Then and now...

The de facto historian of UVA student and town life, Coy Barefoot, has assembled an array of then-and-now photographs of UVA-area Charlottesville scenes for your viewing pleasure in the latest edition of the alumni magazine.


"Siff Hall", what a wonderful memory, this is where we loved to go to get a peak, and I was once roundly punished, by my father, for going there.

"Stiff Hall" was what I meant to say

Love these pictures Coy and terrific commentary. So sad that the reflecting pool behind Mem Gym is gone, what a wonderful ice rink that could have been. Now, we have a beautiful pond next to the Dell, that is pristine, -- guess today's students are better behaved.

". By the summer of 1952 the pool had become a ââ?¬Å?sunken mire,” full of carp, trash and floating beer cans, according to the Cavalier Daily"

Fascintating history and pictures, thank you Coy; this is a real service for the community. I moved to Charlottesville in 1921 and lived in Lyndhall Apartments . Named after Mr. Lyndsay and Ms Hall, who built the apartments. We never believed the story about Anastasia, because she didn't speak Russian. In those days whenever someone needed money they took in student boarders.