Another roadblock arises against Soering transfer

Continuing the fight against Governor Tim Kaine's unexplained move to let convicted killer Jens Soering return to his native Germany where critics fear his release would be imminent, the General Assembly has moved forward on a Resolution urging the U.S. Justice Department to block the transfer, according to the Lynchburg News & Daily Advance.

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@agarn Do you know how much money Virginia would save by sending Mr. Soering back to Germany, instead of housing him in a Virginia jail for life ?

Send kaine and soring for a vac in north korea.

That would make a great buddy comedy, batman

A truly brave last minute action would have been to do what Governor Bill Richardson, of New Mexico did- repeal the death penalty; an action, not to benefit someone of privilege, who has the support of the rich and powerful, but one to benefit those who are often wrongly convicted and voiceless.

Nancy, do you know how much cheaper it would be to follow agarn's advice and kill them all?

Soering should be executed not released.

"Citing Cost Sates Consider An End to the Death Penalty" this is what Gov. Kaine could have done, and now McDonnell, could do, to save Virginia money.

If you, or someone you loved, was sentenced to death and after the fact found to be innocent--how would you feel ?

Meant to say if someone you loved was executed and later found to be innocent.

A TRULY TRULY brave last minute thing to do would have been to execute all those on death row in assmebly line fashion and given the money saved incarcersting them to the Schools.