Tuesday's snow won't be much

The snowfall predicted for Tuesday night shows little chance of accumulating more than an inch or so, as none of the winter weather maps produced by the National Weather Service show any chance of four inches, even on the mountains, in this vicinity.

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Looks like weather report from Sunday right on the money, and according to the Capital Weather Gang we can expect more of these accurate forecasts in the future:

"Given the tremendous advances in observational, data analysis and weather modeling systems run routinely on supercomputers, especially the development of ensemble prediction methods, there are now relatively few complete surprises in forecasting "big ones" affecting the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastal regions a day or so in advance. "Complete" here means near certitude with a yes or no call."


It is going to be the worst blizzard in 20 years. Buy milk and bread now. Buy guns. Panic. Has school been canceled yet?

Mounds of snow still abound, but this may be the week they begin to diminish, particularly toward the end of next week. Such fun to have a real snowy winter for a change, and if Jerry Stenger is right, he hinted on the Virginia Insight show " Exceptional Weather," that the weather pattern, that is still in place, may yet bring us one or more snowy storms before spring has sprung --hope he's right


and if the clouds part- tonight is the full moon

They predict 2 storms and get cocky.

We need some emoticons on this here internets board.