Extremely high winds expected tonight

news-windadvisory10am Friday update: Only 49 Albemarle customers of Dominion Virginia Power are out-of-power this morning, according to an online outage map, so it looks like last night's wind storm didn't pack as much punch as feared.

Forget the snow; the National Weather Service is now warning that areas around Charlottesville could see wind gusts up to 50mph tonight and 55mph Friday–- and up to 60mph a bit to our south. If the Service is right, citizens might want to batten down for a new round of power outages.

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Are the schools closed yet? Will the 50mph gusts be as devastating as our inch of snow last night (speaking of which...I'm still waiting for it).

I hear that waves of radiation will be shooting across the landscape tomorrow. School should be canceled for that as well. Sun is evil.

The schools didn't close, and fewer than 50 of us lost Dominion Virginia Power.....--hawes spencer

Wow what a colorful map --and look at the nearby blizzard warning. Great skiing in West Va. for all you snowshoe bunnies.

Oh no! The Dominion Power employees probably aren't rested up from the last storm! I wouldn't want to be in their shoes tonight or tomorrow! :(

I thought there was a freight train going past our house--but no, it was the roar of the wind. This may be quite a night, I wonder how high that gust was ?

"Winds continue to pick up to the northeast and the southwest of the storm center. Gusts have approached 50 mph in parts of Virginia and Maryland and 45 mph along the eastern New England coast.

At the height of the storm, strong winds will blow the rain and snow horizontally in some locations, while sending loose debris flying in the clear air south of the storm."--guess that's us --hang on to your hat !

reported at 7:30pm


There's more at work here than just Mother Nature. Just when you think you're out of the woods, a drunk driver will come along and take out a telephone pole and all attached wiring. :)

I know some are sad that we missed this but take a look --wonder if you would reconsider.

"Snowdrifts in some areas top 6 feet.....
The combination of heavy snow and high winds have downed trees and power lines in this region. Almost a quarter million customers were without power Friday morning from these conditions."