Supper bowls for the Super Bowl

While most folks will probably be watching the face-off between the Saints and the Colts (not to mention a performance by The Who at half-time!)at house parties this Sunday, there are plenty of restaurants showing the game. That’s good news if you don’t have a big screen TV, or know someone who does. Of course, while Wild Wings Caf© and Buffalo Wild Wings are some obvious Super Bowl 44 watching choices, with their multiple big screen offerings and festive atmospheres, there are other choices as well.

Down in Belmont, The Local is inviting folks to watch the game and enjoy a Super Bowl menu for foodies, featuring crab dip on toast points, an Ayrshire Farms burger, chicken wings, and nachos with Guinness chili and house pickled jalapenos. Guadalajara on Pantops is also making a Super Bowl run, having recently install three 32-inch TVs for the event.

There’s also the Lazy Parrot Grill in the Pantops Shopping Center, which boasts 19 TVs and a reputation for having one of the most fun crowds in town for football games throughout the season.

Of course, any place that has a TV is likely to have it tuned into the game, and if it isn’t, well, how could any restaurant owner deny a request to change the channel?