These Are Powers and JEFF The Brotherhood

Energetic experimental "ghost punk" rock with a digital edge and weird noises aplenty and fits of genuinely cacophonous abstraction, brought to you by the former bassist from Liars. Opening, fraternal Tennessee guitar-drums rocker duo JEFF The Brotherhood (a misnomer, being that neither of the bros are named Jeffrey), who tear through their loud and crazy sets with devil-may-care punk-rock minimalism.

These Are Powers - World Class Peoples
JEFF The Brotherhood - Bone Jam

Hometown support from Andrew Cedermark and Rhythm Bandit.

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Whoops! I accidentally posted the MP3 we got from Pattern Is Movement under this show and didn't upload the These Are Powers song at all. Sorry about that. Anyway, there's a free song here now for anybody who liked what they heard at the show on Saturday.