Body found: And signs point to missing Wahoo executive

news-missingschantzA prominent Houston energy company leader and graduate of the University of Virginia has gone missing in New Orleans. Fifty-four-year-old Douglas Schantz disappeared mere hours after presenting a donation to Tulane University and going out with fellow company executives on Bourbon Street, according to the Houston Chronicle.

New Orleans media subsequently reported that Schantz was last seen leaving Razoo Bar & Patio around 2am and walking alone along Toulouse Street in the general direction of the Mississippi River. Thirty investigators have reportedly been assigned to the case.

At a Tuesday morning press conference, the New Orleans police chief reportedly revealed that subsequent security footage showed Schantz walking precariously along a two- to three-foot wide gangplank near a docked riverboat. And a reporter for the Times-Picayune reveals that a body found under a dock near the S.S. Natchez may be that of Schantz.

–last updated 1:14pm on Tuesday, March 9
–original headline: "Missing on Bourbon Street: UVA grad and energy co. boss"

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As someone who has spent a LOT of time in New Orleans over the past twenty plus years, I have to disagree with these broad statements that New Orleans is not safe. I have felt welcome in most areas of the town at any time of the day or night.

I generally don't spend a lot of time on Bourbon Street, but that is an area known for drunkenness and silliness by tourists. These activities generally mean folks are dropping their guard and are more susceptible to danger. It's not so much a function of being in a "safe area" as it just keeping your wits about you.

The one and only time I visited New Orleans, a friend and I were walking down Bourbon St toward the end (not sure which end) and a group of cops, at least half a dozen. As we approached, they told us, "Whoa, you better turn around. We won't be around to help you if you keep going this way." This was pre-Katrina and it was if Bourbon St dropped off a dark cliff past where they stood. Needless to say, we moseyed back the other way.

New Orleans is not a place to get "lost". Its all well and good when your in the "French Quarter" but if you stray past a certain spot, you could be in fear for your life. Alot of people get killed this time of year in New Orleans, because they take a wrong turn down an alley or they take a few steps too many outside of the "safe" areas. It sad and I hope they find him, one way or another.

All tourist areas in any town known for night life can be very dangerous when you're walking alone or are under the influence. Anyone who thinks criminals don't target tourists is naive. Period.

The latest information from The Times Picayune is that he fell into the Mississippi. Updated video footage shows him walking on the wall near the Natchez steamboat and then suddenly disappearing.


Wow, check out the comments on the Times Picayune website. They have a lot more references to "hon" and "Jesus" than the Hook's comments ever do.

I've updated the piece with new details and a map.--hawes

Correction, he fell off the riverboat gangplank, not the wall!