. To engage the hears minds and souls in the nature of my new song. My highest accomplishment passing through the gates of the most feared thing, Death itself.

Morgan- You have done a Great thing in your service to the most high, my Valliant Warrior. My most trusted guard of my most sacred treasure!!!

Morgan- My heart, my love, my soul itself! You have gone forward into the world with the most difficult task a man could ever face.

Morgan- Bringing the seed of my love, into the hole of my loss. Daring to do a task befit only for the angels on high, declaring to the world in the face of my loss. The truth of my resurrection my, Graduation, my triumphant return to share my gifts!

Morgan- The gift of my love with all whom would listen. Bringing to Earth the hope and the love that pours out from your heart.

Morgan- Who would dare take on such a Valliant and unimaginably difficult task? Who would ask for this duty! Facing the insurmountable odds created by the damming truth of my horrible ending. Who would dare face my family’s denial head on with news of my death? This is too much to ask of any mortal.

Morgan- We have asked so much of you my love, in the face of such a hopeful search. When there was hope you were asked to take it away!

Morgan- When there was emptiness you have been asked to fill it with the truth of our love. With the miracle of my return.

Morgan- Some may hate you, others mock you. Some will seek you out with love. Others will sit on the fence of indecision.

Morgan- We know you were chosen for your most outstanding trait. Your love would never allow you to be dishonest or defame my memory in any way. You are too committed to God’s love and to the service of others to allow for deception. We love you for this your commitment to the truth at all cost.

Morgan- You do not, walk alone. Your commitment to serve others before yourself. Your true love for me beyond the sadness of my loss. Your commitment to my work my words my heart and my family are unmatched. Dauntless you are, egoless; your love is my dearest champion. I know you would face the whole world alone in defense of my every word.

Morgan- Your fearless execution of my every whim has caused me to be very cautious in what I say to you. As you would act out my every sharing, as if it was the commandments of the most high. Seeming orders given to you on sunbeams from heaven itself.

Morgan- If you only knew how much it pains me to see you struggling towards the impossible task given to you. If you only knew how much I love you for even attempting such a thankless journey on my behalf. I could never have asked for such a gift as your presence in my life. Who who’d dare dream such a Champion could ever walk the earth.

Morgan- Who would dare to put the truth over the feelings of others who branched out in the cold to find the impossible?

Morgan- The fact that I am still alive! Is something only you truly know! Yet in that same truth was my demise. How could I have contacted you from heaven, if indeed, I was not there?

Morgan- You have faced insanity, the hatred of thousands. The seething silence from investigators and my family. Yet you persist in sharing my love with all whom would listen. Despite the news of my passing you still charge in with news of my return. My love and my truth pouring through you like a wave of an unstoppable tsunami.

Morgan- You have and are doing the impossible my love. You are single handedly resurrecting me with the power of your commitment. With the passion of your love. With your refusal to settle for nothing less that the divine truth of my continued presence in your life to be shared with all whom would listen.

Morgan- We see you struggling with the urge to quit to give up and give in, every time your messages of love are meeting with my family’s dead silence. This is your most painful experience. The denial of entrance into something you have been invited by my love to join. My family itself. They may for some time shut you out my love. It may take some time for them ever to allow any hope to fill the hole just left by my sudden disappearance. Have hope, pray for them. Allow them all the space that they need. To heed your work and your words will be something that my come in time. Be hopeful, yet silently wait their invitation. It will come one day, one day when the miracle of our love is fully shared.

i retract my previous request.