Ped hit near Barracks Kroger

A pedestrian was struck Wednesday afternoon by a green Mercedes, according to a dispatch from the Emergency Communications Center.

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Silly Harry... rich people don't walk. They all have segues.

So, "pedestrian hit by out of control seque" sounds much better..thanks!

Still the comments are great!

yes, but what color was the pedestrian?

"Rich" person driving a Mercedes? How do you come to that conclusion? Was the pedestrian "poor" becuase they were walking?

As I recall, Howard Hughes drove a piece of crap and was seen walking many times.

Why is this news? Do you post this stuff just to get Kevin Cox fired up?


I thought it was a speed bump. Damn. And here I just washed the car.

I drive a Dodge Stratus!!!

90% of the time, these dispatches are incorrect or injuries are very minor. I've probably been dispatched to 10 pedestrians hit, and only seen one bad injury.

Im confused, was the car green in color or going to Mcdonalds for a fill of veggie oil.

Did someone say something about humping?

Now I was bumping. Is there a difference?

quote: Gerry Mitchell - don't look at me, man."

If I didn't jump in here with both feet joking and laughing about cop shoppe cars repeatedly running over pedestrians....

....the rest of you shouldn't either!!! :)

the driver was distracted frmm that loud rock and roll eminating from belmont...

i think its halarious that we can all link everything that is currently happening in the city to a ped hit by a rich person driving a mercedes. oh. and great job hawes on your story. great detail.

The best posts so far.....................comedy act, perhaps a movie!

WoW .. Very informative .. Lots of valuable information. Thanks!

Not news.....that gossip.

Great in-depth reporting.

Don't look at me, man.

Police refused to give further details as the incident is a "Personnel matter."

Maybe subliminal distraction was the cause.

Any reference to Mt Chipotle- we seek DETAILS

I think the cop shoppe is to blame. They have pretty much proven it's OK to run over pedestrians with immunity from any law(s). :)

More hard hitting reporting by Hawes. Are you sure Gary O'Connell isn't to blame!?!?

With the way most people drive and the brazen cluelessness of almost every pedestrian it's practically miraculous 3% of the city doesn't get mowed down daily. No, no, I don't need to hang up I'm only crossing a busy street.

Pedestrians be warned, it's a lot more than cars you need to watch out for.


A segue is a smooth transition from one topic or section to the next.

In music, "segue" (pronounced /Ã?Ë?sÃ?â?º¡weª/) is a direction to the performer. It means continue (the next section) without a pause. It comes from the Italian "it follows". The term attacca is also used in classical music.

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Computing Dictionary-

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The accident happened on Millmont behind the shopping center.

As the daughter of an 86 year old who regularly shops at Barracks Road with a cane, I really appreciate the Hook sharing this information with the public. Thank you.