Snap: Striped road for snow

news-snowstripesSpeak softly and carry... a lot of deicing compound that you can stripe on the roads. That seems to be the mantra of VDOT this time around. In anticipation of a snowstorm, this is how Route 29 looked at Polo Grounds Road Friday morning at 9:17am.

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How can that picture be from today? None of those cars has a trace of snow nor is there snow beyond the edges of the trees and no residue of ice or anything on the road. I mean I know the sun worked hard today, but it didn't make it all the way through the snow on the ground anywhere that I saw.

Oh wait!!! I just re-read the post and realized the pic is from Friday morning. Never mind.

This was also done before last storm. But didn't help much against 2 feet. Lets hope for better results with a lighter snowfall. The purpose is to make it easier to plow by not allowing the snow to freeze and bond to the highway as much.

Road striping ? I've never seen this before in these parts, is this something new ? Looks like all the negative press from the last storm made an impression on someone.