Students make mirth at Mt. Chipotle

news-snow-thur-chipotleA story in the Progress shows how this peak near Chipotle restaurant in Barracks Road Shopping Center–- photographed and named here on Christmas Eve (when it was smaller)–- has become the center of a beverage-fueled betting pool among UVA enviro students who set up a website to monitor their favorite snowy mass.

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The homeless and clueless are obviously already there............

I was at Chipotle last night and saw a woman in the parking lot taking a pic of Mt. Chipotle with her digital cam. It's become a local legend.

First you wait in line to get a burrito for so long that you feel like all the people around you in line have become kind of like family by the time you've paid and got your food, *sniff, tear* Then, after eating their monstrously large burritos and feeling recharged, you go hit the slopes outside. What's not to love about the Mt. Chipotle experience. sigh, smile, sniff and wipe away a tear.....

Any bets --how many days left ?

sorry about the typo... should THERE be an avalanche...
Okay, so there is more than one typo... I hit submit by accident.

go back to chicago, boy.

It's all fun and games until someone falls down it, crashing into the pavement. That would be some real news for Charlottesville!

I'm concerned. I recently read a scientific article regarding seismic activity around Mt Chipotle. Yesterday I ran across what seemed to be a gray volcanic cinder cone near the mountain. With the 2018 Winter Olympic bid still up for grabs, I hope this doesn't hurt our local community's chances.

The homeless could go out there and dig Mount Shifflett out. They would have one heck of an igloo for a couple of months.

so... how did the mountain get it's name? It's actually closer to Barracks Road Shell than it is to Chipotle. All the people who typically use the BRS lot as a cut-through to the south end of the shopping center are now using the Shell lot as their turn-around spot when they realize the road has been blocked by the mountain. Many of the spots that were used for Shell's customer parking are covered by the mountain and should their be an avalanche... it's likely to take out customers' cars parked on the north (Shell) side of the mountain. Daily, people come to the Shell parking lot to park just for photos near the mountain.... I've heard there there has been 2 named ski slopes (Chipotle Run and Burger King Trail) When can the Shell Super Slope get it's publicity?

That thing will still be there come June, mark my words! :D

In fact it would be funny if it never managed to fully melt at all, and then was still there come next winter. Charlottesville's new glacier....

It should be called Mount Shifflette or Mount Shifflete or Mount Shiflette or Mount Shiflete or something. Chipolte is owned by the morons at Mickey D's,,,give them nothing.

Ummm... some of you need to seriously get a sense of humor and sense of perspective - if THIS story gets you all upset and snippy, what doesn't????? RELAX. No need to be anal about EVERYTHING.

I'm a huge Onion fan, and I think the UVa blog is very well-done!

(For the record - McDonald's did not start Chipotle. It was started by an actual guy - years later, McD became a major investor, then sold their share 5yrs after that.)

How many UVa law students and professors will be at the bottom of the pile if someone falls off and breakes a fingernail.........?


I’m a huge Onion fan, and I think the UVa blog is very well-done

Very much agreed . The wahoos have a fun blog .


Actually, Mtt, chipotle was sold by mcdonalds.

you stupid chicago boy go back to chicage and carry the snow with you.

Stupid UVA students. Go read the Onion from UW-Madison if you want to get a lesson in college humor. The Mt Chipotle blog is junior league.