Don't flee to Florida yet, but...

news-accuweather-snow-map9:36am Saturday update: DOWNGRADED to a rain prediction with a mere chance of freezing rain Monday morning.


4:01pm Thursday update: To go with its story on the advancing storm, Accuweather has put up a scary map. (Scary to parents of education-starved children, that is.)

Original post: Meteorologists with the National Weather Service indicate that a new storm sweeping in from the West brings the chance for snow this Sunday night, as the fine print in the northern Virginia weather station's long-term discussion would indicate.

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Be careful what you wish for-- after a week in snowy NW Pa., just hit the town of Berkeley Springs W Va, and their schools, which first closed Friday Feb 5th, are still closed; the National Guard is still in town trying to plow out people, who haven't gotten out since Feb. 5th, and need help and supplies. So much snow that even the Guard can't reach some, and they are getting supplies by helicopter.

Carla, I think The Hook had the best "Storm Team" reporting of any media outlet. And as far as forgetting the gas for a chain saw.... at least Hawes Spencer was out there trying to help the community. where were you?

think the author of the above article may have identified another "snowaholic" in our midst --any guesses ?

"people in the office, will dwell in front of their computer looking for the "next storm"

More hard hitting reporting from The Hook.'s almost like the reporters are still in grade school. Snoooooooooooowwww!!! Yipppppieeeee!! Can't wait to get out of school or head out with my chain saw. Oh, wait, I forgot the gas.

I honestly would not mind seeing an 8" to 12" snow. Fast and hard. I just put new and improved hubs in a 4X4 I own and I need snow to test them out. :)

In the meantime, "Little darlin it's been a long cold, lonely winter"--but after 8 sunless days in Pa. --hurray, the sun shines in Virginia--ENJOY !

Evil. Plain evil.

Full week of school ahead, thanks for the updates. More wonderful sunshine, and the smell of Spring in the air.


Glad I'm flying out early Sunday morning to Orlando!!

Maybe just rain or a wintry mix... see update-- hawes spencer

More dazzling sunshine for Charlottesville. Morgan County West Va. schools are hoping to open, for the first time since Feb 5th, this Monday, so, this storm could certainly send them reeling, but the forecast of rain for our area is nothing to cheer about. Looking at all the snow remaining, a surprise after a week's absence, we'll be facing the same threat they are-- from the Morgan Messenger, their local paper:

"Even when all county roads are cleared and residents can move around freely, local officials aren't expecting a sense of relief. Instead they're already bracing for the possbility of floods when temperatures rise and massive mounds begin to melt in earnest. Add some early spring rain", ( which in our case may not be so early),
...a recipe for historic flooding. Someday it will warm up and if drains aren't clear, we have a different disaster"

um, we're not under the 'significant snow' ?

Rain is good: it'll melt the snow mountains, and the green sprouting daffodils at last will realize which way is up, and push out their fingers to test the air, and pretty soon it'll be July and we all complain about the insufferable heat. Of course this July the kids in Berkley Springs W Va will still be in school (thanks Buffalo Girl for an eye-popping report).

Winter got you down, step outside, signs of Spring all around. And, you don't have to go far--listen, birdsongs in your yard. Longer days, brighter light, wake bird cells to song and flight, and if you find yourself less blue-- perhaps, this is the class for you.

Dan Bieker, local bird and natural history expert, will be teaching Field Orinthology for PVCC course # 160 through June 5th. Classes meet Saturdays, 7-10:30 a.m. and you will see some of the most beautiful countryside in Albemarle County. Call 973-7772 or go online to PVCC.

Sorry, meant Field Ornithology

I hear the twittering of the tweets
mini vultures in the skreet
Spring, soon sprung
outside, feel young
cabin-fevered winter grouches......FLY!

Carla, it's time to discover the child within, never too late, you're off to a great start ---Yippppieee---Snoooooooooooooowww. Hope the next storm has a snowman, snowwoman and snowangels in your future.

At least roys place will be plowed!

It's too early to get too certain about the storm's track, and we may end up with no snow, just a bit of rain, but I just put up a map and link to an Accuweather story that may strike fear into the hearts of beleaguered parents. See above.--hawes spencer

Milk and now or else. Come on people...sprinkles of rain is it.

Don't want anymore snow, but at least we know that with late winter snow it will not be staying around all that long. Of course when it melts we will have to deal with all that mud!