Why buy swill? Good wines for around $10

blog-wineCo-president of the Wine Society at the UVA Law School, Mark Littmann has grown tired of watching budget-conscious locals buy mediocre wines when he says there are some exceptional wines around town at exceptional prices. In the Virginia Law Weekly, Littmann recently offered his choice of wines available at local grocery stores and wine shops for around $10.

“I had selected the wines before I even had the piece in mind–- the bottles were by chance among the ones I drank over the prior few months–- so it was a rather casual approach,” says Littmann. “No blind tasting. I keep notes on the wines I taste normally, so I was able to use that material for the article.”

With a desire to help himself and fellow students me understand and enjoy wine, "which can be inaccessible,” Littmann says he started the Society two years ago. Since then, he says he has tried 65 different grape varietals and lectured and written on the subject.

Here are his selections:

2006 Step Rd Black Wing Shiraz, available at Whole Foods. Littmann says he was “blown away” by the ’05 vintage of this “fruit-forward and delicious” and delicious Australian wine.

2008 Kanu Chenin Blanc, available at the Market Street Wine Shop. Littmann says this South African white was the Wine Society’s most memorable and least costly. Littmann calls it “crisp, floral, and peachy” and says its goes well with “seafood or spicier Asian cuisines.”

2006 Pratello Garda Poderi Ogaria, available at Kroger. This Northern Italian wine is an “interesting and approachable red” excellent for sharing a drink among friends, even without any food.

2008 Domaine Eugšne Carrel Vin de Savoie Jongieux, available at the Market Street Wine Shop. A young French wine that “lacks complexity,” but is “very nicely balanced and quaffable.” Littmann says it has a ”pear or general fruit undercurrent that is not overwhelming.”

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