Snap: Shipping out the snow

news-downtownmallsnowremoval As a new winter storm veers eastward and amid a multi-day mop-up operation of past storms, a City pickup truck hauls a load of snow west on the Downtown Mall, as photographed at 9:32am Friday, February 19.


The city needs to be clearing the intersections instead of a brick mall. There's a lot of dangerous intersections with snow piled up blocking the view of oncoming traffic.

Where is the snow going--westward to Mt. Chipotle ? Maybe it's time for a new economic development initiative for the City, a ski slope. And, the UVA enviro students could extend their betting pool, as well.

I love the response that it should go to Mt. Chipotle. In my opinion, this community lacks a sense of humor and those grad students who made a big deal of this huge pile of snow were creative and very humorous. Why not pile it all up and see how high we can go? Even radio stations are taking bets so why not make it more difficult while at the same time making it ever funnier? It would bring us world attention and would show we indeed have a sense of humor.

I'm pretty sure the snow's all going to the parking lot next to the McIntire kiddie pool. Looks like a mountain range rather than just the huge pile that Mt Chipotle is.