Former Greene Sheriff Willie Morris dead from shot

hotseat-morrisSheriff William Morris in 2003.

Greene County's flamboyant five-term former law enforcement head, Sheriff William Morris, 65, has been taken off life support January 28 after what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, NBC29 reports.

According to family members, Morris, who ran for his second term in 1987 with the slogan, "Don't be silly, re-elect Sheriff Willie," suffered from long-term health issues.

A champion weightlifter, Morris set world records in power lifting and won more than two dozen national championships. In September, he suffered an injury that caused tinnitus, which sounded like a constant "buzz saw," says his daughter.

"I hope my death will help bring about some cure for those who suffer from tinnitus by bringing attention to it," he wrote in a suicide note, the Daily Progress reports.

And according to the American Tinnitus Association, there is no cure.

Morris rose to fame in the mid-1980s with such high-profile activities as housing a prisoner in his own home when space at the jail ran thin and holding a bake sale when the County supervisors denied his requested drug enforcement money.

The Board of Supervisors, he told the Hook seven years ago, is a place to see "how much money can you put in your pocket."

This from the man who once arrested one board member's son on charges of wife-beating and another's brother for a DUI– and he said he once chased a supervisor who might have been illegally hunting.

Morris was buried February 1 at Evergreen Church of the Brethren in Dyke.
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gasbag. I am certain since you worked/work in law enforcement that Morris was a friend of yours. Please except my deepest sympathy.

Karma ,

Sometimes suicide is the only answer to deep long ongoing suffering and pain .

I am trying to think of a scenario , let's say you place your hand on a red hot stove element , you are unable to pull your hand away and there are no other option to stop your pain . Whatever Mr. Morris was thinking when he made his choice was the only option he seen at the given time to take the pain away .

If the Bible is true to fact I also offer that he did not commit the ultimate sin and there is nothing that could separate you from the love of GOD . NOTHING means NOTHING and if the verse I offer is misconstrued or somebody tries to turn it around then NOTHING in the bible is true . NOTHING MEANS NOTHING !

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39)

I pray this man family find's peace in his decision . Mr. Miller only from the kind comments here most likely wanted to end the suffering for his family also , seems he was a stand up Man in many way's .


Tina, there's never been a shortage of spineless cowards in The Hook blogs.

I have found only one fault here at the HOOK . The ability for posters to randomly pick screen names and spout off at the mouth daily under 20 different names is unsettling with me .

Though it does tell a big story about a poster that is unable to dialogue without hiding .

I prefer to stand behind what I say ,apologize if I say something wrong and treat people with respect .


quote: "If you guys would just stop giving Know Better any attention, that person would go away..."

That's what people said about me too. :)

I knew Willie professionally, but I considered him a friend too. He was a strong leader, he was brave in an emergency, and he seemed to me to have a sort of presumption of friendliness toward other people. He had a colorful and interesting life, and he was strong throughout it; I think if anything threatened to change that, he would have preferred to leave while he was still strong.

Sorry GSOE..haven't seen you go off on a tangent yet, but you go off on the rambo type cop anytime you want, I'll probably chime in! Not one to take kindly to cops who would rather treat everyday as martial law! :) However, I was speaking of tangents that became arguments between two people and neither side would give in...beginning to think there are a lot of "lawyers" here...Oh, well...I'll learn to scroll faster!

To Karma and anyone else questioning the decision of one individual to end his life, please take the time to do your homework in a medical journal and leave the bible to the preachers. Tinnitis is a horrible, torturous condition that has an extremely low rate of relief. This condition was brought on by the heroic efforts of Sheriff Morris. Does anyone remember when he was shot in the neck during a domestic dispute? I believe it was in 1996. Imagine having a buzzing noise in your head 24/7 for 14 years. It NEVER goes away. We don't allow this type of torture of terrorists because it's considered inhumane. I've known Willie since my early teens, before he was a sheriff. I've known God longer. I really believe God will give this suffering man a pass on this one. But thanks for reminding me why I tend to avoid organized religion. People who attend church on Sunday and judge others Mon-Sat are mere artificial flowers. They look good on the outside, from a distance. If you get closer, sadly you will see that you're looking at nothing more than a MANmade creation.

Thank you "A Believer'. Very well said!!!!

Aren't you quite the sanctimonious one? maybe this is a good time to STFU...

"It brings on many changes/ and I can take or leave it as I please"--the famous lyrics to the theme for M*A*S*H, written by 14 year old Mike Altman, son of the movie's original director director Robert Altman.

Too bad blinkered Christianity offers no framework to reason about these things. Suicide was honorable in Roman culture, and remains so in Japanese culture. After deliberately provoking the Athenian jury into ordering him to drink deadly hemlock, Socrates discoursed on suicide in the dialog Phaedo, in which he speaks of the strange pleasure he felt in taking off his prison leg shackles--we are chained to life by pleasures and pains, he muses. Fear, ignorance, hope. And the coming drink of hemlock would be a final throwing off of the shackles. "I owe a cock to Aesclepius," were his last words, as the poison took effect. The cock was the standard sacrifice to he God of healing.

and now back to back to Sheriff Morris- he was a wonderful person, did his job, helped a lot of people- many whom he did not have to help- and left the County in better shape then the way he found it for sure.


Why do you want to go there? I never called you a whore,I never said you couldn't serve as an officer in another department, now did I?
The physical standards Sheriff Morris set for his officers precluded you from even the possibility of serving as a deputy in Greene County at that time, that is a fact. But, I don't think you could handle the deductive reasoning aspects of the job, if your pitiful demonstration of those skills have been reflected by your posts here. Sad, very, very sad indeed.

Know Better, ARE YOU STUPID?

"I bet you did know a lot of the boys back in the day, or night as it were." BACK IN THE NIGHT, HEH HE HEH.

"you are a groupie"

"You are too easy, but I bet you have heard that before."

actually, I think you probably are stupid, but not that stupid. It's worse -- you're chickensh*t. you can't own up to what you were implying. you scared yourself a bit with how far you went and you're backpedaling. pedal, pedal, pedal, Know Better.

Sorry Hoolarious , yes it was a test and I screwed up just a min ago in another thread as I didn't realize the site stored your SN( no I did I wasn't paying attention ). I hit submit and walla .I did correct it over there and thank goodness I ALWAYS sign my post everywhere I post as I had signed the post but it was under your SN .

I don't want you held responsible for my rambling...LOL

DAKOTA -----> real name and used on both boards I contribute , as it has been for YEARS . I challenge the websleuths to prove that wrong :)

If possable the Hook need's to lock down screen names already in use at the very least . We have high expectation's for a FREE newspaper :)

OK wait a minute , am I understanding that not only can you just randomly pick screen names but you can use one already being used ?

NO WAY , but when I hit enter we will know . I hope what I am about to do doesn't work .


Lisa. Thank you for coming on here to make a statement about your dad. He was a wonderful person.
If you need help caring for your grandmother, feel free to contact me. It's times like this when people need to help others. Your dad did a great deal for our community and it would be an honor to help his family in return. Blessings to you and your family.

May his soul rest in peace ....

Tinnitus is a curse... I lost my job and peace of mind because of tinnitus and now leading a unproductive life. Hope the scientific community takes note of this terrible condition.... and comes up with a cure......


My, my. Am impressed with the vast number of e-mails here, mostly authored by the same crowd. Do you folks not work for a living? And most of what's been written is worthless. Get a life.

I didn't know Sheriff Willie, but am saddened by his suicide. It is a shame when someone resorts to this. It is always so hurtful to the family. No one knows unless it's happened to them, but it's very hard to swallow, and bitter medicine. They need prayer and sympathy.

I had a simple ringing in my ears as a side effect from anti depressants, and when I realized how many people had this problem, we started sharing idead online via a social network for this. If anyone has this problem and needs support, I can give them the site. I have been to ill to work on it much over the past year, but it is still active. Just contact me via my blog (click my name) and I can post a link there or email you. God bless your family during these very difficult times.

REAL HOOLARIOUS HERE: that's still the loser posting under my name.

oh no it's not--it's Dakota! sorry, Dakota. I didn't realize that was a test.

I really wish The Hook would eliminate that option.

That last comment by wolftownjeff has me confused. Scratches head....

What does that say?
I don't see where anyone needs a moderator. Maybe wolftownjeff needs a dictionary?

quote Gasbag/Expert "Same here. Like the taser thread where it appeared 24 different people wanted to take me on in a debate. And the 24 names turned out to be ONE person. I laughed myself to sleep that night!

See the last post in this link."

Hawes listed 16 names in that comment. Not that it isn't a large number of posters that turned out to be one, but the statement claiming 24 isn't very accurate.

Karma, We have no idea why Willie Morris committed suicide. His mother said he suffered from health issues. Pain and bad health does terrible things to your body physically and emotionally. Maybe he did this as a last resort? I am not sure. Either way, Morris was a wonderful person and will be missed by his co-workers, friends, and family.
My prayers are with his family.

This is terrible. Morris did so much hard work to make Greene a safer place back in the 80's.

It says in the story that he suffered from long-term health issues. Perhaps this was the way he preferred to finish life on this earth.

Once again, I'm glad I don't belong to religion that teaches me to be judgmental about the actions that other people take, especially when I've never walked in their shoes.

How could he take his mom to church, then turn around and commit the ultimate sin that is suicide?
I can't imagine the pain his mother is feeling right now. May God have mercy on his soul.

Tina, I am sure you will understand, it's not my place to discuss any or all of his recent personal illnesses. Being a high profile individual in the community, his family will release whatever details they wish to share publicly.

Much like your father though, my father also lost a tremendous amount of weight and died of cancer shortly before his 66th birthday. You hear about it every day, but you're never really prepared when it hits home.

A very sad day -- Sheriff Morris was taken off life support and has passed away.

He was one of the finest sheriffs to ever pin a badge on in this area. He will be missed.

Rest in Peace, brother!

quote: "gasbag. I am certain since you worked/work in law enforcement that Morris was a friend of yours. Please except my deepest sympathy."

I didn't just know him from the profession, I worked FOR him as a state certified auxiliary deputy at one time. And I had been a close personal friend of his since he had worked the Spectrum East on Route 250 in Charlottesville some 35 to 40 years ago. His wife and my wife used to be friends and do things together at the time too.

In addition to the many great things he did for Greene County, he should also be remembered for his honesty and the evil challenges presented to him, his refusing to get involved in these challenges where other cops may have. I personally will always remember him for his refusing to lie when another law enforcement agency coerced him into lying for them so as to get them out of a false arrest and pending lawsuit. He and one of his detectives got up and stormed out of the meeting once the intent of said meeting reared it's ugly face. There was no way he was going to put his reputation and career on the line by lying for a police chief who had a few loose cannon Rambos causing said police chief to get sued so often. He was always as honest as the day was long! And he proved it on this occasion.

Wow , I didn't know this Man of the Law but the more I look for info on "willie" the more I wish I would have had the Honor .

I am happy he has found the much needed peace !

Absalutly a stand up man and a fine Man of the law .



Sherrif Morris was a fine man. Although I think everyone in Greene County has stories to tell about Wille, good and bad, he made Greene County a better place. I am very saddened to hear this tragic news. Today we lost a wonderful man.

If Willie was still here running Greene co. There would not be all this stuff we have here now with our local cops. Problems with inter department relationships. Officers tipping there freinds off about roadblocks. I reframe to add more. will it goes on down the list People. It goes on here. Good ole boy "s
Willie was the man.

I have always been a big fan of Sheriff Morris. He turned Greene county around while he was the Sheriff there.

A very sad day indeed. I will not be judgemental regarding Willie's decision. I respect this man and offer my condolences to his family.

Dakota, thank you for sharing that scripture with us. Nothing does mean nothing. :)

Rest in Peace Wille. No more suffering.
Again thanks for sharing. I had to laugh at that one.
What years did you work for Greene?
Also, not sure if you were still close to him? But I am curious as to whether he may have had cancer? News report said he had lost close to fifty pounds in recent months. My dad lost a lot of weight and was diagnosed with cancer. Either way, Morris must have been in a great deal of pain. He seemed to love life so much.

I could not beleive the news when I heard it. Ive had my reasons to hate him as well as admire his morals... Willie you did a hard job - rest now....Sad though you left to wait on your mother - supposed to be the other way around.

gasbag..we have our share of disagreements on this board, but thank you for sharing your story.

Tina, one of my comical memories of Sheriff Morris will always be on my mind too. I can play it back in my head over and over just like a video.

Greene County has always had a shortage of patrol cars on all shifts. Deputies had to beg, borrow and steal patrol cars just to work most of the time. Anyhow, I was at work one night when I spotted Sheriff Morris talking to another deputy in a crossover on Route 33. I circled back to join in whatever gossip session was taking place. I parked and turned off all my lights just as they had done. When I stepped out the unmarked Greene County patrol car it was pitch black, you couldn't see 10 feet in front of yourself. And the conversation went like this:

Sheriff: "Gasbag, what are you doing"?

Gasbag: "Ahh, working?"

Sheriff: "You can't use your own car to work!"

Gasbag: "What? That's Lt. Michaels car! I know it's dark, but you can you not see his antenna farm growing all over the car?"

He slapped his forehead and said, "What the heck am I thinking?!"

It was a brand new unmarked patrol car and I guess he just wasn't used to seeing it much yet.

Suicide is NEVER the ONLY answer. It simply means the taking of one’s own life, or killing oneself, and is condemned in, and by the Bible. Suicide can also be referred to as ââ?¬Å?self-murder.” Murder of all forms is condemned in the scriptures.

Exodus 20:13: ââ?¬Å?You must not murder.”

There is no honor in committing the act of suicide, regardless of who you were, or how well respected, or what position you once held in this life. I've seen it affect my own family, and know it's devastating effects more than most. Honor his memory, yes, but never attempt to dignify his act of suicide as anything honorable, or something to be admired. It was not through strength, and he was a physically powerful man, that brought him to this end. I am not judging him, that is for God alone, and thankfully God is merciful.

gasbag..I totally understand.Sometimes you don't realize what you have asked until you get a response. Of course you can't answer any questions about Morris' health. I apologize for even asking. It had been at least two years since I have had the chance to see or speak to Morris. I use to see him quite often.
I am sorry about your father. I lost my dad after he suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 48. My step father passed away last year at the age of 58 from colon cancer.

I know some people don't understand why some turn to suicide as the way to end their life. Physical pain does a great deal to you as a human. It effects you physically and emotionally. I was there when my step-father was in so much pain, he begged God to take him and begged us to help him go. If he could have gotten out of that bed, he would have assisted the ending of his own life. My great uncle had back pain that was so severe, he had went to specialists all around the country. He couldn't take the pain anymore and one day ended his life the same way Morris did. He was only 47.

Again, my thoughts and prayers are with Morris' family and friends. He was truly one of Greene Counties finest!!!!

Uncle Willie was one of my daddys best friends. Daddy would weight lift with him, Willie trained him for worlds. He became family to us! He treated us with respect as we did him. He took care of my daddy as well as others. He was an amazing Sheriff and a great man. We all love him dearly and would've done anything for him. I love you Uncle Willie and may God be with you, your family and friends!

Geez, David Hume pointed out that people don't normally end their lives if it's worth living. Of course, he was actually familiar with the concept of the Enlightenment.

Just last week I was at the GCSO on business and as we walked out and said goodbye to The Major and others we had visited, we all commented on Sheriff Morris and his picture on the hallway wall- little did we know.

Thanks Sherrif, for making Greene County a better place while you could...........

sorry KnowBetter, you FAIL on this thread.

HaPoPrAz 12:15: Harry descended into the Prison and spake unto the man from Azkhaban..."Magic wooooooooooorrrrds!!!!!"

Willie Morris was related to over half of Greene county and the other half were his friends. It is a very sad day in the county to know that we won't see his sweet smile and generous nature around anymore. Willie loved life, and for him to die the way he did, I am sure he had very good reasons and those reasons are between him and God. No one will miss him as much as his mother, Mary. May all those who loved Willie console her now. She had two sons and they are both gone. She needs the county's support, nothing negative should be said.

Deleted by moderator.

I'm trying to imagine Jesus greeting the news of the death of someone with Karma's words ("How could he take his mom to church, then turn around and commit the ultimate sin that is suicide?"), and for some reason I'm having a hard time.

OH YEAH! It's because that's not what Jesus was all about!

The original mad man, bar none. Bouncer in Baltimore and had his car blown up by some bikers whose dancer he had hit on. Blew his car up and almost killed him, again.

My neighbor met his girlfriend at a party, she gave her number to him and the next thing you know Wille showed up at his house and you know the end of this story.

Great guy, meant well and worked harder than many, driven by life. The man loved life and his job, perfect guy for the job. He knew and grew up with the "wild bunch" and went right after them with zest.

I did not speed in Greene County on his watch.

We could all use a few more Wille's.

Greene county was well served by the home boy.

Good night Willie and thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Amy, I've enjoyed reading the stories and memories about Mr. Morris on this board. He sounds like he was a real genuine person.

To a believer,tina, and a friend

You can make all the excuses you want, they are all hollow. There is no circumstance that can justify someone, especially a Christian, taking his own life. Christians are called to live their lives for God, and the decision on when to die is God’s and God’s alone. Although it is not describing suicide, 1 Corinthians 3:15 is probably a good description of what happens to a Christian who commits suicide: ââ?¬Å?He himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames.”

My father was a good and decent man who I thought of as a "passionate warrior" and he was a good father and a tremendous grandfather to my young son whom he adored more than anything. My father suffered from Tinnitus which can be a debilitating affliction and caused him a great deal of pain and discomfort in his last months of life. I will take it as my own personal crusade to honor his life, keep his memory alive with efforts to raise awareneness about Tinnitus and hopefully one day start a museum/book/memorial of his power lifting and law enforcement achievements. Unfortunately the biggest effort now is to take care of my grandmother.

Karma, ?????????

I have not said anything about religion. I also have not mentioned the word "suicide". And I certainly have not tried to cover up anything.

Sheriff Morris gave me my start in law enforcement as an Auxiliary Deputy 16 years ago, including putting me through the academy. I never had a lot of interaction with him on the job but years later if I bumped into the man at a restaurant or shopping he remembered me even if I only served there just a little over a year. I will never forget him and I know he will be missed.

R.I.P Sheriff Morris

Willie was my cousin and I am honored to have known him. He
was a gentleman and I was always proud of him.
My thoughts and prayers are with my Aunt Margeret and the rest of my family in Virginia.
Buzz in Texas

Willie Morris was a man who earned the respect of everyone, the people he protected, his friends, & yes even his enemies. He was a fair & just officer. He was known to give a person a break when they deserved a break & ticket when they deserved a ticket.

He gave me a lecture the first time he cought me speeding, a ticket & a hard lecture the second time he clocked me speeding on 33. There was no third time for me. The second lecture & his description of an accident got my attention. I still slow down when I reach the Greene County line even tho I know the limit isn't enforced now like it was when he was Sheriff.

He often went above & beyond the call of duty to help the people in his county. He will be remembered.

I ask all of his family, friends & neighbors to help look after his Mother.

One last note Karma pull out websters & check the definition of Karma.

Deleted by moderator.

I am not sure why people find this man so great. He ruined my family by investigating an obviously phony charge. Maybe, maybe not he was a good man, but he doesn't deserve my respect.

Know Better...
I haven't been called a little girl in a long time. Thanks!!!

Did you bring charges against the department? NO! Why? Because you would have lost. If police recieve a tip and it makes logical sense to act on that tip, then they must do what they have to do.
End of story.

To the Gasbag

From the Bible, Galatians VI (King James Version):

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

This is not a memorial page, and I can express my views on suicide as I chose, and Mr. Morris took his own life, you can't change that fact, or try to cover it up. Both of my parents died of cancer, they both fought to the very end. I chose to follow their example of strength. You and those like you can do whatever you want, and pay the price for that self-indulgent ignorance, and lack of faith, I'll pray for him, and you anyway.

Karen, a great way to honor this guy forever after would be to stop speeding everywhere -- not just Greene County, not just where you think the limit is enforced.

"I am not sure why people find this man so great." Really? You're not sure? did you read through the posts? Obviously some other people had different interactions with him. It doesn't mean they're right and you're wrong, but to say you are not sure why when it's been explained pretty thoroughly above suggests that maybe you can't read.

Really moderator, really? I was just saying it's a possibility and a strange coincidence.

No, Moderator, I TOTALLY agree with your decision. Curious's post was just pure stupid and unnecessary.

Curious, grow up or leave this thread please.

There is absolutely NO possibility
to what you asked/implied/suggested.

Ol' Willie had his ways of doing things, and they were not always above question. Those that grew up here, and really know the man, know this to be be true. He always did what he wanted, and did not let something like an individuals rights get in the way. This is also a fact, so lets keep it real, and save the eulogies for the funeral, and his Memorial pages.
He was an old school lawman, and more than a bit of a cowboy. He made few if any apologies when mistakes were made by himself or his department, but was overall a decent man, he was also quite a character whether you liked him or not, and will be missed.
Rest in Peace Willie with no more pain.

Where is the the once great Roman Empire now?

Better to be a blinkered Christian, than a blind liberal.

Why are we even bringing up the cause of death ? Can we not let this man rest in peace and his family grieve.

Come on people , we are neighbor's ; would we run to our fences and talk about a suicide at our neighbor's house .

I hope not, please let it go .


Why would the moderator delete my comment?
I am totally outraged that anyone could say that Morris had anything to do with Harrintons murder. I think I can say that freely.


Does the truth really hurt your feelings that much? Willy ain't reading this, it doesn't cause him one bit of concern. The grieving brought to his family and friends doorstep was brought about by Willy's own hand, but I guess that's just an inconvenient fact, can't let that get in the way of a good story, can we? If the truth hurts you that much, move on.
I read comments concerning the recent death of the Eppard boy, many posted by those claiming to members of the law enforcement community that were callous, and crude. People also have a right to say what they feel in this Forum, it is NOT a memorial page, let's not try to turn it into one.

Tina, I saw where your post was "deleted" but I am not sure what you said in your post. Am I understanding by your rebuttal to the moderator that someone is suggesting that this is linked to MDH? WTF?

AugustaCounty...Yes some A-hole actually said that!!! I am truly outraged.

chill out, false accusations are made by law enforcement all the time, without the slightest evidence to support it. It hurts when the shoe is on the other foot, don't it. I guess AugustaCounty was trying to make that point. I've been falsely accused myself, it's embarrassing to have your name and reputation questioned, not to mention the raid that was conducted on my home with nothing illegal found and the sole reason for the raid were lies from a vindictive now ex-wife. I can only imagine what my neighbors must have thought. I went to everyone of them afterward and explained the stupidity of Willie and his boys. Only one officer in that department ever apologized, and it was not Sheriff Morris. They just left in a hurry, like nothing ever happened, so give your "outrage" a rest, you don't know the meaning of outraged.

Know Better....
It was not the departments fault, only your ex-wifes fault. The police officers only did their jobs. I don't know what your ex-wife told them, but it must have been something awfully good for them to raid your home! Your ex should have been prosecuted.
What does your story have to do with someone pointing blame at Morris for what happened to MDH?
Your story is EXACTLY how stories about Willie Morris started. You guys sit back and play the poor little I didn't do anything role and then spread rumors. Whether your wife told them you had child porn or a meth lab, they were only doing their job. I am the first one to step up to the plate and say Morris was FAR from perfect, but he was a great man and did a wonderful job while in office.

I can tell deduction and reason is not your strong suit. It was the departments fault for not checking out the source of their "intelligence" before launching a raid. So, no they weren't "just doing their jobs".
The point is little girl, the types of baseless accusations that seem to cause you so much outrage, is just another tool used in law enforcement, so your outrage needs to be tempered with the facts of life within our society, so grow up.

Know Better

Actually it does bother me that people wait until someone's death to then find comfort in trashing the family with poor comment's . Reminds me of the spineless weasels who protest fallen soldiers funeral's . But if you find comfort in this have at it , I am sure "willies" family is far stronger than your word's .

May I school you on one false comment you made . "People also have a right to say what they feel in this Forum, it is NOT a memorial page, let’s not try to turn it into one."

People have no guaranteed freedom of speech on this forum ! Freedom of speech applies to GOVERNMENT and not on this forum . You should "know better " ,

enjoy the snow


willie was a good man, a good cop, but most of all a wonderful friend. I will miss him. goodby my friend.

Know Better...
I have never worked for the department. I know Morris and a lot of the guys that work in the department because I did a ton of volunteering in the community.
And the only reason you did not file suit, was because you didn't have a leg to stand on. It appears you suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.
AugustaCounty was probably as shocked as most of us were when some idiot accused Morris of having anything to do with the MDH case. It is a slap in the face to both families involved. Again, it is the gossip and rumors that people live for that changes the lives of others.


It was YOUR own dirty little mind that took you where you went, deal with your own issues, before trying to give advice to others, and really, name calling, how juvenile of you, then again I guess you are still riding your bike, if anyone is backpedaling it's you, so, pedal, pedal, pedal, Hoolarious. By the way, not all groupies have sex with the band, easy, as in easy to influence, or get a response from, and Cops do work days and nights 24/7 shifts.


Are you really so ignorant that you don't realize this is a form of free speech? and that this is not a memorial page, and all opinions can be given here, not just yours. You are obviously not qualified to school me, or anyone else in anything, much less my right to free speech. Try serving your Country first before you even attempt to school an Army veteran. You did not even know the man, so why don't you give an opinion about someone you actually know. Nobody here is trashing him or his family, and take notice of this fact that my comments have not been removed. As far as waiting until someone dies to make an opinion known, Sheriff Morris knew exactly how I felt when he was alive.

Know Better..
Just curious. What did they raid your house for?

Know Better,
I was not trying to make a point, I was simply asking a question. I really cannot believe anyone would suggest that Sheriff Morris was linked to this other situation in any way, shape or form. My point in this post is PATHETIC!!!

Not that my point is PATHETIC..that whoever would suggest such a thing is PATHETIC...


The only reason I did not file a civil suit is because nothing was broken in my home, and my family and I were not touched. Had there been any abusive tactics used by the officers that entered my home there would have been a civil suit filed that day. It would have been up to the Courts to decide, not you, and yes I know I would have had to go outside of Greene County to file the paperwork, just like Willie's brother had to do. I'm sure your experience with the department was probably as a dispatcher, because there were no female deputies, his physical requirements for the job would have precluded you, which is one thing I do commend him for. If there was a women in the cruiser, she wasn't behind the wheel, and I'll leave it at that.


It was a comment, with no apparent basis in fact, without any apparent merit of any kind, given solely to incite a response, it is however used in Law Enforcement every day. I guess someone wanted to give it back. It was inappropriate, but when should it ever be appropriate to use lies as a tool to incite.

Know Better,

No, sorry you are wrong yet again. The volunteering I did and continue to do was family oriented. I don't need to use my body to get anywhere in this life. I have a brain.
You're right some guys do cheat. Maybe that's why your wife made accusations and had your house raided? Maybe you pissed her off one too many times?
Either way, you are pulling at strings so you don't look like an idiot. Too late. We all thought that after your first posting. Poor fella.

Wow, Know Better: with that last groupie comment, you totally made me sympathize with your wife and you lost all credibility on this thread, which is a shame because the police (all police) do abuse their power sometimes and that shouldn't happen. but calling her a whore because you guys don't agree? nice.


I was right, you are a groupie, and the backseat analogy was on the money. I bet you did know a lot of the boys back in the day, or night as it were. I bet a lot of those rumors involve you, is that what hurts your feelings sweetheart. Don't be sad, I'm sure you were a real morale booster.

Not sure if everyone is aware?
Friends and family will pay respects to Morris tomorrow at Ryan's Funeral Home on Route 33 in Greene.

If you have a brain, why don't you at least make an attempt to use it. I pulled your strings by the way, so who's the idiot? You are too easy, but I bet you have heard that before.

and now, back to Sheriff Morris..................

Know Better...
It is no trouble to see why you have an Ex-wife.
Just because we agree to disagree is no reason to say I have slept around. Yes, you certainly have pulled my strings. I have children. I am proud enough to use my real name. I'm not using a fake screen name. And I certainly have the right to speak up when someone is bashing the name of a person that cannot speak for themselves.
Easy? Yes. I guess I am. I am the first one to step up and volunteer in the communities when someone needs something. First one to help fill the shelves at the food bank. First one to make sure a family that just lost their home in a house fire has clothes for their kids. First one to helpr raise money for children with birth defects. So I guess I am easy. I am a real sinner.
You seem to enjoy taking cheap shots at women and dead people. You are truly a class act.

Know Better..
I see where you stated you are an Army Veteran?
Wouldn't Uncle Sam be proud?
A man that believes women cannot serve as officers and calls a woman a whore for stating her opinion.


I never called Tina a whore, those are YOUR words, not mine. Are YOU implying a women has to be a whore to sit in a police car, and that morale can only be improved through a sexual encounter, if so, you should be ashamed of yourself.
As if you have any influence concerning creditability in this thread or any other format that matter, please grasp reality at some point in your existence.

Know Better truly isn't worth the effort of trying to explain something to. It is obvious that his wife made him bitter. She must have found a real man and left because she knew better.

As the old saying goes sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Holds true for this situation as well. Know Better is quick to call names and make accusations, but when he is called on it he whines like a momma's boy. However his mother must not have given him the love he needed, the way he speaks to women.
With all that back pedaling, he should be in another state by now.


Fess up to your own deduction, you are the chicksh*t here buddy.


It is sad that you think so little of yourself, but that's your problem, not mine. You think you require special treatment because you are a female, that's why Willie would never have hired you, or any other women for that matter for anything other than a dispatcher. I'm not bitter, and please save the sanctimonious and feeble attempts to wiggle out of your own self-assessment. Have a nice and enjoy the snow.

Know Better,

I don't understand you. Why would you think that I think so little of myself? Why do you think I deserve special treatment because I am a woman? Did we all miss something? Are you high?
I think you need to go back and read what you wrote and then read what I wrote in response.

Know Better

You want to test how far free speech goes on private property then we can decide who is ignorant . May I suggest you call the moderator and ask that they be on standby when I decide to tell you what I really think and let's see how far free speech goes there my fellow ignorant one as you are on private property fully protected by censorship at will . You a betting man ?

You are absolutely right I did not know the man, just as I didn't know Thomas Jefferson , Mother Teresa or Ronald Reagan ; all I had to do was seek and learn . Some of what I learned about Sherriff Morris was found right here with the heartfelt kindness of QUALITY poster's .

Enjoy the snow


I know, Tina, but it's just so FUN. so predictable, what he's going to respond to and more significantly HOW he's going to respond. it's like "anxious chickensh*t response coming in five, four, three, two, ONE."

Why don't you and Tina find a chat room, this thread is not about you two anyway, you can't even discuss the topic which is the suicide of a former sheriff, in case you forgot, I can tell your collective attention span is need of improvement.

It not about you 2 lonely hearts, its actually entitled :


and you 2 thought it was the Tina & Hoolarious Comedy Hour !!!!!

and now, back to Sheriff Morris”Š”Š”Š”Š”Š”Š

quote: "I have found only one fault here at the HOOK . The ability for posters to randomly pick screen names and spout off at the mouth daily under 20 different names is unsettling with me."

Same here. Like the taser thread where it appeared 24 different people wanted to take me on in a debate. And the 24 names turned out to be ONE person. I laughed myself to sleep that night!

See the last post in this link.

Know Better,

Once again you respond, but don't think people should respond back to you. You are only ticked because others have words to say to you as well. We all have the right to speak our opinions. However if I were to tell you what I really want to would be deleted.

How many screen names do you have?

Gasbag...thank you for the link. You just made my night. I can tell that the same person used at LEAST 4 screen names. And everytime a comment was made, you came back with something even better. Although we have different opinions on stories, I truly enjoy reading your comments.


Holly Cow, I think you had a stalker GSOE ; LOL . Fixed screen names and responsability would go a long way with improving the atmosphere here at the Hook forums . The HOOK rocks other than the spoken issue .


There are a lot of posts here from folks on the edge of Willie's professional life.
A man in the position of Sheriff is going to garner some of those reactions I guess.
But I knew Willie personally.
He was such an above average, caring friend, that my fiance and I asked him if he would marry us. He hadn't done weddings before, but went so far out of his way to make sure it was OK with Albemarle Co. to do this; and took such care to offer every possible "vow" choice. He came to our farm and married us in August 1990 where Charlie Pastorfield and the Believers played as our band.
I've since moved from Albemarle Co but this remains one of my greatest friendship moments (both from Willie and Charlie).
Rest in peace, my friend. There was never a doubt in my mind at any time that you loved Greene Co, your deputies, and your life. I'm truly sorry that your condition drove you to this conclusion.
Maybe the noise in your ears was just encouragement from above to "come on up".
Please remember the good, there was so much of it! Steve

I am so thankful that my folks passed along the words of wisdom
" if you do not have something good to say about somebody, don't say anything at all". You should try it, It will serve you well, it's never too late to start.

I knew Willie for many years, he was always a good person in our dealings. He helped many people in many ways. My thoughts go out to him family during this hard time.

Know Better wrote, "Sorry, looks more like you FAILED as a friend."

now whose comedy hour is it? cuz that was a real knee-slapper.

a friend

Sorry, looks more like you FAILED as a friend.

Apparenty Know Better doesn't KNOW when to shut up.
Guess he/she lacks attention at home and feels the need
to get some here. ?


It is quite telling when you can find the humor in Sheriff Morris killing himself, and devastating his elderly mother. You must have been another one of his close personal friends. You are also just another lost ball in high grass little Hooboy/Hoogirl whatever you are, I don't argue with little children, so go get your mommy or daddy to respond for you.

from Know Better, January 30th, 10:35 p.m.:

"and you 2 thought it was the Tina & Hoolarious Comedy Hour !!!!!"

okay, now here's the hard part: paste in the quotation from me where I found humor in Sheriff Morris killing himself. It's going to be hard for you because it requires reading.

Augusta County,

Add something new to the conversation, a story about Willie when he was a boy growing up on the farm, as a bouncer, or the years he spent as the Sheriff. Maybe something harder like trying to justify suicide as a logical choice to end ones life. Get the focus back where it belongs. Maybe offer a website dealing with the affects of suicide on those left behind, a bible verse or two that deal with suicide. That will require some effort, or is it just easier to throw rocks? I'm done with the children that have posted previously, and won't respond out of respect for a dead man.

24 sounds better.

Okay, there are some weird things happening. MDH could have got into a vehicle of someone she trusted.
There is a fine line between sanity and insanity you know.
Man, this is starting to get freaky.

Gasbag...although we disagree on most threads, I must say that you always make me chuckle.

I cannot believe that The Hook would allow someone to use a screen name that belongs to someone else. You should contact them and have them remove that comment that was made by "you". It is obvious that someone is trying to discredt you on this board. And that takes a real coward.

Tina, (and by the way, Gasbag can speak to this issue, because it's happened to him as well) I think they can't proactively prohibit it. They can probably retroactively go back and figure out by looking at IP addresses when someone is spoofing someone else's screen name. I'm not sure why they don't shift to a system where users have to register, at least in a token way, so that if you tried to use someone else's screen name it would say "that name is taken."

Deleted by moderator.

anyone who knows the real Hoolarious knows that wasn't me posting above, but i do like that i've gotten under someone's skin so much (probably that loser Know Better) that he's taking the time to post under my screen name.

If you guys would just stop giving Know Better any attention, that person would go away...geeze this got a bit outa hand with you guys bickering!

That's the great thing about these boards. We can agree, we can disagree, and we can bicker. I am a firm believer of speaking my opinions and will continue to do so. Just ask gasbag:)

Not making any jokes here, but you are going to be doing a LOT of scrolling.

quote: "GSOE”Šat least you keep to the subject and don’t go off on tangents that don’t have a thing to do with the article..."

I often do go off on tangents when it's a hot cop topic, where obvious excessive force was used or lack of good judgement was exercised. :)

And that's a whole lot of topics nowadays with all these rambo rookies running loose cannon out on the streets. least you keep to the subject and don't go off on tangents that don't have a thing to do with the article... I am new to the Hook blogs..I hope the bickering over trival issues isn't the makes for a sore hand to scroll through all the back and forth bickering and get to the real "opinions".

stop it. where is the moderator. No editorial skill present. Destorys cheapens the site.

You guys and girls must be skipping over half the good threads here. Once I upset somebody with my remarks or opinions, they always submit replies using my user name. And it's always a remark that is supposedly going to embarrass or humiliate me.

Not one person here can embarrass me and humiliate me more than a band of loose cannon cops did from 1997 to 2005. The only difference of course is the cop shoppes had to pay me large sums of money for doing it.

Another point... most of you would be quite surprised to learn the real identities of some of the posters here. :)

Lisa Morris

I didn't know your father but have come to learn he was a good man . You and your family have my deepest condolences , your Father's legacy will live on in honor .

Thank you for sharing


before willie you'd call the cops and get a busy signal, and you knew nobody was at the police station becouse the gun shots you just heard were fron the police station

I will say the hook is on it

This hit the hot wire only a few hours ago

quote: "Does anyone remember when he was shot in the neck during a domestic dispute? I believe it was in 1996."


Karma, God is the last Santa Claus. It's cute that you still believe in that stuff.