Lady Gaga coming to JPJ

news-ladygaga Music sensation Lady Gaga will perform at the John Paul Jones Arena on September 8, it was announced Monday morning. Tickets will go on sale at a yet-to-be-determined date.

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Every major concert and sporting venue in the country has a no re-admit policy. Blaming JPJ for the Harrington tragedy is ridiculous.

Where are they going to put Gaga up? Most celebs stay at the Boar's Head, Keswick, or the Omni (for lower level stars). Can you imagine the reactions of Board's Head or Keswick Hall members upon seeing her?

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Great! Yet another wierdo in C-ville.

This time try not to take young womens' money then refuse them reentrance, and set them up to be abducted and killed OK? Go yahoos


God I'm glad I moved away from Virginia to Cali. You people make no sense except for Cindy.


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Moar Monster Trux!!!!!!

Good GaGaGolly Cindy .. You got me stuttering!! You must be a "special" person to "get GaGa" ..WoW .. That is impressive!

This is going to shake the townnn.

MM : )

Not surprised by the local reaction to gaga here in hicktown USA. I am an old gal and i get her. if you don't understand art, then maybe you should keep your ignorant comments to yourself. This town could use a good shake up.

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when you find out one day that's she's really a guy. I've been saying this since she came on the scene and before the whole hermaphrodite story got around. I am completely serious.

"when you find out one day that’s she’s really a guy. I’ve been saying this since she came on the scene and before the whole hermaphrodite story got around. I am completely serious."

Thanks for ruining a fantasy. Do you have any dirt on Big Bird?

Bring on more entertainment like GaGa, Charlottesville could use a little more"culture" urp !!!

Cat, get a grip

Cat, maybe this time young ladies who go into these events will know what the policy is, and make their decisions accordingly. Hopefully they will also not use any substance that alters their judgment as well.

Pretty hot in that pic.

I dont think she'll be staying in any of the hotels around c-ville. my guess.....she'll be on her bus after the show trying to get out of this "hick town" her words, not mine..i love living in c-ville. i saw her video for some song called "telephone" it had beyoncee (dunno if i spelled it right....dont care) well i had no idea what was going on in the video. I felt dumber for seeing it. also i lost what respect i had for beyoncee after it...shes better then that crazy @(#*%.

i'ma be there

I heard on the skreet that she is using "Joe the Plunger" as backup!

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Rob, am I correct in thinking that you are calling Lady Gaga a ââ?¬Å?Tail-less Ape”? Bravo sir, Bravo!


That was in deed my intent! I was thinking more along the lines of a "fanciful, often grotesque figurine in the Japanese or Chinese style rendered in a crouching position" but since it is derived from "magos" which is old French for a kind of monkey, a "Tail-less Ape" works fine, too!

Why the odd deletions? I read them, they were just goofy

After all, Ms. Gaga has been accused of hermaphrodism: I don't think being called a "Magot" will be that bothersome to her. Know what I'm sayin?

ALRIGHT... LISTEN UP. GaGa is the most dope act out there. She's is the new POP... get over it, she's going to visit and give one hell of a show.

Sorta sad that having more music venues around means having fewer acts worth seeing come to town. Lady snooze.

She's no Snookie...

really... that got deleted? no sense of humor at all.