Country brought him here, but love takes him to Philly

news-tom-morganTom Morgan's country song includes a girl named Heather.

When Tom Morgan packs up his up Chevy Cavalier February 27 and heads north with Led Zeppelin blasting, he's leaving behind his morning drive time gig with 99.7 WCYK "Your Country." He doesn't have a job waiting for him in Philadelphia, but he does have a woman, and leaving a payin' DJ job in a tough economy for love sounds a lot like the country tunes Morgan has been playing since 2006 at "Your Country."

"I'm moving for love," declares Morgan, 27.

The Roanoke native grew up with a father who "lived and breathed radio" and worked in the business for 30 years in Norfolk.

Morgan cut his country teeth in Knoxville, and that experience got him back to Virginia, where he started doing afternoons at Charlottesville's only country station.

He says "Your Wake-Up Call with Tom and Pam" is the number one or two morning show in the area.

Monticello Media general manager Dennis Mockler can't confirm that–- as the station no longer subscribes to the Arbitron ratings service–- but he says, "The country morning show does very, very well."

Mockler has a "ton of applicants" looking to slide into Morgan's chair, and Morgan, well, he still has to firm up a job in a larger market.

He doesn't seem too worried about that or the fact that his next gig may not be in country. "I came from a rock station like The Corner," says Morgan. "The best radio people can work any format."

And the best country tells a story.

"My country song hasn't ended," says Morgan. "It's still at the chorus."

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Morning Drive? There's nothing like Bill Handel (KFI 640Am- in L.A.) who's streamed on the web from 9 to noon eastern time. Nope Cville can't match up to other places.

It's radio- who cares...........

kind of like Tiger Woods- he plays golf- who cares.............

too bad. charlottesville radio has to be the worst across the board. just travel to anywhere else and youll see, the morning drive is brutal around here, from that crap out of richmond to the uppity wusses on the local stations. at least 3wv is holding onto a glimmer of morning fun and sports talk. they need the junkies in cville.

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Wow, people still listen to commercial radio!?!?

I don't know. I love Anne Williams on 91.9"s Acoustic Sunrise. the music is always good. But I especially love the "mis-pronunciations of the wine list from the "wine warehouse. Cabernette sooviggnon anyone?

Yeah they do...what's worse is that The Hook couldn't find something better to write about? So sad...

Our stations could learn a lot from WOMR 92.1 Outermost Radio -- Provincetown Ma.

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I'm glad someone else cringes at Anne Williams's bumpkin pronunciation of furrin' language. And add in the halting, awkward interview style while you're at it.

But it's a basically good show with a strong commitment to the music.

Want really good radio? It typically comes with real traffic. Listen to BBC 1 & 2 while you're stuck on the M25.

is the worst!! And the local "classic rock" station ranks as the #1 worst. Same jokes and stupid comments over and over and over again. They need to flush that morning show.

Will miss Tom Morgan very much. Best wishes to him. He is a wonderful person!!!