Kluge sales: First the house, now the contents

photo-moses-klugeBill Moses and Patricia Kluge want to spend more time at their Morocco pad–- but Albemarle will remain home.

Less than five months after Patricia Kluge placed her nearly 24,000 square-foot Albemarle House on the market for a record shattering $100 million, she's now planning to auction off the home's oh-so-grand contents.

On June 8 and 9, according to an auction house official, Sotheby's will hold an on-site auction at the 300-acre property in southern Albemarle County in an effort to unload an estimated $13.5 million worth of decorative objects, Georgian furniture, and paintings.

Does the sale of the Albemarle House contents mean there's a buyer for the voluminous south-of-Charlottesville home? After all, it's widely known that even small houses show better when beautifully furnished. The estate is still actively listed and Sotheby International Realty's Michael Rankin, listing agent for Albemarle House, did not immediately return a reporter's call.

Back in October, Kluge spokesperson Kristin Moses Murray said that Kluge and her husband, Bill Moses, planned to build a new house on the 2,000 acres she'll retain, which is also home to the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard. A Sotheby's release promises that new dwelling will not resemble Albemarle House but will instead reflect Kluge's "changing taste and more streamlined lifestyle."

So, maybe, 15,000 square feet?

–Correction: an earlier version of this post misspelled the first name of Kristin Moses Murray.


I honestly hope she donates some real money to real charities that help real people with real problems, after she pays all the local people she cheated.

Does the estate and winery employ anyone?

I would guess that she is tired of some of her items.

Oh Snap!!! C-ville weekly is DEFINITELY the place to go for news about wealthy divorcees with residences in Albemarle County. For the rest of us, C-ville weekly is a more and more irrelevant and insignificant publication.

The Hook is the place for anybody with a Halsey Minor obsession. "Oh Snap." Yepper, that's so early 21st Century, catch up.

She is liquidating to try to avoid bankruptcy.

Good luck witch.

Q: Does the sale of the Albemarle House contents mean there’s a buyer for the voluminous south-of-Charlottesville home?

A: No. It just means she needs/wants cash. And this is just part of the process of liquidating the "Albemarle House" assets- and doing so for the best possible price.

stalactite, maybe you should take your criticism of the hook over to c-ville.com? You could have an interesting discussion with absolutely no one, after they approve your comment, that is.

Adios, good-riddance,don't hurry back, etc...etc...

..but then, who will be the new emporer?

I agree Yepper. Cville has become consumed by it's own like piranha's feed on one of their own wounded brethren. The Hook is always a worthwhile read, and has actually improved over the same time as Cville has diminished in value.

quote: "She is liquidating to try to avoid bankruptcy."

You don't honesstly believe that, do you?

Nobody's buying the house w/out a 75+% discount on that insane price, but you've got the story wrong: she already started auctioning contents in the Fall.


Apparently you kids don't read C-VILLE, or you'd know this.