VFH could lose all state funding

The budget crunch could mean that the Charlottesville-based Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, a major catalyst for preserving cultural heritage and the instigator of such programs as the Virginia Festival of the Book could lose all of its state funding (40% of its total budget), according to a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


They had better get used to it. I supppose the fine things they do need to rely on the fine things they do for funding.

If the democrats want this type of thing funded then they need to choose where they want to give up something. The Republicans are not taking the money from here and buying tanks they are trying to fill shortfalls in essential services.

The shortfalls are there and will be there until people are back to work. Suck it up.

Good, everything they do is for those who never mentally got out of the fifth grade. Construction paper and glue is cheap and they will be just as happy making Gonzo the Clown at home and chortling with glee when they shower him with glitter.

Easy cut during hard economic times. Also burn all Kurt Vonnegut books to warm the homeless during this long cold winter.

Anybody recall me saying about a week to 1o days ago that a certain county cop should have been fired years ago? Well, now you see what happens when you keep somebody like this on the department... and even go so far as to promote them where they will be supervising other cops. The current developing scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, folks! The problems start right at the top.

Yeah tourism, The Festival of the Book, bringing even more cloistered catladies and social rejects into the city who buy $5 of fries at McDonalds and $8 in used books before retreating back into their dens. Real tourism there.

Yeah the organization enriches the life of anyone with more stupid ideas than brains, glad you're qualifying yourself.

How many job losses will this entail ?

These programs are a tremendous boost for our local economy. If the governor is promoting tourism, what's better than the Festival of the Book. I thought he was spending money on tourist initiatives, then why would he support cutting this ?

Just look at all the programs that attract people to our area.


So doesn't taking jobs from people create more shortfalls? People without jobs can't pay taxes.

Nancy, jobs do pay the taxes but where the money comes from in the first place is my point. If your salary comes from the private sector then the money you earn comes to youfrom many different ways for whatever service you provide. Then the tax you pay is NEW money going to the gov. If your salary is paid by tax dollars then basically the gov has to collect more tax (NO POSITVE GROWTH) to pay you. The money old (recycled) NOT ALL JOBS CREATED ARE ââ?¬Å?GOOD” JOBS Public sector jobs just mean that they will have to raise taxes (hurts all in hard times) to pay for them private sector jobs pump new money into the tax base. Again think about it”Šin a dollar and cents way not a feel good way Cut taxes then everbody spends more for meals, sales, etc. = positve growth

Thanks Paul, I get your point.Private sector jobs do pump more money into the economy in a direct sense, but this organization creates private sector jobs through tourism, and funnels money to private businesses in the community, and lastly, call me a liberal if you'd like, but money isn't the only basis for deciding what has value in my world view, and this organization enriches my life and the life of many in our community.

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re:"Anybody recall me saying about a week to 1o days ago that a certain county cop should have been fired years ago?"

all due respect, gasbag, you say stuff like this all the time. You ever read the story of the boy who cried wolf?

Quality of life counts for something in a civilized society and VFH, through its many programs, enriches us - perhaps only "liberals' can appreciate that. An ideal place to slash spending would be to reduce spending on two wars, thereby freeing up additional funds for states, or we could pass health care reform, which would free up some of the obscene amount I spend for health insurance and I could increase my donation to VFH, we could tax pot, or we could elect politicians who actually want to govern, rather than perpetuate their own jobs.

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"not the sheriff’s dept, hey hawes, the acpd. Big difference."
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I feel like Chuck is partially right. The VFH, though full of lovely people, is an overwhelming liberal organization. Would seem like an obvious place to slash given the budget crisis. Unfortunate.

Paul, who do you think pays sales tax, meals tax, property tax, and all other taxes --people who have a salary i.e, --jobs.

The taxes that are paid by people who are paid with TAX DOLLARS in the first place don't add much to a shortfall. Infact if you fire them then you save 45,000? 60,000? 100,000? in tax money you DON'T have to pay them in the first place. The only jobs that add anything are PRIVATE sector jobs. Think about it......

A more up-to-date list of what VFH does can be found here: http://www.virginiafoundation.org/whatwedo/

Needless to say, it is a rich variety.

Charlottesville's full of Democrats. The House of Delegates is full of (mostly) Republicans. This was an easy choice for them.

it is not too late. they planning to cut $290 .000 this year and eliminate all the funds for the next budget. call your representative ,delegate and senators and make them aware of the situation. inaction and silence will help speed the demise of the vfh. just a simple " support the vfh is enough. go their website and help. i wrote to David Toscano,Rob Bell and Creigh Deeds.