Horses seized from convicted abuser's farm

Terry Lynn Sullivan, a supposed Staunton horse-rescuer and the woman who lost her appeal of a prior criminal animal cruelty conviction just three weeks ago, now stands at the center of another investigation after 28 allegedly malnourished horses (and one dead one) were taken off her farm, according to the Waynesboro newspaper and NBC29.


I assume I have horse meat in my kitchen right now. It is packaged in cans with the word ALPO on them.

Horse meat is tasty, just ask any French butcher

They should starve her for a while and then turn her out to pasture. Maybe then she would gain a new appreciation for the animals she abused! What a slime!

I agree, she should be starved for a bit and made to suffer like her horses. She obviously did not learn her lesson the first time. Hey Gasbag..maybe you should switch dog food brands, or support Sammy Snacks...our own local dog food producer. Great product, great results, and my dog has never been healthier. I say this after trying about 8 other brands.

What I would like to know, is where were the animal control officers on this one? Obviously, if you have a previously convicted animal abuser, shouldn't they be monitored---better yet--never allowed to have animals---thus this does not excuse this woman for her actions----I believe she needs to see a psychiatrist--shame on everyone in this mess!!!!

Why was she allowed to have animals after her first conviction?