CTS becomes CAT

cat-ridingThe Charlottesville Transit Service, long referred to as CTS, has changed its name to Charlottesville Area Transit, reports Sean Tubbs for the Daily Progress/Charlottesville Tomorrow. However, the acronym for the new name could present some challenges (and opportunities) for local media. For instance, a recent NBC29 story would have been “CAT rider numbers Not Slowed By Storms,” and an old Hook headline would have been “CAT usage up 11.5 percent." Plus, how are we going to be able to avoid saying, “CAT officials are purring over their new multi-million dollar facility”? Oh, and believe it or not, the new CAT logo has an image of a black cat on it. Technically, CAT officials say it's a mountain lion, an image that will also be placed on the side of the buses. Hmmm...mountain lions in Virginia? Maybe CAT officials know something the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries doesn't.

“It’s thoroughly depressing to me,” City Councilor Satyendra Huja is reported by Tubbs to have remarked. Huja, along with Councilor Holly Edwards, voted against the name change, pointing out that no decision yet has been made on creating a regional transit authority, a decision that could eventually make any current branding effort obsolete.


how is it that the cts has changed its name to cat and its the first i have head of it and now ever one will think there is a cat riding on the bus. yuks well what ever the name is it will be good.

hope the fair will not go up and have more buses running now that we have a new name

ok so i gotta question, since the logo will be black, and or the buses, and for all you superstition people out there, if a black CAT crosses in front of you, do you get bad luck?

I just noticed the image of the cat riding a bus. That is one of the cutest things I have seen for a while! Images like this is what makes The Hook so interesting to read! :)

The logo should be a TURTLE not a cat! Cats move fast unlike the pathological pokiness of CTS.
What a waste of $90,000!

What is a CAT?

1.CATs do what they want.
2.They rarely listen to you.
3.They're totally unpredictable.

Perfect name for a transit system run by a government that could not make it in the real business world, but have perfected the artful waste of tax payer's dollars.

This name change idea should be neutered! It's enough to make a taxpayer want to hock-up a hairball.

Vote'um out next chance you get!

Amazing how much damn moolah CTS wastes. How much will this cost?

Sigh...CTS or Cats is it then?
When you Google "Boondoggle" it brings up Charlottesville City Government. "Jawst Kiddink" folks.

Seriously though, has anyone seen better examples of waste of public funds? I am a constant pedestrian, hence observer of street theatre, and am amazed at the endless parade of empty buses, or buses with one rider. The exception being the "Illegal Alien Rapid Transit Authority" line blocking commuter traffic in the right lane of 29N. Does the aspirational title of "World Class City" require the constant circulation of giant empty diesel buses on city streets when a simple jitney system of light vans would be more than enough?

Don't get me wrong though...I am supportive of public transit and think there will be more in the future as individual cars become less economic, but I also believe in doing it efficiently. Another organization specializing in the operation of empty vehicles is JAUNT, an organization who's name's origins are a deep secret known to few. CTS should sell off its giant diesel buses to whoever got those electric wondercoaches and consolidate personnel and vehicles with JAUNT so that the joint organization might run vans with enough people on them to justify the costs of the fuel and driver's salaries.

How about a logo of a bearded ninny lighting a hundred dollar bill on fire, pretty much sums up our BOS.

NBC29 is reporting, on Facebook, that "Charlottesville Transit Service (CTS) plans to to spend $90,000 rebranding its buses with new decals and paint as the "Charlottesville Area Transit" (CAT). They're hoping for a federal grant to cover 80% of that cost. The remaining $18,000 is included in CTS's 2011 operating budget. There's no word yet , from the city, on other costs associated with the rebranding including road signs and consultant fees."

Thanks TV guy I feel so MUCH better to hear that $72,000 is coming from a federal grant...guess that is free money right NO THAT IS STILL TAX MONEY, TAX MONEY WASTED. As far as the $18,000 goes if the CTS/CAT? budget is not balanced then it "beeing in there" doesn't matter...why not make it $30,000 and paint the roads the route colors...what a JOKE

What a waste of money. New name, let's paint that new logo everywhere, change the business cards and stationary too. All while my neighbors lose their jobs and can't feed their children.

Szakos is a waste of a Council seat.

Must not have any neighbors in the card business then. My printer neighbors are ecstatic about being able to feed their children finally.

City Council changing its name to Downtown Organizing Group.

And how much is this going to cost???? Amazing..

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Hey, the new transit facility is now the CAT House

Hey confused there is a right way to do things and a WRONG way to do things. Remember the mall bricks...nobody makes that size had to buy them from friends plant far away? Got caught and then by magic the correct bricks were being made in down by Roanoke. Its a system that can't even pay its own way, so why not just spend a little more. If you can't figure that out the you are confused. Sorry to hear that. You can ride that bus to the doctor, lots of places to sit.

Well, you guys voted for the three were for this - Dave Norris, Dave Brown, Kristin Szakos. Something to think about come re-election time.

*three who were for this

They spend 16000 DOLLARS a DAY on the transit system.

16 THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY let that sink in...

Thats about a THOUSAND DOLLARS an hour!

But I am sure there is no waste in that system....

Who on city council has a friend in the sign and lettering business?? think its worth a look? Costs lots of $$ to re-logo buses and trucks. Glad to see how they act with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY when times are tight. Spend spend spend