'Love Somebody' New Schuyler Fisk song benefits SPCA

news-schuylerfisk-lovesomebodyThe song (previewed here) is available only on iTunes.

Up-and coming singer-songwriter Schuyler Fisk (still best known as the daughter of Oscar winning Sissy Spacek) has released a new single "Love Somebody" exclusively on iTunes, and all the proceeds benefit the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA.

"We love the SPCA, and the whole family has toured the facility and been involved in the fundraisers," says mom Sissy Spacek. "We feel so fortunate to have an organization like this in our community that we wanted to do our share."

Spacek, who taught her daughter to play guitar at an early age (and even performed with her at a St. Anne's-Belfield middle school talent show), finds the song's message–- to love anyone, be it a human or animal friend–- in sync with the no-kill mission of the SPCA. The mother of the 27-year-old singer and actress has also been involved in the SPCA, starring in public service television ads promoting the foundation. Fisk, who is traveling after wrapping up an untitled Gus Van Sant film, could not be reached for comment.

"Her hope is that people would be inspired to be involved in the SPCA, be it fostering puppies or making a donation," says mom, who picks up on a line from the song: "It's very true that life is better when you love somebody."


It's pretty amazing that Jack Fisk was production designer of three of the best movies of the last decade - "Mulholland Dr.", "The New World," and "There Will Be Blood." And that's after being art director of three great movies of the '70s - "Badlands," "Carrie," and "Days of Heaven."

Everything is easier when you know somebody (it doesn't hurt to be their daughter either).

Dogs are dumb! Cats Rule!

I've been a fan of Schuyler since I heard her open for Dan Fogelberg at Wolf Trap several summers ago. She has a great voice and writes from the heart. It's nice to see her help out the local SPCA!

The song we hear on the TV spot really caught my attention. I enjoyed her voice a lot, glad she has something available for us to hear. It feels good to be able to entertain our selves and be able to do a little good at the same time. Thanks.

She should put a out a remix of the song with backing vocals by Michael Vick.