Dave woulda stuck cheatin' Edwards with stiff bill

news-dmbCharlottesville-based musical superstar¬† Dave Matthews–- unimpressed that disgraced politician John Edwards and his career-killing paramour allegedly chose Dave Matthews Band's "Steady as We Go" as their song and wanted the DMB to perform at a contemplated rooftop wedding–- would have charged "an incredible amount of money" if he didn't reject the arrangement outright, according to Access Hollywood. The wedding allegations will appear in an impending book by a former Edwards aide who claims the song–- which features a pair of star-crossed lovers and such lines as "So if the road gets rocky, girl, just steady as we go"–- resonated with the cheating ex-Senator and the mother of his love child. When the musical allegations emerged in September, New York magazine examined six songs likely to enthrall the illicit couple; however, "Steady as We Go" missed that list.

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ohhh so it is about the money. thats ok, we need another bono these days.

More people in the public eye like Dave should speak up! Thanks Dave for standing up for whats right!