Snap: Practice on the lot, boy

news-lacrosseleagueDue to snowy and soggy fields, the Boys Middle School Lacrosse League is getting off to a late and asphalty start this season. Here, some of the players from Henley Middle School run drills on the drivers' ed course at Western Albemarle High School on Sunday, February 28.


Vince would be proud "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. "

Vince Lombardi

Maybe those in power don't care about well regarded public schools anymore, but would just as soon see home schooling, and charter schools replace them .

It's a relatively wealthy county indeed, Nancy (118th out of 134 Virginia localities in terms of revenue capacity, with 134 being the highest), and yet a relatively stingy one (96th out of 134 in terms of revenue effort, with 134 being the LOWEST). People here seem to feel entitled to nice things (like high property values and well-regarded schools) but do not want to pay for them.

UVA-are you kidding! The county does not even have any fields. The sports programs in Albemarle County(SOCA, BMSL, AGLL-girls lax, Blue Ridge lax), have no public fields except Darden Towe-that are filled to capactity. There also is no public pool in the county. These teams depend on private fields or grass lots. As for a pool, they use facilities like ACAC from 9pm to 11pm at night. Parents have been supporting these, elementary, middle and high school teams by doing what they can with such limited space that there are sometimes 3 teams battling for a square of space on one field. Many parents have taken teams to fields where they bush-hog or mow themselves prior to practice. Good luck thinking UVA will help out

UVa should help them out, plus the 4 local high schools with boys and girls JV and varsity soccer and lacrosse. Hey Uva, cough up those extra 32 fields!!

Actually, last year most of the soccer and lax teams had to finish their season playing Uva to use the turf field. I think they only charged $75/hour to the schools.

This practice location may last awhile. More snow in the accuweather forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday this week, and lows every night in the 20's --looks like the snow wouldn't be going anywhere soon, and there may be more before long.

Why wont UVA let them use one of the fields that they have ? Sounds like a plan ! Buffalogirl the weathers never right unless Tom Jolles tells you its right .

I'm amazed that such a wealthy county has such a paucity of recreation facilities for their kids. We know that future health care costs of obesity in children are, and will be enormous. I would think getting kids involved in this and other sports programs would be a top money saving initiative for all or us.