Chaotic Brooklyn experimental rock trio Dinowalrus puts a psychedelic spin on synths, theremins, drum machines, and clarinets, and they share a guitarist with Titus Andronicus. As for avant-pop trio True Womanhood, well, actually we're just satisfied with poking fun at them for using Beach House as their point of comparison, which just seems a little premature, you know?

True Womanhood - The Monk
True Womanhood - Shadow People
True Womanhood - Rubber Buoys
True Womanhood - Magic Child
True Womanhood - Dignitas
True Womanhood - A Diviner

Rhythm Bandit and Adam Smith's newest project Great Dads open.

Great Dads - Pray To Your Riches

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Definitely digging this Great Dads track at the moment; subtly asynchronous layers of grit and weirdness seemingly recklessly stacked up on one another, even a little off-putting at first until about halfway through, which is roughly where I realize that all along they've been building up an ambient weave that's actually quite cool but Adam is just a whole lot more patient than I am.