Suspect in homicide arrested

Richmond resident Antonio Jha-Mhal Grooms, 18, is arrested February 11 and charged with the January 22 murder of Miguel Lugio Salazar, 32, who was socializing at Mountain View Mobile Home Park when he was gunned down in Charlottesville's first homicide of 2010. Rafael Valina Ayala, 25, was wounded in the attack. Grooms is being held without bond, and is charged with five additional felony charges, according to police.

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Gasbag, if it was there's no way in hell it would be referred to so anonymously and low key as just a "homicide." For starters if it was Morgan's killer it would be the front and center story, with a screaming headline in bold letters and prominant pictures of her. Morgan is the region's current biggest crime situation, in my opinion, something a bit larger than just your average "homicide." There's reasons for that, of which I won't get into, but nevertheless that's what it is.

Gasbag, really?! Is her life more valuable than his?

I realize that he wasn't an attractive blond, and that he lived in a trailer, but his life has value.

I live a few blocks away, and am glad to see that they've got someone in custody, but I guess it's not of importance to you if it isn't on Nancy Grace. I realize that you hate the cops, but at least give credit where it's due.

thank god they got him would have killed again good work offices.

OK, who's going to be the first to say it?

I am not shy, I will! :)

I was so hoping this was in reference to Morgan Harrington when I saw the title! :(

quote: "...I realize that you hate the cops..."

False. I hate crooked lying cops. And those cops who cover and lie for them

Most intelligent people do too.

Is the percentage of crooked lying cops growing? Is the percentage that will lie and cover for them growing as well? I'm afraid so.

quote: "Is her life more valuable than his?"


Sounds like a local take on the Bloods and the Crips; another misdemeanor murder..


quote: MZ FITZ
"that he lived in a trailer, but his life has value".

For your info .. he didnt live in a trailor, he lived in a nice house with his children that he had custody of.. Now they are with out a father. He was here Legally, and went thru courts to get his children.. and was a hard worker to support his children. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time..

Wow, talk about a slam dunk!

Thank you, Observant!

Isn't it funny how people assume they know so much about somebody, when in fact thay don't know diddly squat about anything.

Actually Gasbag, my assumption was only that he lived where he was murdered. I really don't see how Observant's comment in any way negates my earlier comment regarding your insensitive comment above.

Observant, thank you for the clarification. I do wish that there was more information available on the nature of this crime.