Snap: UVA students defy the snow

news-uva-students-attend-snow UVA students defied an overnight snowfall of three or four inches to attend their classes on Wednesday morning. So why can't the other Charlottesville and Albemarle students?

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While students may not be able to physically get to school, there is no reason why the schools can't plan ahead and, when it looks like the weather will be bad, send additional work home with the students. By continuously giving students days off and talking about "well, it only has to be made up if we go over this many days..." we are sending kids the message that education isn't as important as just filling a quota of days. Plus, I'm betting if they build extra days on to the end of the school year, most teachers will just fill that time with movies and games. No point in learning anything after the SOLs are over, right?

Also, if 95 percent of the roads are OK for school buses, Albemarle should be open. The kids who cannot make it can be granted an excused absence, allowed to make up work, and encouraged to submit work online if they have internet access. I get that teachers might find this inconvenient, but they already have to deal with students who are absent for illness making up work, so this shouldn't make a huge difference.

It's not like the kids in this area are Einsteins. The fast food joints will still hire them if and when they graduate. College kids on the other hand need to show initiative before being hired for the more upscale joints such as Olive Garden.

From what I understand the schools are closed because the busses are at risk with all those kids which is understandable. But every one of those kids lives with someone who has a car so what I don't understand is why their families can't take them to school.They shouldn't cancel school because of public transportation. Everyone else goes to work.

Ric Barrick, city spokesperson, is organizing volunteers in the City to clear sidewalks. Maybe the county could organize volunteers, with appropriate vehicles, to drive kids to school in inclement weather, on routes that buses can't reach.

Remember a few years ago when all the schools would get closed for the threat of snow and we'd wind up with nothing? Or, we'd get a dusting that would be gone by 10 AM?

On Monday, I assumed there were some bus routes in rural parts of the county that were still dangerous for buses after the weekend storm. However, I don't understand the continued 2 hour delays and closings many days after a storm.

Buses are pretty sturdy things, though. Mine drove me to school in the snow when I was a kid in New England (my headmaster was from upstate Maine...she never canceled school). Our buses weren't anything special. In fact, the buses of today are probably safer than the ones we rose through the snow as kids.

Is it possible that part of this is financial? Districts are saving a ton of money by keeping the schools closed so many days (not paying hourly workers, not running buses, etc.).

In a sue-happy society, where dumb a$$es can sue for and win compensation for spilling a cup of coffee in their crotch, I am not surprised that the schools are closed.

Newsflash- Sept 9, 2009

Schools cancel winter classes in Northeast. Snow is expected in 2 months, could last all winter.........many families moving to Virginia to escape the threat of school cancellations.

What percentage of Uva students live on backcountry roads (secondary roads)?

What percentage of Charlottesville and Albemarle students live within walking distance to class?

Do you really have to ask why?

Frosy that was just to funny LMAO

What a dumb question

The problem is that Virginia doesn't know how to handle the snow. 3 or 4 inches is nothing. When I was in school, it didn't stop just for a few inches of snow. People are too concerned because they aren't cautious. If they were cautious, they would be taking their time, not speeding down the road causing accidents. Your child could slip and fall on your own property. Should I say no friends can come over because they might slip in my dooryard and sue me?

Please remember we are living in the age of caution, i.e.; we certainly wouldn't want to get sued if someone slipped, or fell-- on school property, or a school bus had an accident transporting children.

The problem is where do you draw the line ?

It's called liability”Š for better or worse.

Besides, it's not up to the Charlottesville and Albemarle students. Don't you watch the news?

When I was in school it snowed so deep the horse was stuck in the same place in the field all winter long. We had to train the dog to deliver him mouthfuls of hay. Come spring when he finally thawed out, the horse kicked the dog. Asked, "why didn't you bring me a snow shovel?"

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who have children in public schools here who do not own cars. In many cases, the entire family relies on public transportation. I think the city and county seem overly cautious as well, but they have to think of the entire population and not just one particular group.

cut me a break. they don't drive to class; they walk. seriously Hawes isn't there some real news out there?

Why should people go to school? This is the perfect city where everyone sits in a pot of gold.