'Monster' snowstorm appears to miss us (mostly)

news-accuweathersnowmap4:38pm Wednesday update: Well, it looks like we'll start with some rain and then get around an inch of snow overnight, according to the latest from NWS. What the folks in New York and New England will get, however, is the "Snowicane," as some are calling it, with one to two feet of snow plus wind gusts that could hit 70mph. Yowsah! (And There's already a Wikipedia page on this one.)


Weather maps created by Accuweather show a "monster" snowstorm poised to strike the Northeast overnight tonight and Thursday, and although some of Virginia's northwesternmost mountains are expected to get some of the fluffy precipitation, the bulk of the storm appears to be missing the Charlottesville area, with the National Weather Service predicting just a 50 percent chance of snow here. Can't get 'em all!

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ruckers1 BUT WE WON ! DIDNT WE?

It's snow- as I recall, it stops when it hits the ground...............no whiners thsi time around pleae.

But will there be school --that is the question

To Ruckers1
"Eat it, yanks"
What does that even mean?
Are you asking the locals to eat snow? Shovel it? Plow it?
Heck, most of us won't even shovel it after the vdot trucks plow it back on our sidewalks after we've already shoveled it once or twice.
What is a person to do? Especially since most of us proudly consider ourselves Rebs, after all. I just don't get the question.

But pay your taxes cause the Holy Bible tells you to.

Eat it, yanks!

Nope. I get my information from "a wild guess".

Some of our worst snow storms have taken place in the first few weeks of March. We're not out of the woods yet.

Bet many parents and school administrators are breathing a sigh of relief --but wait kids--still a chance school will close tomorrow, start praying NOW !

I just bought another rear wheel drive sports car in anticipation of this storm blanketing our area (I totalled my last one in the January storm). I can't wait to hit all the major roads as soon as the next storm hits and get in the way of all the plows. Should I wreck or get stranded, I'll just have someone with 4wd pick me up, then I'll come home, sign into my hook account and complain about VDOT. I love winter!

tim brown Spoken like a true transplanted someone . If you were a local you'd be at the store buying storm supplies gas, milk and of course some local beer and wine for this event.And not posting on this blog.

everybody has already got a snow shovel now

An inch?? Aw, spudnuts.

I love weather reports. They're so controversial and full of suspense.

Looking at the Weather Channel site- where are the AM snow showers they have up?
Correct that we can get big snows in March-remember one in 1993, around the 12th. But this time of year we know the snow won't be around that long. We are in the tail end of winter here, unlike those folks in New England who have maybe 2 more months to go.
Longer days, more daylight that is what is making the difference.Melting all over the place, though likely the big piles on parking lots and the like will be around aother month. Lots of bare ground, saw crocuses and snowdrops in bloom, and daffodil shoots up in many places where snow had melted. In another month we could be mowing lawns!

Kill all the cows.

Look out !Mr & Mrs America and all ships at sea . No milk or bread by noon today. Snow shovels at a premium ,shelter open soon! Schools to close "til June"? VDOT will still suck. The Ski hill @ barracks never melt. And last but not least no one will shovel their sidewalk until the city does!

Ohh, thanks a lot!

Now I want Spudnuts for breakfast! :)

The Weather Service now says we could wake up to an inch of snow, but what the folks up north get tomorrow could leave them decidedly more snowy. See update above.--hawes spencer

Nope. March 12-15, another heavy wet snow.

I'm praying for 15".

winter is done. This cow has been milked!

I have 6 new snow shovels now.

Went to Lowes to buy another gas fireplace, picked up two as they were bringing them in and unpacking them for display. Unbeknownst to me, my wife had picked up 2 new as well. Oh well!

Then I was at Home Depot in Waynesboro 2 weeks ago, they had some new ones, much better quality, I picked up two more.

I wanna make sure my family members have all the tools they need when it's time for them to shovel snow!!! :)

Plenty of suspense, even if this storm didn't hit us - this is a storm to follow for all us weather watchers --wow, look at this map --" immobilizing" that's a term I rarely see . Not a good weekend to head to New York City and points north .


Wow Buffalo Girl, that's incredible. When I saw that AccuWeather map I actually did a little whistle outloud! This is definitely a winter for the record books, for multiple states.


are you getting your info from a farmer's almanac?

Local excitement on the way--check your flashlights, wood supply, and anything else you might need if you lose power

latest from NWS: High Wind Advisory

Tonight...Mostly cloudy and windy. Lows in the mid 20s. West winds 20 to 30 mph. Gusts up to 40 mph...increasing to 50 mph after midnight.

Friday...Mostly cloudy and windy. Highs around 40. West winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph