Opening a restaurant? The Food Network wants to help


If you’re planning to open your first restaurant this year, the Dish found out something that might interested you. A Canadian TV production company is producing a show for the Food Network called The Opener, a new reality series in which Iron Chef and star of Restaurant Makeover, chef David Adjey, helps first-timers work toward a smashing debut.

“We’re looking for first-time owners opening between April and December of this year, “ says Janice Shatford, a researcher for the new series. “Our focus is fairly upscale, fine-ish dining with a dinner focus.”

While Frantic Films is conducting a nationwide search, Shatford says they’d welcome entries from the Charlottesville area. “If you know of a place, we’d like to hear about it,” she says.

Well, first-timers? What do you have to lose? You can contact the producers at or 416-324-8537 ext. 331 or 324.


o.k. gotta keep it going, funny thing is it's not.O.k. remember Rocco Dispiritto?? Well Mr. Bel Rio/Belmont depends on the day and issue Baldi himself. So Rocco could not keep a place open in a city of 8 million, all of NBC's men and horses and like 20hrs of basically a primetime infommercial. Hmm if I remember correctly Rocco is gone.The people in the hood booted them. Rocco is working at Costco giving away tuna samples.I bet Mr. Bel Rio and the rest of the crew will be selling white noise machines out of the trunks of cars, like V said just buy a white noise machine. Hey somebody is getting beat in the street just shut your curtains the smell will eventually go away. enough from me.

Sounds like they want to find someone in Charlottesville and this would be worth thousands in advertising. How about a fabulous vegetarian restaurant --any takers ?

How about the planned Cajun place that needed the zoning variance in Belmont? Should be fascinating to try opening a restaurant in a neighborhood which already hates you before you even serve your first meal.

Great suggestion ThatGrrl... built-in drama guaranteed.