Snap: Sutherland Middle in the snow

news-sutherlandmiddle-snow A giant swath of snow hangs off the roof of Sutherland Middle School February 13, two days before students returned after a nearly two-week, snow-induced hiatus. Albemarle students got zero schooling last week, and the prior week they got just four hours (on a delayed-start Thursday). Before that, they lost time for a non-snow and then for a flood. Superintendent Pam Moran reveals her thinking on the open v. close conundrum on her blog, and the voice of closure, Albemarle transportation chief Josh Davis, tells all to the Daily Progress on a rural road trip.


Hallelujah-a full day of school for Albemarle, with snow coming down, but no after school activities today, sorry parents.

Wondering what attendance will be ? I'll bet there are some very happy parents in our area, and some, lucky enough to have a holiday today--they earned it.