Kranish on Jefferson�s dark days

books-kranishBoston Globe correspondent Michael Kranish’s new book is politely called Flight from Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War, but it could just as easily be called “Jefferson on the Run” or “Jefferson’s biggest blunders,” as it chronicles the successful 1780 invasion of Virginia led by Benedict Arnold, the famous traitor that Jefferson had famously supported, which found an unprepared Jefferson having to stuff his belongings in a bag and flee Monticello with the British only minutes away. Appropriately enough, Kranish will be discussing his book at Monticello’s Jefferson Library during the 2010 Virginia Festival of the Book. For a little primer of what you’re likely to hear, here’s a recent piece by Kranish that appeared in the Globe.

The event starts at 4pm Thursday, March 19 in Monticello’s Jefferson Library and is free to the public.