Snap: Raise high the goalpost (and grease it)

news-goalposts-madbowlMembers of UVA's intramural sports department raise a repaired goal post in Madison Bowl, or Mad Bowl, at 8:23am of March 4. One member of the morning bar-raising team said the work came in the wake of damage caused by people hanging on the cross bar. They hope, he said, to prevent a repeat performance by applying an industrial lubricant. (The sogginess in Mad Bowl thanks to nearly three inches of rain in the past two days would have been even soggier had UVA not embarked on a mammoth drainage project in January 2006.)


I'd love to get a webcam on that to see the drunken kids jump, grab, and bust their faces.

@Arpal: Charge a quarter for each view, and have them donate it to the local schools. Budget problems solved!