'Brixx' to replace Boston Market

dish-brixxVirginia’s first Brixx Wood Fired Pizza restaurant, a small Charlotte, North Carolina-based franchise, will be taking over the Boston Market space in the Barracks Road Shopping Center. Brixx (not to be confused with Brix Terrace Caf©) president Neil Newcomb says construction should begin at the end of the month and he hopes to be open “before August.”

While they serve sandwiches, pastas, and salads, Newcomb says Brixx mostly sells one-size pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.

“We use high-end ingredients,” he says, “but nothing on our menu is over $10.”

Another thing that distinguishes Brixx? Twenty-four craft-brewed beers on tap and 14 wines by the glass, many of them local. In fact, Starr Hill Brewery's offerings are already on the line-up in their 18 other restaurants.

This new arrival to Charlottesville is unrelated to Brix Terrace Caf©, a California-cuisine bistro with a long history in town that's now located at Pantops Shopping Center.


GBSO-I know a lot of cops eat at the Arby's because of discounts. Am I wrong, wasn't this the restaurant where they were finally able to get a DNA sample for the serial rapist after he was spotted at Harris Teeter working at the meat counter by one of his victims? If I remember correctly, whether Arby's or not, his eating habits were known and cops staked out the restaurant and were able to retrieve a cup he had used after he discarded it in the trash.

Lets see. We have a Brix. Then we replaced bricks with bricks downtown. Now we are getting a Brixx. Next they will probable replace Ultimate Bliss with BriXXX where you can buy movies with women built like a brickhouse! What would Stonewall Jackson say?

Can't believe nobody noticed the Carving Board sold. Or maybe I missed it. Either way, it seems like all the tricks got taught to the new owner, because it's still outstanding.

I enjoy cafeteria food, like K&W, but I am probably the only one.............I miss La Hacienda and El Cabrito's, I haven't been able to find Mexican food like that anywhere. The owners retired, and didn't want anyone else to run the business, too bad.

While I agree it really sucks for Rise, as a Charlottesville native who spent 6 years in Charlotte,NC I confess I am very excited for Brixx. Their food is great, their prices are low, the local servers and bartenders who work there will make great money. They have expanded a lot over the past few years but it's a result of an excellent product that is different then any pizza we have in Charlottesville (they really do use a brick oven FYI). Every time I took a friend out to eat there, they left saying they wished we had one in Charlottesville. And who knows perhaps they will source their products locally when possible, stranger things have happened.

Oh yeah, the Caravan. Home of the Humpburger. Come in on a Wednesday when it's raining, and the Humpburger is free ! I was a kid, but wasn't it located where the Hydraulic Rd/Emmet St. Kroger is now??

No. The Caravan was in the building just north and next to the Golden Corral. It was a car dealership (R M Davis) at one time. Then Brown Auto had it for a while. And now it is some type of tractor supply.

The Ridge Drive In theatre was where Kroget is now. And above it facing Emmett Street was a Texaco station. Back during the oil embargo and shortages in 1973 the owner (T I Gilbert) gave me a key to the Texaco station and let me get as much gas as I wanted anytime I wanted.

boooo, your problem is that you're comparing in-n-out & boston market to homemade food, which no one else is doing. duh it's not as good. but compare it to other fast food, & it's divine.

imo, in-n-out >>>>>> 5 guys because they have milkshakes. which 5 guys is seriously missing.

i'm sure the landlord was real worried about rise pizzaworks when they made this deal. the owner of barracks road, federal realty, has no regard for their local tenants who put their life on the line to open up businesses in their center only to watch the landlord bring in direct competitors.

They out their life on the line? Like they might die? WTF?

Wow! Another Kenny Burger fan. I thought I was the only one left alive! I'd give $50 right now for two of their cheeseburgers with the special sauce, an order of their fries and a chocolate milk shake! :)

Si no mas brunch at Mono Loco. It will return again this summer I believe, but has been off the schedule for sometime. Dinner only at ML these days.

I think in and out are all family owned, not available for franchising. I've been and enjoyed it, better than mcdonalds, not as good as the riverside, martin's grill or five guys. I don't really consider superstars the same as Barracks Road, it was across the street and is now a payday or car loan establishment.

I understand Papa Murphy's might come to town, mid west chain of take and bake pizza joints (ala superstars)I had never heard of them before the other day. Anybody ever got a pie from there?

I'd also like to see a Romano's Macaroni Grill and a Rudy's BBQ, but that's asking too much from this two bit town.

Litte Nicky would like a Popeye's.

We need a Whataburger and then a Popeye's.

I love Rise Pizza - so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The great thing about this is all of you have a choice. A choice to b#$(#, piss and moan about it and a choice to ultimately not go to the location. However, most of these are pre-judgments without knowledge. The Brixx locations themselves (which I have visited in NC) have good food, but better beer choices. Typically 20-30 beer selections. I'm all for good beer, and if I can get a good salad or marginable pizza, then bring it on.

I would like Boston Market to stay and Brixx to go!

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A little bit of free advice for Mr Newcomb.... adopt a policy of giving cops free or half price food. They will appreciate it and you will get free security so to speak. :)

(Yes folks, I am being serious! There's nothing wrong with this policy even though I have joked about it in the past in other threads!) :)

it is up to the renter to protect himself from competition.

The landlord justs wants what is best for him.

If you have an older wood-burning appliance, consider upgrading to one of the newer appliances

Jason Webb

don't forget red bricks and columns as the official cville architectural design scheme

yeah, she totally solved the case, did her own dna tests and everything.

Lannie, no. One of his rape victims spotted him eating at the Burger King in Barracks Road Shopping Center. She called the police and they retreived the soda cup he was drinking from to do the DNA tests.

If this rape victim had not spotted him in Burger King, he would still be out there brutally raping owmen just like he had done for over a decade already.

The victim solved this serial rape case. It had stumped the police for over a decade.

quote: "yeah, she totally solved the case, did her own dna tests and everything."

No. The Commonwealth of Virginia did the DNA testing. The average female rape victim doesn't have the equipment and knowledge required to perform DNA testing.

Too bad we can't find somebody to resurrect the old Kenny Burger chain restaurants. They had the best crinkle cut fries and burgers in Charlottesville for a very long time. And the special sauce on the burgers was out of this world! My brother and his girlfriend(s) used to hang around the place with all the other guys & girls showing off their new muscle cars there every weekend. And of course - the good, the bad, and the ugly - a lot of street racing was born upon the city streets from this place... it might have had something to do with the place finally closing up. But I sure do miss their food. Waynesboro had one most recently, but that has closed up too now. I guess the secret of the special sauce is hidden away somewhere though.

(For those who don't recall or never knew about this Kenny Burger place, it was located where the current Kentucky Fried Chicken is on Emmett Street)

"Wood Fired Pizza?" LOL

Hmmmm....this gives the impression that they will be stoking a wood stove in the heart of Barracks Road Shopping Center. It's probably gas fired and the tag-line-moniker about wood fired is just more gas of a different sort.

Rob, I do. Was right there beside Seven Eleven on Greenbrier Drive! Barnaby's was good food. The sandwiches and burgers were served up in a basket full of fries and pickles. And they had the square ice cubes about the size of a dime, made the beverages good and cold.

Oh my good another "Chain" in Stepford err C-Ville . The world will end in august .Stock up on high price local stuff!!!

And with all the cops hanging around you wont have to order beer very often! No DUI for you!!

Do I meet my friends at Brix (Pantops) or do I meet them at Brixx (Barracks Road)

I am soooo confused.

Why does Charlottesville need another pizza place??

yeah, pretty sure there was a brixx over in rio hill once that served wood fired pizza and had a good salad bar....could be wrong but sounds familiar

Ah, never mind...confused with the Brick Oven...so many bricks, so many pizzas

At least they have Starr Hill.


This is a post about a new restaurant, not a rape case...try to stay on topic, please. Thank you.

Dave McNair

It's not so much about it being another restaurant...it's that it's another chain restaurant. Love all the "BUY LOCAL" crapola that is served up in this town, all the while the town lets in more chains to counteract our ability to do so (understanding that it's not really the local consensus to bring in another chain).

Hey Hook, will you do a story about businesses that were denied bringing real jobs to Charlottesville? Where is anyone supposed to work in this town...if they want a "real" job and don't want to manage a retail store? I imagine we're gonna have to move this year because of it. Please FINALLY address the problem with a real solution...don't just tell us about it (we're well aware of it).

you all need to stop all your whining and crying....everyone knows boston market was crap. the food wasn't good and it cost an arm and a leg. what the heck is wrong with pizza and multiple beers to choose from??? people need to give up on all the crying about chains, you all aren't rich, this is charlottesville...there's plenty of tradition here so stop trying to make this the class of the east coast, it's bad enough people wear ties to college football games...would you like another mudhouse?? the businesses that are making it are only doing so because they've been proven for years...if you want some legit central VA food go to ol' va fried chicken or if that's not good enough take a trip to the bavarian chef use your mouth for good


This is a post about a new restaurant, not a rape case”Štry to stay on topic, please. Thank you."

Wouldn't expect anything less on the Hook website than people sidetracking onto any non-relevent topic they can think of *just* to have something to fight about. (roll eyes.) Any excuse for a "I'm going to be right and have the last word" pointless round and round.

Altogether now, sing it:

"Too much time on my hands...." - Styx

Beer and pizza. Sounds tasty. As soon as the free trolley does the sensible thing and extends its run to Barracks I'll be there with my money.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall
The face you've shown me scares me so
I thought that I could call your bluff
But now the lines are clear enough
Life's not pretty even though
I've tried so hard to make it so
Mornings are such cold distress
How did I ever get into this mess?"
-- Styx

Outskirts Guy, if they are going to sell pizza they will probably have delivery.

They need to deliver beer by the case!Keep it cold and keep it coming!Wooooo!!!!!

I'm with Gasbag. Bring on the Kenny Burger. To many pizzas and to many bricks, brix, oh whatever.

Bring back the Kenny Burger .. The Carivan would be nice, too!

Kenny Burger was swell! I can remember my Grandmother loved the place. She was from old school where everything was cooked from scratch and was amazed that you could go buy a GOOD burger that cheap and fast. But I agree with Rob, The Caravan was fantastic!

Heck .. A Lupos cheesesteak hoagie would do, too!

Nobody has ever matched the steak and cheese hoagies of Lupo's. Absolutely nobody!

Caravan, excellent! Remember the Humpty Dumpty, across from the Ridge Drive In? And the one downtown beside Lucky Seven? Good food.

People allowed the McDonalds and Burger Kings to put all these places out of business I guess.

I don't understand why business owners don't realize a nice Drive-In Theatre or Kenny Burger could survive now if they came back to life. I would guarantee either of them could make a go of it.

This Boston Market lasted longer than most, proving again that Barracks Road is Grade A retail property, hell it's number one on the city tax map. Center of town. I thought the food there was decent, but haven't gone in years. Maybe Brixx serves good pizza, I will try it, and most on here will too. I feel bad for the folks at Rise, but would expect they knew Brixx was coming when they signed their lease. Hey Dave, if you're reading all these, how can brunch and burger places be listed this week, but The Nook is not applicable to either? Mono Loco is listed under brunch, erroneously. Blue Light Grill Chef Lee Gregory started at Noon today, formerly the Executive Chef at Six Burner in Richmond and most recently holding the same title at Mockingbird in Staunton.

The Ridge Drive In, Near beer and Sandy, O what a night!

Who remembers Barnaby's Pizza .. now that was some good eats there! Tom Butte knew how to fix 'em for sure! YUM!

I don't think they delivered from the Uptown Charlotte location (but I could be wrong). They had unbelievable prices on locally brewed beer there. I put down a few before seeing a hockey game one night.

stu, are you saying that mono loco no longer serves brunch?

there were 2 pizza places at barracks until superstars closed in 2007.

would in-n-out burger be ok? it's a chain but it's family-owned.

the day in n out comes to Charlottesville is the day....I get really crushed and get me some In N Out!!!

Oh... In & Out could put the rest out of business. Unfortunately they have a very strict freshness and specific ingredient policy. Only certain potatoes (cut fresh daily, never frozen), specific meat supplier etc. I think the furthest east you will find them in in Las Vegas. Someone told me once that they wont move east because they can't ensure the same quality and standardization. Owning an In & Out franchise is like having your own license to print money!

Actually, In & Out are in CA, NV, AZ & UT, I stand corrected.

Confused easily .. If you want some good BBQ try Belmont BBQ .. Good Grub!

The food at Boston Market was not decent, not when you compare it to actual homemade, home cooked food. My boyfriend and I ate there over a year ago. We were definitely disappointed in the bland, mushy, overcooked food. We're spoiled with our own homemade food cooked just right, and loaded with flavor. Never went back there again. Now it's gone. No loss! If people don't know how to cook though they'll probably think Boston Market is actually good, because they don't know any better. Guess you can't fault them.

And In & Out? You have got to be kidding me. World's worst tasting, worst quality, overrated hamburger ever. Anybody parroting the mind control mantra of how awesome In & Out is is a zombie, period. :D I ate at an In & Out once when I lived in SoCal, never again. My ex boyfriend and I had a bond about our distaste for In & Out. :D Everybody else was under the mind control spell about In & Out and we were both like, Uhhhhhh...........no. People must never have eaten a home cooked charbroiled hamburger off a barbeque grill to think In & Out actually tastes good!!

And any pizza joint that uses the "wood fired stove" and "brick oven" bit as a selling point is pretentious, period! :D

Rob, Belmont BBQ is a pale imitation of good Texas bbq. Even a chain like Rudy's would put them out of business in a week.

Don't get me started on real Texas bbq like in Lockhart, Luling and Llano.

boooo!, it's funny how comments jog a memory so much. We used to have a "Charcoal Burger" joint in town, they had good burgers cooked over actual charcoal. It was on Main Street where the 10th Street connector is. The new hotel would be sitting on top of it now. It too was good food.

It saddens me to remember all of these decent places that have gone out of business. But of course, we can always find a Burger King or McDonalds every mile or so. :(

Rob and GSOE-- didn't Barnaby's have the braided crust? I really liked that place! Agreed on the icy cold drinks there. I love small ice!

Anyone remember La Vaca, the BBQ place that was on the corner of Barracks and Millmont? I love Texas 'cue, and La Vaca was great. They just disappeared one day. :-(

The one thing we really need here is a genuine cafe, where everything is made completely from scratch by people who know how to do it the right way and don't cut corners. Simple traditional food like chicken & dumplings, meatloaf and real mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, coconut cake and butterscotch pudding, Cobb Salad, and homemade Green Goddess dressing-- but nothing pre-made, no chemical additives and everything super fresh. That's the way restaurant food used to be before the agri guys got a choke-hold on the food world.

All we need is some hungry investors who believe that REALLY good food doesn't have to be trendy or expensive.

Look forward to Brixx, their food is excellent.

Hadn't thought if Barnaby's in years. I used to live right up the street. La Hacienda was a staple after Grad Happy Hour. El Cabrito was also good. How about U Caf and UD? Anyone remember Ethel?