New top chef at Ten

food-ten-windowsAccording to the folks at Ten, executive chef Chul Kee Ko has moved on, leaving the Blue Light Grill’s swanky bunk-mate on the Downtown Mall in the hands of long-time sous-chef Pei Chang. Since music mogul Coran Capshaw opened the modern Japanese restaurant on Halloween night three years ago, Ten has made sushi lovers swoon, wallets lighter, and had two high-profile chefs at the helm. Indeed, Ten set a high standard for itself from the beginning, approaching Japanese dishes as if they were “works of art.” In 2008, the restaurant impressed The Eater’s palate.

Indeed, Chul Kee Ko’s resume, which includes a stint at the Jean Georges in the Trump Tower, was matched only by that of his predecessor, Bryan Emperor, who apprenticed under legendary Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa in New York City and placed third in the 2008 Sushi Awards.

Pei Chang, however, appears to be the restaurant’s first homegrown talent

“Pei Chang has been TEN's chef in waiting, so to speak,” says TEN manager Tanya Yerkovich. “He’s been the sous chef under both Brian Emperor and Chul Kee Ko. Pei has taken the best of their tutelage, as well as his own personal style into the new position.”

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Cool, a Japanese restaurant helmed by a Korean sushi chef who turns the reins over to a Chinese. Authentic Japanese all right.

The Sushi Chef is Japanese and the food is exquisite.

Hooray! We love Pei! We saw him at TEN last week and didn't realize he had become the head chef.

Aside from Keswick, where else has he worked in town? We don't know his resume...not that it matters too, too much when in sushi heaven.