Snap: Low Strung Cellos at Fellini's

news-lowstrungcellos The Low Strung Cellos, a group of Yale University students who perform pop and rock covers, earned big ovations Wednesday night, March 10, at Fellini's restaurant. Low Strung covers the gamut from Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to the already-stringed “Eleanor Rigby." Handed a two-week spring break by the noted New Haven school, they've set up shop near Charlottesville (as they're renting a cabin out in Earlysville) for half that time. They perform again locally Thursday, March 11 from 5-6pm at the nearby McGuffey Art Center.

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Sorry this was their last gig and all CD's gone. I have heard one can download their album from itunes. What a talented group of young people --wonderful energy and melding of sound, and what surprising life they give to the cello . Hope they'll be back this way again.

They sure know how to design a web-site, fabulous--hope their sound is a match. Thanks for the tip