Lights out: Local company makes Earth Hour go viral

A Scottsville company is responsible for recruiting and filming arguably the most beautiful couple on Earth–- New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen–– for YouTube videos recently posted promoting Earth Hour, an event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund that encourages everyone in the world to power down their homes for one hour on March 27 at 8:30pm (local time) to promote energy conservation.

"Last year, a billion people participated in Earth Hour," says Tayloe Emery, founder of the Scottsville media firm JTE Creative Group, which created the videos with a goal of going viral. Emery, who has worked internationally with U2 frontman Bono's charities, says he has a "large rolodex" that made him an ideal marketer of the event–- particularly after his success marketing the event last year, when he signed up actor Kevin Bacon and his wife, actress, Kyra Sedgwick, model/actress Isabella Rossalini, and several NBA players to film similar YouTube spots.

In lthe first 24 hours, Emery says, Brady and Bundchen's videos–- which he filmed in L.A. and Boston–- had been watched about 30,000 times, a number he hopes will grow to 500,000 by the actual event. He plans to launch similar YouTube videos promoting the event in coming days featuring NBA great and Olympic torch lighter Steve Nash and actor Ed Norton.

–Correction: JTE Creative Group is a media and communications firm, not a film company.


Greene Cabin... if Paul has fewer lights then you do then HE is MORE "green" than you are every day so s#@k it.
Come one by on the 27th I will keep the porch light on for you. (100w)

Thanks. Now I know which day and what time to turn on all of my lights...

Paul your trailer home could only have but so many lights...

Very cool. I think I'll do this once a month.....It's not that much of a sacrafice..........but every little bit helps...

I like that Giselle and high profile people like her take interest in the earth and world around them.....very cool.

Candles? Great - that will keep the fire department busy....

... then participate in Earth Hour:

Candles? Really?