Greg Howard

C-ville's own Greg Howard is one of the all-time greats of the Chapman Stick, an unusual 10- or 12- stringed instrument played entirely using Van Halen-style fretboard tapping, and as usual, he'll play both originals and standards here in jazzy head-improv-head style. Speaking of jazzy, this sophisticated "And Friends" configuration hasn't been seen in quite a while – African percussionist Darrell Rose on talking drum and djembe and The Sound LLC's James McLaughlin on the kit, with trumpet brainiac and Miller's jazz night staple John D'earth shooting melodies out above it all.

Starting things off, Fredricksburg Chapman Stick player, audio software programmer, and prog-rock fanatic Rob Martino, current titleholder by a hefty margin of most popular Stick video on the internet, with a set which will undoubtedly contain tunes from his upcoming debut album and at least a handful of instrumental Tull covers.

Rob Martino - One Cloud