UVA Arts Grounds named for Casteens

The couple at a Downtown art opening for Lincoln Perry in 2005.

UVA has dubbed its ambitious $200 million Art Grounds development project the Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds, which includes the construction and renovation of eight buildings along Culbreth Road, in “gratitude” to the exiting UVA president and his wife.

In a fundraising pitch to alumni, Campaign for the University of Virginia chair Gordon Rainey, Jr. lays it on pretty thick:

“As we reflect with gratitude on John’s remarkable tenure, we recognize that our modern University is in many ways the product of his singular intellect, his powerful imagination, and his visionary leadership. A proud alumnus who has lived the University’s values, John is a tireless advocate for the University that has become a global symbol of excellence in higher education."


which girl was killed on campus?

Is she his third wife? He was previously married to Lotta, and I think that he was married before that. The amusing thing is that between wives 2 and 3 he dated someone who appeared to be young enough to be a college student.

Go Cancer!

He deserves it!

I don't understand... he ignored arts the whole time he was here. Now that he's FINALLY leaving they name arts after him?

I hope Mr. Casteen continues to live UVA's values now that he is werkin at the cancer factory.

$200 mil Boy that would pay a lot of teachers salaries now wouldn't it? Most places don't name things after "live" people Must be a UVA thing Sandridge road Casteen Grounds! .Why not honor the girl who was killed on Grounds by naming it after her? John, Betty go out and smokem if you gotem .

Crozetite, which girl was killed "on Grounds"? or maybe you don't know what "on Grounds" means?

Funny - I expected Virginia Tech to name something after Casteen before UVA got around to it. He was, after all, one of their greatest champions. Got them into the ACC. Made sure there was a halftime tribute to them at a UVA home game. Etc.

which wife is that? #2 or 3?

Casteen said this about the cigarette board he's joined:

ââ?¬Å?This is a company committed to change and innovation,” he said. ââ?¬Å?It is also a company with deep roots in Virginia. I am honored to join the Altria board and to have the opportunity to become part of the company’s future.”

reported in the Cavalier Daily

Arts Ground developement. Philip Morris is a major research partner with UVA - a valuable connection ?

Perhaps the "sahara of bozarts" is in for some long overdue climate change!! The last decade or more has been mainly about building sports venues and parking garages. The Arts have been patiently waiting...

quote: "The amusing thing is that between wives 2 and 3 he dated someone who appeared to be young enough to be a college student."

And exactly how is this a problem? :)