Surplus possible: And schools chief would spend it

Albemarle Supervisor Dennis Rooker, who has advocated for higher taxes and for building questionable water infrastructure, appears to have transformed himself into a voice of thrift. However, this is only in comparison with County schools chair Ronnie Price Sr., who–- apprised that a massive deficit could actually become a massive surplus–- advocates spending the money on technology. It all happens in the final paragraph of a Daily Progress story.


you know, it might feel clever to leave all of these comments about
how badly the school board is doing but does anyone out there have any
constructive help to provide? can we at least start there?

I have lost all respect for Ron Price. He used to be a thoughtful and intelligent man. But, no more.

Is it the vapors in the air when the school board meets?

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Raising taxes only means one thing: that money spent before was not being used efficiently and more money to spend is required. We must look at where the money has been going before we ask for more. raising taxes is outrageous. It shows the weakness of the spender's habits which one might think to question how well our county HAS been at this. Maybe we do need to fire teachers if we have had to many- its they way we regulate our system. But if our system has been losing money then we need to find the drain and plug it, not keep pouring.

Please tell me that "Teacher to bee soon" will not be teaching in either the County or City schools. Misspellings. Poor grammar. Lousy punctuation. Convoluted argument. Or maybe it's just a proofing problem.

In the interest of a sensational headline, The Hook twists the last paragraph if an article AND somehow figures out how to make a dig about water. BONUS!

First receive millions from the Federal government in what is supposedly "Economic Incentive" money, then complain of funding shortages and suggest numerous tax hikes are needed, then pronounce a possible funding surplus, while warning that teacher layoffs might cause the other teachers (dedicated professionals) to become depressed, disillusioned, and do a poor job of teaching.

Seems like a dozen propoganda cue cards have gotten mixed up.

"Seems like a dozen propoganda cue cards have gotten mixed up."

Or Ronnie Price has started drinking.....

You won't be teaching grammar will you?