The family killed by drugs...

Unbelievable drug carnage in one household, according to a Daily Progress investigation.

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Yup, the drugs just danced around and jumped into both systems.


Aspirin can kill, but it has to be injested. Strychnine can kill, but it has to be injested. Food can kill, but it has to be injested.....on and on and on.

Case closed.

These seem to be legal, prescription drugs. Great job the US's war on drugs has been doing. They need to focus on Broward County, FL & the proliferation of "pain clinics" that hand out thousands of dangerous prescription drugs every day.

I am not afraid of the drugs....I am afraid of the people who use them, then go and drive a car, drive a bus, a truck, fly a plane, etc.

What am I missing here?

The solution is simple! Make it mandatory that attorney's submit to urinalysis every time they enter a court of law. Then the laws would change. If they legalize all substances except antibiotics the addicts would either find enlightenment or death. I used every drug under the sun and being against the law never effected my use of them. You can get Crack Cocaine on the street of Gordonsville so don't tell me the war is working. I wish the media would quit asking DEA reps. about whether we should legalize drugs. That's like asking Exxon should we nationalize oil! When you see death it's a strong motivator. I can tell you in 2 minutes whether a worker has just entered the country of has been here a few years simply by their output. They have seen starvation, they are all asses and elbows working through lunch and grateful and happy as anyone you've seen! After they've been her they find out about the health dept. the free services their kids get. Then guess what? They start asking about the 15 minute break they supposed to get every 4 hrs even if you haven't broken a sweat that day. Now all of a sudden they are complaining about everything I'll ask them haven't you been on break all day and they reply it's the law! The same law they didn't follow by getting here. Bring our "National Guard" home and guard the borders of our nation and put our kids to work instead of forced bureaucrats! Yippee, join the government and we'll pay for your student loans.

I say bring back the whipping post. Cane them for using drugs EVERYTIME you catch them.

Drug use in singapore is way down.

If they want to get high after repeated canings then they are too stupid to quit or hopelessly addicted, so give them a choice of surrendering their citizenship and leaving to wherever or jail for life.

I would like to see a survey of those kids that got spanked and didn't and drug use.

My son is in prison right now because of drugs. Itried to get help for him no one cared. His probation officer was no help at all. We need some kind of progam to help them instead of bugdet cuts. There has to be some way we can get the help they need and get them backback in society and help them to get jobs so they will feel like they belong and can feel good about themself.

My son is in prison right now because of drugs. Itried to get help for him no one cared. His probation officer was no help at all. We need some kind of progam to help them instead of bugdet cuts. There has to be some way we can get the help they need and get them backback in society and help them to get jobs so they will feel like they belong and can feel good about themself.

A big YES that drugs are a hard thing to stop and has been large mess in the whorld today. Jail is not the answer it is the revolving door to rehab. I have seen it first hand. They come ina mess clean up work the system get feed, bathed, medical, programs and then let out to get back on drugs again. Mental health f/u after jail is not working.. The whole country is a mess with drugs and nothng is to stop it. Drugs are also very hard to kick and get cleanned up about the stronger the drugs the harder to kick NO matter what. Even folks whom are off then have to work very hard in life to stay off. Pointing fingers at your local goverment is not the answer. It is the bigger deal Our president and the anti drug border controls, black markets, Mob, are the target of this mess. Period... This is a sad story and it happens in many communities every hour every day. Write the president and join forces for helping the next generation to NOT get on drugs. That is our kids... Pls leave this blog as is do not reply to it. Pls use your streight to write the president.

I doubt the drugs "killed" the people- I would guess that they killed themselves using drugs. Case closed..................

What is the cost of decriminalized drugs? I am not sure that re-legalizing alcohol has saved lives, if one believes the DUI fatality statistics. The same is likely true of cigarettes. We may have been better off making tobacco illegal. Won't taxing drugs lead to smuggling, etc.? I worry that the "human interest" stories of people overcoming addictions to prevail in life may actually glamorize drug use.

drug addiction is a powerful symptom of an unbalanced life which can be the result of innumerable different causes - no two individuals are exactly the same. the problem is not the availability of drugs - alcohol and tobacco and prescription drugs are huge problem - but the underlying reasons for use which destroy the will. we would be better served as a nation to abandon the strategy of criminalizing use - which is a huge expense and which hands vast power to vicious criminals - and instead use taxes similar to the ones on tobacco and alcohol to create treatment centers for those interested in regaining control of their lives. ultimately it is an individual effort but one in which most need support and help - often repeatedly. jail is not the answer - we already incarcerate more of our citizens than any other nation on earth (another huge expense which would be reduced if addicts were not sent into the penal system). those lost souls who end up in jail due to drug addiction or use often are not reformed but in fact are sped along the path toward becoming career criminals or societal misfits. it is so obvious that we are investing our resources in a program that is guaranteed to fail and is failing and which actually exacerbates and inflames the problem. when will we wake up?

I think Chris Del Bosco would tell you that, without a treatment program, addiction can be a death sentence.

"Chris Del Bosco, 27, is no longer in the grips of alcohol addiction. From his crouched position in that gate, he finally can see beyond a mountainous horizon.

Six years ago, a passerby found Del Bosco in a frozen creek bed with a broken neck, a dangerously low body temperature and no recollection of how he got there. Three years ago, he served jail time for a third DUI.

In 2005 "He entered a 90-day residential treatment program in Southern California. He got out on New Year's Eve."

Today, he could win a medal for his father's native Canada at the Winter Olympics.

So much heartbrake in one family. Louisa is part of the Region Ten Mental Health Services Area, which has undergone cuts in both staff and services. Substance abuse is one of the areas they are tasked to oversee in the Lousia area, but my guess is, the need far outweighs the resources available, and McDonnell's budget will only make this worse. We all, as a society, pay a price when these services are not available to those who need them. One has to wonder if this family ever reached out for help and if it was there for them when they needed it ?

The demand for drugs in this country has only risen since drugs became popular back in the 60's. Who does'nt want to get high? Smoke a joint take a drink do a line. In this world who would'nt want to escape for a little while? So as far as killing the demand good luck! And for the commenter who wrote that taxing drugs if they were legal would lead to illegal smuggling of drugs. Let me ask you how do you think they transport drugs now? Yea it's called smuggling. And now for the comment you have all been waiting for. Inspired by a true headline no pun intended. Drugs don't kill people and neither do guns. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE> How bout some accountability here? I love drugs and you folks are giving them a bad name.

And support our cocaine forest guards too.

The nightly TV interviews with Olympic athletes who hit bottom from drug and alcohol abuse, and the treatment programs that saved their lives, are powerful public reminders Kevin, of the wisdom of your comments.

I do not intend to offend anyone with these comments, but I wonder:

1. If it is so difficult to treat people who are addicted to drugs, does it make sense to increase the punishment for first offenders. It may get the casual first time users to stop using drugs.
2. Wouldn't the key to stopping the flow of drugs into our markets be to reduce the demand for the drugs in our country?

I have seen too many people all but eaten alive by addiction, some of whom I remember their first conviction being for possession of marijuana (no jail time, $50.00 fine, license suspension).

I do not know the appropriate drug policy for this country. I sense that our current policy simply is not working.

Well, a shame that the actual story about "A family killed by drugs" isn't available here.

I've seen illegal drugs for about 45 years, and used my share. I always used some common sense in doing so, and so here I am at 68 y.o., good health, involved with civic work. It doesn't matter nearly so much what you use, as how you use it.

If you think that "the war on drugs" is working, then you have not looked at the world around you. This year, Delegate Rob Bell and most of his fellow Republicans rejected a bill that would have saved the Commonwealth OVER SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS, all because they're afraid of marijuana.

-- Roy