'Shattered bones,' Harringtons say Morgan's killer is 'violent, sadistic'

news-morgan-danandgil-march17-cropped "Someone knows something," says Dan Harrington, pictured here with wife Gil on March 17 in front of John Paul Jones Arena. "They need to come forward."

Her parents desperately wish it weren't so, but they say they're convinced: Morgan Harrington suffered before she was killed.

On the five month anniversary of the Virginia Tech student's disappearance and less than two months after her remains were discovered in a remote area of a southern Albemarle County farm, her parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, spoke to reporters in front of the John Paul Jones Arena, where Morgan attended an October 17 Metallica show the night of her disappearance, to beg anyone with information about the case to come forward and to urge caution in the Charlottesville community.

"A monster walks among you," Gil Harrington says, calling her daughter's killer a "violent, sadistic and dangerous man."

Although a medical examiner quickly ruled 20-year-old Morgan's death a homicide after her body was discovered January 26, police have been silent in recent weeks and have released no further information on her cause of death.

However, her parents, both medical professionals, say signs of violence were obvious on their daughter's remains, which were released from evidence and returned to them in February.

"He chooses to kill in a savage and brutal way," says Gil Harrington, an oncology nurse, of her daughter's killer, "to break her bones before he murdered her." Dan Harrington, a psychiatrist, confirms that his daughter's skeleton showed "brutal damage."

While the Harringtons won't say which of Morgan's bones were broken–- and acknowledge that they do not yet know her actual cause of death, pending the release of the official autopsy report–- they remain convinced that the person responsible is an experienced criminal and may be a convicted sex offender.

"This is not his first crime," Gil Harrington says. "He has upped his game in a significant and disturbing way."

Preparing to leave for a two-week relief trip to Zambia with the medical aid nonprofit OMNI, Gil says she feels increasingly "frantic" to see her daughter's killer brought to justice and is having a hard time leaving the country with a killer on the loose and other women in danger.

"I have some foolish sense," she explains, "that I can keep something from happening."

While police are staying tight-lipped in public, the Harringtons say they are receiving weekly briefings from investigators and are encouraged that there are some leads including, Dan Harrington says, a focus on "a number of individuals locally."

news-morgan-tattoo-smallGil Harrington, wearing a bracelet Morgan had on when she died, shows a new tattoo of the family's 2-4-1 code.

Finding their daughter's killer remains their priority, but both Harringtons say they have other questions about events surrounding their daughter's disappearance and death.

"Has anything changed at JPJ?" Dan Harrington asks, later noting that he doesn't object, per se, to the Arena's no re-entry policy that kept his daughter from getting back inside, but that he does wonder why she received no assistance when multiple witnesses have reported seeing her with blood on her face and attempting to get in at multiple entrances. He also wonders aloud at how a new venue with reportedly state-of-the-art video surveillance could fail to capture footage of his daughter either inside or outside. "There is no video of Morgan," he says.

UVA spokesperson Carol Wood says the Arena's safety policies are under review and have been modified since Morgan's disappearance and death. The Arena has further trained ushers and ticket takers on dealing with patrons "who they believe might be in distress," she says, and any time a patron asks to leave the Arena, staff members are now required to notify a manager. Finally, if there is "any doubt" about the condition of a patron, Wood says, police will now be called.

Dan Harrington also suggests a possible link between Morgan's abduction and death and other unsolved cases in Virginia, including the Colonial Parkway murders, eight deaths that occurred along the Colonial Parkway east of Richmond between 1986 and 1989, and the Route 29 stalker, who terrorized female drivers in the mid-'90s and who is believed responsible for the March 1996 abduction and killing of 25-year-old grad student Alicia Showalter Reynolds, who'd been traveling to Charlottesville for a day of shopping with her mother at Fashion Square Mall. Reynolds' decomposed remains were discovered by a passerby two months later in a field near the community of Lignum.

That case remains active, and on March 1, the Virginia State Police posted a Facebook page asking for "new info" on Reynolds. Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller says that the Facebook posting does not indicate that police believe the cases are connected but was timed to coincide with the 14th anniversary of Reynolds' disappearance on March 2.

At the press conference Wednesday, March 17, the Harringtons distributed a list of 21 other missing or murdered people–- 14 women, including Morgan–- who have disappeared or been murdered in Central Virginia in the past eight months and whose cases remain unsolved.

"We're concerned," says Dan. "Is security [in Charlottesville] any different now than it was five months ago?"

For the Harringtons, there is nothing to do but wait for a break in the case. Gil Harrington writes in her journal, posted on the family's findmorgan.com web page, that imagining Morgan's last moments torments her, particularly at night.

"I try not to think of how scared you were, the terror you felt. I try not to think of how much pain you were in as you were slaughtered," she writes. "Were you still alive when they brought you to Anchorage Farm? To be hunted like a deer running frantically over the hay stubble in the field desperate to escape, trying to survive, crying, screaming, I see it. I hear it. Or, were you brought there already dead, like a slab of meat, carrion to be discarded and dumped in the field to rot–- just another carcass in the hunting preserve."

With no arrest, the Harringtons can only hope that someone will finally offer the tip that will bring Morgan's killer to justice and perhaps bring them some peace.

"There is still evil afoot in this town," says Gil. "He must be stopped."

–7:01pm: Story updated with UVA's response on JPJ policy


Playing it close to the vest is one thing, but I smell coverup and we already know that crime downtown is being hushed up - don't we? Yes we do. UVa may very well be involved (with covering up). It's bad for business too, isn't it? Maybe the Police don't want us to know they're outnumbered? With respect to the wilding incidents downtown - do they not want a war? Not that it's hopeless (at least I hope it's not). Nobody wants to tip the suspects, but I think Gil and Dan are doing the right thing by keeping this in the public eye.

Prayers out to Gil, Dan, and Alex for the strength to process this horror and be able to live on to find joy and a sense of safety in this world.

I will never forget the police chief making his dishonest statement that residents of Charlottesville need not be concerned for their safety...that this was an "isolated" incidence. I was thinking to myself, wait this is a colleget town full of 18-25 year old women who need to be warned. He made me sick. It was all about $$$$. He didn't want this incidence to haunt those who have paid so much money to send their children to UVA. That was wrong. I have a 21 year old daughter who lives in Charlottesville, and I myself park at U-Hall across the street from JPJ. We have to park their and catch a bus to work at the hospital. Obviously their was no concern for th hundreds of medical staff and young women in the community and still isn't.

Jeff D says, 'Go ahead, delete this as ââ?¬Å?Inappropriate.”'

Not so much inappropriate as whiny, babyish and breathtakingly insensitive.

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quote: (Dan Harrington) also wonders aloud at how a new venue with reportedly state-of-the-art video surveillance could fail to capture his daughter on tape either inside or outside. ââ?¬Å?There is no video of Morgan,” he confirms.

Maybe there was, maybe there wasn't. How does the Harringtons and the public know whether or not Morgan was thrown out of the arena on the night in question? If video of the John Paul Jones staff or security guards physicall tossing Morgan out of the arena ever existed, I dayum sure wouldn't bet on said video still existing. I've been down that road myself, tapes that should exist, yet they didn't. Or in one highly questionable event, tapes destroyed. 911 says the destruction was an accident. I say it wasn't. An employee in the 911 dispatch center at the time also said the destruction was NOT accidental. Video and audio tapes are absolutely useless when in the hands of the people or businesses they might hurt.

And what about JPJA's responsibility on this? You go to a bar these days, and the bartender sees you are out of hand, or even suspects you are over your limit, slurred speech or stumbling etc, they cut you off, ask for your DD or call you a cab, or if you get out of hand they call the police! And if you leave their establishment drunk and have an accident, they can now be called out or charged for causing it. Why is this not part of music venues such as JPJA?????????

Thank you Gasbag!

It is a shame we had to lose Morgan for JPJA to 'modify' their security venue. I have never, and will never be able to comprehend how they allowed a young woman, so obviously under duress to leave their facility. She should at the least have been given medical attention by the on site EMT's, to ensure she wasn't injured further than a cut on the face, possible a concussion, or otherwise. Because of their security modifications I am praying no other family has to suffer as Morgan's family has.

Let me reword my thoughts above.... I was eating a late dinner and typing at the same time again tonight!

video and audio tapes are next to impossible to obtain when they are in the hands of people or businesses the tapes might destroy during a civil litigation.

Deleted by moderator. (Response repeated deleted comment.)

After all the Harringtons have been through, I'm just thankful they have the strength to keep coming to Charlottesville, pushing us, pushing LE to keep this story alive. Gasbag, you have a 17 year old...we're in the same situation. I'm scared to death about the safety of our kids, and we can tell them over and over to be aware of their surroundings, don't wander off alone, etc., but Morgan had also heard these things. At some point we have to rely on police officers to keep our community safe. I'm not feeling great about things right now. Springtime is coming, the downtown area will be hopping soon with Fridays After Five and other outdoor concerts...I'd like to see LE take this time to make an appearance at PVCC and all the local high schools to warn students of this very real and immediate danger. Unless they have this person under constant surveillance, which I don't believe they do, he will get bold enough to come out from under his rock and strike again. How will LE be able to explain their silence then?

If they hadn’t found a body I would have suspected it was staged by some group trying to attack our civil liberties.

The meaning of ââ?¬Å?241”³ seems very contrived to me since the first day I heard it. This saying a double meaning for ââ?¬Å?attacks on civli liberties?”

Read 18 USC 241.
Huh? No, really. Huh?

Deleted by moderator. (Response repeated deleted comment.)

Who do you know that was into deer hunting and used to own a four wheel All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)? Did this person sell his ATV within the last couple of months? Did he also sell his car around the same time as his ATV?

Did this person leave Charlottesville recently to start a new life in some far away state or country?

Was he someone who could easily fly into a rage and strike out with his fists? Was he cruel to animals? Did he use or deal in drugs? PCP laced cigerettes? Was he an older, nice looking man who otherwise would look completely trustworthy in any given situation?

Is he someone you now suspect as having something to do with Morgans death?

Then please to not hesitate contacting Law Enforcement. Tell them what you suspect. They can guarantee your anonimity.

The Harringtons' behavior being bizzare or not is irrelevent; they have suffered a horrible tragedy that no parent should ever face. Its difficult to drive on Copeley bridge or go near JPJ without thinking of Morgan. May her killers get caught soon.

I've been a firm believer that Morgan's night of horror began at JPJ. Possibly even an employee. I'm not even sure if she actually hitchhiked. Maybe LE should get back in touch with the person who "witnessed" her hitchhiking. Maybe they said that to throw the investigation of course.

noneahyo - if I knew something about Morgan I would not hesitate one minute to get in touch with the police, and I hope no one out there is holding on to vital information. In my opinion, if they have substantial evidence and they don't talk, then they are aiding and abetting.

What Morgan did (or didn't do) has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with happened to this poor child. The law is based on consent, not the random interpretation of what the public considers to be moral behavior and how it relates to a particular crime. So what if Morgan had something to drink? So what if she was wearing a mini skirt? So what if she was walking around at night by herself? SO WHAT? She did not give CONSENT to be brutally murdered. If someone breaks into a locked house at night and murders it's inhabitants did they DESERVE what happened to them because they didn't have an alarm system? Seriously. In addition, I am annoyed that anyone feels the right to make negative comments about how someone grieves. What the heck is even remotely unusual about a tattoo these days? Everyone grieves differently. But the Harringtons are doing what needs to be done to keep their daughter's case from becoming a "cold" case. To keep people talking and asking questions. To subtly pressure LE to keep going.

Like GSOE says, you've got to take personal responsibility for your own safety. Buy one/get trained and licensed, and then practice regularly with it.

I recommend the Book "Gift of Fear". It outlines the sort of thinking that may help prevent such tragedies.

Our hearts are broken too that such a thing could happen to Morgan, or anyone else. If you have children, losing them is the cruelest experience you'll ever have. Prayers out to Gil, Dan & Alex.

based on photo's i've seen of the security camera's posted on
either websleuths or 'in session' board (cant remember which)
looking at the amount of cameras and the angles, there is no way Morgan would not show up on those videos! unless the camera's were not on (or least likely, that Morgan did not enter the venue at all)

Huachinango I am not going to shut up, so you might as well get over that. I also am not going to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

I really do not believe that there is written instruction on how an individual can or cannot grieve.

Personally, I can not fathom what Gil and Dan Harrington are going through. I admire their efforts to keep this case in the spot light. All for the love of their daughter and the fear for the next victim.

I have all along felt that this was the act of a serial killer and have been greatly concerned that local LE is not doing near enough to inform the public of the danger that is amongst them.

Residents of this area need proceed with caution, I am not going to specify only women, anyone sick enough to do what was done to that beautiful young woman, would be capable of anything to anyone.

I can't agree with the police policy of withholding so much information. We still know nearly nothing of what information the police had obtained in the 29 Stalker case years ago. Maybe that guy would have caught if they had not withheld nearly everything.(and continue to).

Perhaps JPA has state-of-te art surveillance equipment, yet it may not be a state-of-the art installation of the equipment nor of it's operating procedures.

Rather inappropriate considering the horrible death of Morgan Harrington for her mother's comments to end with a bizarre and disgustingly inaccurate description of deer hunting.

Why not a few words regarding the disgusting treatment of the concertgoers--including Morgan--at the hands of the JPA-hired security personnel?

Go ahead, delete this as "Inappropriate"

Okay. Here's what I would do.

The coroner's office in Richmond is obviously inept or intentionally withholding information. Maybe it's involved in a coverup or just plain inept because of being located in a "backwoods" or podunk of a place like Richmond.

First off we need 1) cause of death 2) time of death 3) any evidence or DNA not belonging to Morgan.

Second, we need those hillibillies at JPJ to get off their arses and provide the "security footage."

Obviously, JPJ has something to hide by saying "nope, no security video of her." They, along with the ever so kind Metallica, are hiding their liability for her death that night.

The video probably shows the security folks in a very bad light.

Dan Harrington is an MD at VT. The same school that has had alot of bizarre random killings.

There's something strange about that and the disappearance of the daughter and the whole "241" thing. I'm not sure what it all means.

The person who killed Morgan is too self-centered, psychotic and into his own horror game to commit suicide. When he's found he will look like a creep. He will sit in court wearing a silly grin, because he's too detached from his own emotions that he can't even grasp the terror he causes the people he hurts.

Wish I knew what happened. But, I don't. Most likely, LE never will either. The first 48 came and went. Only way they are going to catch the guy is if he gets caught on someone else, and kept a souvenir from Morgan and the cops find it.
Whoever did it was pretty thorough and keeps secrets. Ditched her phone and ID early, so perhaps he had a plan at the get-go. Dumb luck finding the body. If the weather hadn't broken when it did, she'd still be out in that field. Can't imagine much evidence survived the winter.
As far as the bones, maybe she tried jumping out of the car/truck after she realized the night wasn't going to end well. Pushed to that point, escape is your only hope. If that happened, however, you would think someone would have saw it? That no one did, is more frightening. If he broke bones for sport, this guy is so evil I'm afraid to look at him.
This case is mildly similar to the taylor behl murder a few years ago. LE had a boyfriend to go after in the Behl case, though, so they had a suspect even before a body. They only found bones there too, and never did find a COD. The suspect never pled guilty and he said she died during rough sex.
This one feels different.
I'm wondering if this is Suspect Zero material.
As far as the parents, they have their own demons to deal with.
As far as the girl's behavior, we as a society need to do a better job giving our daughters the tools they need to deal with sickos. Every day the TV has a new story about a missing girl, who is usually found dead. The last one was stone cold sober jogging in broad daylight.
If this girl was drunk, alone, wandering, hitching, at night, she might as well have been wearing a neon sign. Our Suspect Zero would have smelled that a mile away.

There is a person out there right now who knows or strongly suspects who the murderer is.

That this person is either a family member, neighbor or fellow hunter who's terrified even to leave an anonymous tip.

That perhaps now would be an excellant time for the FBI to begin running commercials requesting that this person come forward, and to spell out exactly what measures can and will be taken to protect his or her identity.

I think Morgan must have accepted a ride from the same "normal" looking person who gave her a PCP laced cigerette in the JPJ parking lot 30 minutes earlier (speculation only). That this person then began to follow her in his car, keeping a safe distance until she began hitchhiking on the bridge. That perhaps there is still someone out there who witnessed Morgan speaking to this individual back in the JPJ parking lot and could possibly provide a detailed description of him and the car he was driving.

The same goes for the individual who witnessed something going on that evening in a car parked in the overflow lot where Morgan's Pocketbook and cell phone were later found. That the FBI arrange for these witnesses to work with one of our countrys top Forensic Hypnotists, in hopes that something so important as a complete license plate number be recalled.

I've been following this case since January and the whole thing just doesn't add up.

If they hadn't found a body I would have suspected it was staged by some group trying to attack our civil liberties.

The meaning of "241" seems very contrived to me since the first day I heard it. This saying a double meaning for "attacks on civli liberties?"

Read 18 USC 241.

As for the case; Where's the security footage? Why are the police and coroner withholding information? Why no cause of death? Why the cremation?

It sounds like an aweful case, but just like the folks in Gitmo there's alot of accusation, but not evidence displayed for us to come to a conclusion.... could be the work of some pros on the inside.

To Gil, Dan and Alex, Don't ever give of the fight for Morgan and Justice! It is imperatve you continue to fight for "Justice" so this may never happen again by the perp/s who committed this most Heinous act to Morgan and possibly other women in and around C'ville. Some sense of peace and trying to understand will only begin when this Perp/s Murderer is found. I applaud you for your strength at the most difficult time for any family.
I want to encourage all who have not ever had to live thru an murder of your child to help by getting out there and pounding the pavements , asking questions of people.Try to reflect on something that may have seemed odd before Morgans trip to JPJ and strange or unusual acts after she went missing and since her remains were found. There is a narcissitic,sadistic sociapath walking among us and has gone on as if nothing has happened. Gogggle" Meghan Landowski". Maybe then those who continue to blame Morgan or her Lost and Grieving Beyond any Comprehension Family will realize.. you or your loved one can be this murderer/s next victim/s. The communty needs to get and stayed involved until these murder/s are found and convicted.

CC--With all due respect, I do not believe any of us believe the authorities can just "wave a magic wand" and solve A case. But This case has taken on a life of it's own with speculation running rampant---surely they have information from HER FRIENDS, JPJ SECURITY,VIDEOS,THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS,AND MORGAN'S REMAINS. Every one has been silenced--for fear of jeopardizing the investigation??? HUH!!! Surely you would have to agree there must be Something new they have learned that could be released to the public that might help identify a perp---Someone in the public Knows Something!!! Let us hope the authorities have a wealth of evidence and are close to an arrest, and have shared this with the Harrington's. If not , perhaps, as someone has already suggested, it is time for the Harrington's to bring in their own investigator.

I understand the out cry to catch this bastardm and it needs to be done. However, there also needs to be the foot placed forward by someone to say, look, someone is out there who comitted this crime, and hey are still out there. Until this person is caught, everyone should be aware of where they are, and who they are with. I think that is an important message that is getting lost in all of this.

Yes, the JPJ needs to change some things, yes, this guy needs to be arrested but please, everyone also take some personal responcibility as a step in the right direction.

almost every parent i know, that has lost a child-
has gotten a tattoo in honor of their child.
there is nothing cult like about it.
we want/need to wear our love and pain on our skin.

the only difference i see between how Gil & I deal with
the loss of our daughter's, is she is making sure LE
does their jobs by keeping this in the press.

me? i was naive and thought LE would do the jobs they are
paid to do, so i kept quiet. dumb me!
so go Gil!!!

Yes, I have thought of the Harrington's family's actions and reactions bizarre - but in a philosophical (PC) way. Maybe I would not care to socialize, etc. with them. BUT, they have been hit with the 'old Mac truck' now. This is probably the first time they have EVER encountered a life's situation that they have absolutely NO control over and can't seek answers to fix! And it is FOREVER! The point being - their daughter was MURDERED, savagely like prey by an ANIMAL!! Don't ya'll want this/these animal/s caged, as all animals should be? You know, one of your daughters could be next! Animals don't CARE what bizarre habits it's Prey's family has!! Maybe Virginia needs to send it's LE to Texas for some good-old Texas Rangers training! All these families don't deserve this! WHERE'S THE MURDERER VSP?

quote: "Oncology nurses of Mrs Harrington’s age generally do not have tatoos on their wrist that match one of their daughter."

Who is starting all these rumors?

Where did you hear this rumor at?

while back on the findmorgan website a person named turnthepage said it was "confirmed" Morgan was not escorted out of the arena. to my knowledge it was confirmed she was denied re-entry. Big difference imo.


You are right!

Gil and Dan seem to be the only people concerned for the safety of the citizens of Charlottesville. Law Enforcement needs to step up to the plate before someone else is killed. The public knows so little about what actually happened. Release of more information to the public may help them to catch this sadistic killer. It has been 5 months since she disappeared and the Harringtons deserve to know that their daughter's killer is behind bars.

I find Gil to be original, dedicated, fiercely strong, brilliant and braver than any human being I have ever encountered. How many among us could show up to such a horrifying, absolute nightmare like she and Dan have done with such strength and determination? I know that I would have to be sedated in an asylum if this happened to a precious, precious daughter of mine.

May peace come to the Harringtons and may justice come to Morgan

susan R, you win the "Reply Of The Year" award!

Cnm, what do you mean, "Grieving parents do not act this way"? Do you mean that the Harringtons are not behaving the way *you* would if you were a grieving parent? While the stages of grief may be the same for everyone, the way that grief is dealt with certainly is not, nor does it need to be.

I know! CSI knocks their cases out in one hour plus commericals. In the really real world it takes longer. Most of my cop friends say it takes about 3-4 months to get a drug analysis back. I wish CSI was here now. Can you feel the sarcasm. I'm sure the police will give another press conference when they have something significant to report to the press, and the public.


I too find it odd that a man with such strong inside connections to LE would commit suicide the day after a major missing persons case became a major murder mystery in his neighborhood or his own 'beat' so to speak...
He was also extremely familiar with the Anchorage Farm area.

My wife and I live in North Garden. We were traveling last fall and didn't get back until December, but we know the general area around Red Hill Rd and the farm. Unfortunately that's about all we know, and are of no help in this case. Nonetheless, we've never seen any LE out in the neighborhood asking questions. We're about to join the gun-toting crowd because as someone mentioned above the cops can't be everywhere all the time and criminality is rampant. Central VA is not the only area with this problem, but it's definitely creepy around here, worse than other places it seems.

keep a sound mind when, protect yourself, and prevent!

Prevention is the key.

message from cat or (on this post cat 1) I have taken the liberty of posting this since there is a concert in cville this weekend. The Harrintons are not aware that I have posted this here so if this offends anyone please feel free to take it down. And keep your families safe.

posting from Gil Harrington on Findmorgan.com

I am leaving in 2 weeks on my medical mission to Africa and I find that I am reluctant to leave for the first time. I am reluctant to leave because there is still evil afoot in this town, and I think foolishly that if I am here in some way I can stop HIM and he must be stopped. There is a man/monster in Charlottesville Virginia who likes to hunt and kill young girls like prey, makes sport out of killing.

Most hunters have the integrity to kill in a humane and quick fashion. This man doesn’t work like that. He enjoys the hunting part of a kill and chooses to kill in a savage and brutal way. This Charlottesville man hurt Morgan Harrington enough to break her bones before he murdered her. I cannot get the image of Morgan’s shattered bones out of my mind, nor the jagged feel of the fractures from my fingers ââ?¬â?? a violent, sadistic, and dangerous man.

As a mother, I beg the young women in this town to be prudent, look after each other. I ask the community to be a community, be involved and be vigilant and find this monster in your midst and protect your young. He must be found. This is not his first crime and he has upped his game in a significant and disturbing way.

Crack & Alcohol, Crack & Alcohol, Crack & Alcohol are all over Charlottesville, and have always been. Until people demand more substance abuse treatment, and stop being scared and start snitching we will continue to see some shocking behaviors. Everyone makes an excuse as to why they turn a blind eye don't they? Whoever this assailant was I would wager he was either drunk or high on crack or meth when he killed this young lady. I assure you it is all around more than you all could imagine. It drives crime in our Country, but of course we do not talk about that elephant in the room. The judgment that some of the longeterm users has becomes horrible over time of course and now we are seeing 20 year users with burned up neurotransmitters. Think about it and do your part as well.

Susan, please don't try and act like you own the experience monopoly on violence and crime in Charlottesville. I have been assaulted twice in the last 18 months, and am all too aware of how wound up on crack some of my assailants were.

I know Charlottesville is not a haven of safety, and UVA has never been the haven of safety, and I am furious about the attitude from council to not only defend, but encourage the kind of activities that invite in people who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse.

Because I was prepared in each case, I minimized the impact, and was able to protect those with me.

Here is what I mean about learning - you make different choices about where you go, your 'in case something goes wrong plan,' and how you conduct yourself.

Here is what we have learned and should think about with our children,etc.

1) Rock concerts, especially those with head banging bands, are magnets for drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. Predators might be waiting to take advantage, or themselves might be on drugs and more violent.

2) JPJ absolutely has a no re-entry policy for peple with out a ticket. Do NOT go out unless it is an absolute emergency.

3) If you get seperated from your friends, have a preset SAFE spot to meet at, and know how you are going to get there. Make cell phone contact and confirm you are OK.

4) If you are letting a kid go, be sure they have a safe spot, or can call you, if they get shut out, or separated from their friends.

5) Keeo tabs with your friends if they disappear.

6) Take extra care with your own judgment. Do not use a substance that will alter it.

7) Do not ride with strangers, or hitch a ride with anyone you do not know well.

8) Keep pressure on the police, and do not be afraid to use the media to help you.

9) Pressure the city and UVA about dealing with crime, and enforcing the law.

Now, I don't think that anything I have said constitutes ignoring crime, blaming the victim, or pretending Charlottesville is safe. Just the opposite. Regardless, had Morgan followed the steps above, she would be alive, and we would not be having this argument. Like it or not, we have to do our utmost to protect ourselves, in any circumstance.

It's time to all take our

-Gas Bag- look at the picture above, and see the caption. Stop being deliberately obtuse.

-Debbie - whether or not I think someone does something bizarre doesn't change the fact that we have a difficult crime with many people making decisions. Those decisions come from their background, education, mental condition at the time, and over all judgment. Children learn important life skills from their parents, and that's why people with frugal fiscally responsible parents usually end up being the same if their parents don't shield them, but instead share those skill sets. Children who are over protected are often forced to learn the hard way about life's lessons. What bizarreness flags me on is what the focus was on certain skill sets, that's all.

I'm sorry if those are harsh realities, but that is why I have said that this should be a learning experience for everyone.

Yeah, some of Gil's statements seem a bit odd (the whole 241 thing seems infantilizing to an outsider), but most people are a bit idiosyncratic, and they've come across as quite reasonable on the whole.

Compare them to some of the people on findmorgan.com who spin elaborate theories about Central Virginia's demography, topography, and criminology without ever having visited, and they seem delightful.

It seems she is blaming us (Cvillians) becouse the police havn't found her killer.

I hope they find her killer!

Please momma don't blame C'ville for her death, or that we are covering up her killer.

that is wrong!

plenty a taxi in this town if you need a ride!

Don't blame me, or my town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the 29 case, a number of women who were stopped by the man in the truck did not report him to the police because they said the police would not pay any attention to them. I was so struck by this statement at the time because I was accosted by a man at the UVA track and reported it to the campus police and they said "it was probably a case of mistaken identity," which it wasn't not to mention the fact the man was acting very weird. So you see reporting these kinds of incidences to the police doesn't help.

Who are these 14 women? They didn't die this way, that's for sure. I'm not buying it. Were any of these 14 women murdered or did they go missing in any sort of scenerio like this in the past 8 months? If anyone knows, please tell me of one of these cases!

"At the press conference Wednesday, March 17, the Harringtons distributed a list of 21 other missing or murdered people� 14 women, including Morgan� who have disappeared or been murdered in Central Virginia in the past eight months and whose cases remain unsolved."

I have to ask questions that I haven't seen asked other places. This is a message board of sorts, I feel, anyway:

1.was Morgan some sort of drug addict buying drugs? (I did not say that she was. I am asking a question.)
2.did whoever kill her have some sort of stash of bodies like this guy in Cleveland who recently was found to have women buried all over his house, front yard and back yard? No one stopped him until he had done a lot of this kind of thing!
3.did she get in to the car of a policeman, and did he do this to her?
4.I can not imagine that any DNA evidence can possibly be found from something like this, can you?

the Harrington's need to hire their own private detective to investigate this case, I feel, before everyone who can be interviewed dies from old age!

My post from yesterday does not seem to have made it - was it deleted by the moderator? Here it is:

"Finding their daughter’s killer remains their priority, but both Harringtons say they have other questions about events surrounding their daughter’s disappearance and death."

Don't we all (have questions)? Here are two: Was she even at JPJ or did her friends drop her off somewhere (no video)? Why were the ââ?¬Å? friends” okay with driving her car back to Harrisonburg without her? I am assuming that the law enforcement agencies investigating this have asked these questions as well. I am surprised that after two months (almost) from the discovery of the body that no arrests have been made.

As for JPJ's policy - as an experienced concert attendee Morgan must have known that almost everywhere you go there is a no re-admittance policy. It has been that way for decades.

As far as the link to Alice Showalter goes I thought Everonitz was implicated though it appears that forensic tests have not been done because the government thinks it may compromise their case against Darrell Rice. See the article below particularly Chapter 4:


So who exactly was this former boxer, weight lifter, bouncer, mob enforcer, wife batterer, drug dealer, security officer who killed himself within days of Mr. Bass discovering Morgan's body? Has this apparently well known Charlottesville area resident been eliminated as a suspect?

Also, regarding Morgan's shattered bones......Might it be possible that she so ferociously fought back to the point of seriously injuring her attacker?

That this may have caused a rage so intense that it was still simmering weeks later when first riding out to check on her.

Simmering to the point where he went and drove over her remains several times with his All Terrain Vehicle (which can weigh up to 600 lbs or more).

Someone does not just on his first attempt successfully lure some woman in to his car and murder her without unsuccessfully trying to lure other women in to his car. How come there are no other reports of a man attempting to get other women in to his
car in Central VA previously? If this had happened, women in Central Virginia would be going to the media and warning other women. Or if they went straight to the police with this information, the police would have gone to the media to warn
women of such a man.

Think about it! What is your answer to this?

2 4 1 means i love you to much,forever,and once more... there the big mystery is solved...Gil got the tatoo in memory of her daughter,look closely they are dots.2 4 1.pointing fingers is not the answer to this.the only person to blame for this crime is the monster[s] out there walking the streets free at this very moment.he sleeps,he eats,he drinks,hes out there enjoying his life.and where is Morgan Harrington?shes in her grave because of him.someone out there is reading this rite now,and they know something.what would you do if this was you mother,your sister,your aunt, or your child.wouldnt you want someone to say something?just speakup,dont be afraid. whats going to happen when he goes into another one of his rages?is it going to be you,or maybe someone you love thats his next victim?you know the rite thing to do.pick up your phone,get in your car,go get help now before theres another person out there mourning the loss of there loved one.

We don't in fact all watch CSI. I'm willing to bet that posters who think that the police can just wave a magic wand to find a suspect are far more likely to watch CSI than the rest of us who realize it can be an immensely difficult process and takes time.

Good article. The Hook is really on top of this. My old squad partner Steve Spingola posted something about this case on the "Spingola Files" Web page. Keep the heat on the killer and on the pols.

quote: "Gasbag, you have a 17 year old”Šwe’re in the same situation. I’m scared to death about the safety of our kids..."

I will tell you the same thing I tell everybody else. First, get firearms training. Second, purchase a firearm. And last, you can legally carry it in plain view in Virginia without a permit. Or you can apply for and obtain a concealed weapons permit easily.

You can not depend on the local cop shoppes to protect you or your family at any time no matter where you are. You can camp outin the lobby of one of the local cop shoppes, but there may not a cop in the entire building. Furthermore, the courts have ruled that the cop shoppes have no obligation to protect you whatsoever. In making this decision, the courts ruled that cops can't be everywhere at the same time.

And I will close with this... I wish Morgan Harrington, Alicia Showalter Reynolds, Jayne McGowan, etc.... had all had firearms at their disposal! Think about it.

quote: "-Gas Bag- look at the picture above, and see the caption. Stop being deliberately obtuse."

The picture above doesn't tell me a thing about the rumor I asked about. The rumor being... that Morgan had this tattoo at the time of death. Where did you read that Morgan had this same tatoo?

Ok My two cents
I really don't think that you can blame JPJ, I don't like the place but still, she is not a child. The staff can't call a cab or babysit every drunk, or whatever person at an event. That being said the rest of the night seems to include some poor judgment on her part for whatever reason. Monday QB is easy he said she said stuff. This is just more proof that there is an evil in the world that EVERY person needs to be aware of. Parents need to teach their kids of this. Kids these days live in a NERF type world and tend to rely on others to take care of them. Your safty is YOUR problem first, and if it gets bad hope that help is on the way.
As for the parents.... untill someting like this happens to you. You can't say "I would do this". I know a very tuff talker who was at a store when it was robbed and he was the first to run. So the parents can act however they feel they need to. Peope deal with things in different ways.
You are never going to stop things like this but you could make some people think twice by not letting some high paid lawyer get these people off, or charges reduced. No book deals no made for TV movies put them in the chair...put them on TV at 11:00PM and pull the switch.

sheesh, leave Morgan's parents alone, people.

There are a lot of individuals who could have behaved "better" in the events leading up to this tragedy, but harping on her folks for their actions after losing their daughter--or for that matter, their parenting techniques prior--seems beyond cruel.

Many of us seem to be very frustrated with the progress this case has made and it is beginning to turn to outrage. Perhaps this anger is just what is needed to force law enforcement to begin releasing information to the public. Whoever this monster is, the public should be made aware of his brutality in the killing of Morgan. Perhaps once the full extent of how Morgan was virtually slaughtered, the outrage will cause those who were a part of this or covering up begin talking. People need to know what this animal has done to Morgan. All we know now is that she was murdered--he/she/they could very easily have told "someone", and said it was an accident. Well it was no "Accident", Dan and Gil know the awful truth, and it is time the authorities let the public know what kind of an animal is amongst them.

How can five months go by with no "suspect" or even DNA results?? For God and Morgans sake let the public HELP, give us something to work with.. SOMEONE KNOWS THIS MONSTER!! STOP PROTECTING he /them. Enough is Enough--Do YOU JOB!!!R

Glider and Justbeinobjective: I thought of vehicle involvement too when I read about her bones.

The theory that Morgan was kicked out of the venue makes sense, especially the way she was being barred from re-entry. Interesting that there is absolutely no video of this... If she was removed by security I hope that JPJ updates their policy to contact police if patrons are removed for not following rules. I agree with many that say JPJ has some accountability here.

In the interests of accuracy Gil just got that tattoo with her remaining child to remember Morgan by in a concrete way. Morgan never had that tattoo. 2 4 1 is a family saying begun by Gils' siblings and used when we were growing up. It means something to two generations. Bizarre??? I think not. Loving?? Probably. Keep your judgement calls for your own family.


Making statements like you have are as destructive as over analyzing the motives of the parents making stuff public. Whether or no LE cocked up the investigation - and they might have - does not alter us all taking a good look at our own actions, and he we can all learn from this, so it doesn't happen to one of us. I'd rather such an event never happened again. This is not blaming the victim.

-Gas Bag-

Even as a person Morgan's age I tended to avoid such venues, because of the whole drug, drinking scene, and questionable behaviour from individuals. Personally I would never let my 17 year old go to an event like that without an adult of parenting age. That's exactly what my Aunt did with me at 15,16,17, even if she didn't like the music very much. That was her choice.

You know what JPJ's policies are now if you didn't before, so if you want to let your daughter go, on her own or with friends her age, and no adult, you have made a choice.

Oncology nurses of Mrs Harrington's age generally do not have tatoos on their wrist that match one of their daughter. It is highly unusual. That's why ica ll it bizarre, as it should be.

susan, you go girl! amen.

Glider, you have a point...with crush type injuries, there could have very well been a vehicle involved.

cnm - grieving process: 1. denial and isolation 2. ANGER 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance....the Harringtons are where I would be right now...ANGER and ready to lash out with a vengence of a mother bear at anyone and everyone. This case from the beginning has been horrific and the Harringtons are to be commended for their persistance. Think John Walsh when his 6 year old was abducted and murdered. My prayers can only be with the Harringtons in their time of mourning and I would NEVER criticize them for how they are handling it. I haven't walked that mile in their moccasins.


I have a friend who is an obgyn, and her behaviour is not like what I have seen of Mrs Harrington in her public area. My cousin is an oncologist who specialized in pediatric illness, and in her fellowship experienced losing most of her patients. She doesn't act like Mrs Harrington either. I don't know her ( Harrington) personally, so obviously there is a lot I don't know or see, other than what she shows publicly. What she shows is a bit bizarre. That's all.

I certainly wouldn't question her love or fierce dedication.

I have heard a lot of flack going to JPJ over decisions they made, but I feel the same standard should be held to the patron as well. Morgan made choices that night too, and she is young enough that her learned patterns are going to be reflected somewhat in her upbringing.

This isn't really so much a blame game for me, as a place for everyone to learn about how they can better protect themselves, and limit the opportunities of a would be predator.

But I do and did (have and did exercise the right to tell you to shut up). How can you be indignant and self-righteous after what you said regarding the Harrington's conduct during unspeakable agony? God forbid any of us should ever go through what they have.

Was Morgan Harrington dumb that night? Sure. But leave off the analysis of parenting before and after. In a case like this one discretion ought to trump all the Monday morning insights.

Re the way in which the Harringtons are coping with the loss of Morgan. There are no rule books for this. Emily Post doesnt say anything about how to make sure that the investigaton of your murdered child does not sink into obscurity. Yes Gil is vocal and if it is to visceral for you, say a prayer that you never lose a child this way and move on. All those nice polite people who waited for "someone" to solve their childrens' murders --how many of the Rt 29 murders have been solved --look at Bil Thomas's post above. Life isnt really a novel of manners and if you dont like the way Gil Harrington talks about death --realize that she woudldn't be out there unless she had lost her daughter. The Harringtons werent cruising for a book deal, they were looking for their daughter---sorry if that offends your sense of propriety. Now a body has been found and it is apparent that she was murdered. Why focus on the parents and ignore the fact that there is a murderer free in your community. A loose murderer is what is important not snipping about tattoos. I have known Gil her whole life and cannot understand why gossiping about the mother of a murdered young woman is more important to you than the presence of a murderer in your community.

However, her parents, both medical professionals, say signs of violence were obvious on their daughter’s remains, which were released from evidence and returned to them in February.

ââ?¬Å?He chooses to kill in a savage and brutal way,” says Gil Harrington, an oncology nurse, of her daughter’s killer, ââ?¬Å?to break her bones before he murdered her.” Dan Harrington, a psychiatrist, confirms that his daughter’s skeleton showed ââ?¬Å?brutal damage.”

Wow, subliminal distraction will mess you up.

quote: "What (Gil Harrington) shows is a bit bizarre. That’s all."

Bizarre to who? You? OK.

As the father of a 17-year-old daughter who is going to the John Paul Jones arena on Saturday night, Gil's behavior isn't bizarre to me. As explained in the Robert De Niro movie "Analye That", it's a grieving process. Yes, poor example, a comedy movie. But people handle grief in many different ways.

Hey, cnm! Shut up!

Just kidding. :)

cosmo, not to discount your question, but I have no insider information and very few opinions on the Harrington case. As a matter of fact, I told the only cop that's ever mentioned the case to me NOT to tell me anything because I can't keep a secret.

My most vocal opinion has always been that Morgan Harrington was placed in harm's way because of the manner in which her desire to re-enter the stadium was handled. If just one member of the John Paul Jones staff had taken a little more interest in Morgan's particular circumstances in requesting re-entry, the entire outcome would have been different. And Morgan Harrington would still be alive most likely. I'm mad as hell that the John Paul Jones arena turned a small young girl out on the streets of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, on foot, to fend for herself.

I would offer that each of us comes with a different perspective. Mrs. Harrington is an oncology nurse whose perspective on death and dying is, from the nature of her work, different than that of the average person in our culture. She has also spent a great deal of time among the sick and dying in another culture that has different views of death (to help them, I might add).

Her approach is straight on, no sugar please, and although I cannot fathom having the capacity for that when discussing one's own daughter, I greatly admire her for it. She is trying to help this community, and I suspect she bears--not basks in--the spotlight for that cause.

I don't reply to other posters, everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, whether it's an informed one or an ignorant one, but nobody has the right to tell another poster to shut up.

Given the description of the injuries to the bones, I am wondering if perhaps Morgan was hit/run over by an automobile, then taken to the field to cover up what had happened.

Regarding the Harringtons, I have known Gil for a long time. She is a very intense person who can (and does) come off as strange. She is also very kind and adores her children. I cannot for the life of me imagine what she went through when she saw those bones.

Huachinango - Some of you people need to accept that there are some different views on what has happened here, and room to look at all angles. I have always looked at Morgan's parents with a mildly jaundiced eye. Having something like that tatooed on your wrist is just bizarre. It's subtly 'cult like' for lack of a better word.

Unfortunately, this has led me to beleive that Morgan did not have some of the judgment and decision making skills that others in her position might have had, and she got very very unlucky and paid for that with her life.

My hope is that other parents will pay attention to this, and work very hard to make sure their daughters have a good skill set about location, so that some creep targeting young women with their guards down doesn't get them.

cnm - I agree the Harringtons are a bit odd, but there are no rule books. I have heard of how obsessive parents an be over the unexpected loss of a child this way. They can be absolutely paralyzed by it, and fixate on all the details of the crime, as well as personal objects for years. They also may truly believe this is the best way to help their daughter and possibly others who have been so horribly victimized.

My name is Bill Thomas. I am the brother of Cathleen Thomas, who was one of the first two victims in the Colonial Parkway Murders.

I am so pleased to see Dan and Gil Harrington discussing the possible link between the Colonial Parkway Murders, the Route 29 Stalker, Morgan Harrington and other unsolved murders in Virginia. It is time for Governor Bob McDonnell to ask the the Virginia State Police, the FBI and local law enforcement to establish a Task Force to investigate these unsolved murders in Virginia.

Bill Thomas
Brother of Cathleen Thomas

The Bonemaker

Bones and rags in a field
That’s what we have come to
The bonemaker did this
He took a living breathing person and made bones
And rags
No breath, no life, no future, no love
And he is out there
Ready to make new bones
In a new field

Be careful, Charlottesville, he is still here.

The police need to step it up and find this bastard. I have children and grandchildren and that don't even want to go to JPJ now. Matter of fact Charlottesville ain't what it used to be. What has JPJ done to make the arena safer? I think all they want is your $$$. There's a killer out there! Who's next?

wow. what a quick delete button the hook has. wasn't saying anything about poor Morgan that's not common knowledge in the area. who knew Hawes was so concerned about being PC? I'll stick to bashing Obama in the future. that's much safer in these environs

Once again the Harringtons are seeking attention from the press, instead of letting the police do their job. Grieving parents do not act this way, they normally want seclusion. What bothers is me is some of their odd comments to the press, about her "lovely bones" (borrowed from a movie title), their website blog with their strange ramblings, are they angling for a book and movie deal? And the state assembly resolution honoring her: Honor her for what? For doing about the dumbest thing a young woman can do, leaving her friends in the middle of a concert and wandering about the city unescorted late at night, intoxicated, and apparently getting in a stranger's car? The resolution has drawn a lot of criticism from the public, considering her behavior that contributed to her demise. What about all the kids who have gone missing or murdered who did nothing to bring tragedy on themselves and their families? Where are their honor resolutions?

cnm, I disagree. I think the Harringtons want to make sure this crime doesn't sink into oblivion like the Alicia Showalter Reynolds abduction and murder has.

@cnm: Shut up please. There is no style guide for parents of daughters killed and left to rot in a field. However I think most of us would agree that there is a breach of decorum in your post.

if this isn't the work of the RSO who lives near the farm, then you are truly dealing with a serial killer with ties to LE.

GSOE knows what is going on ... i think he has experience and is able to profile incredibly well. GSOE ... what do you think? do you think someone is trying to frame the RSO? i think it would not be too hard to find a local RSO in the area to try to lead LE too for a crime.

you will withhold information for the public too if it showed how flawed and incompetent you are/were.

Caesonia, please do look at the picture above. See the fingernails bitten to the quick. See what was previously a slender, happy woman now gaunt and pale. This woman is absolutely tortured by what she thinks might have happened to her daughter. Nowhere in the story does it state that Gil Harrington has a tatoo on her wrist that "matches one of her daughter.” By all appearances she got the tattoo to help her deal with her grief. Until and unless you are in Gil Harrington's position (and I pray you never are), you should avoid being so judgemental.

Until you have walked the miles (over 3 years for us now), don't presume to know what is "right" or "correct" behavior when you lose a child to murder. No one who has ever lost a child in this way can understand. Be gentle with Morgan's family, and pray that the killers of ALL these victims are brought to justice.

Heidi Swartz


I am not really sure why someone pointing out a few oddities, or an attempt to look at the entire picture constitutes 'judging' the parents or letting the person who did the deed off the hook due to stereo typing or blaming the victim. I don't read a lecture to the parents, I read people pointing out that next time, a lot of things should be done differently. You can be right and still be dead, you know.

The elephant in the room comment is a good analogy with what I read. We have several elephants in the room.

Firstly, there is a drug problem , and binge drinking is on the rise. This type of behavior is attracted to certain types of entertainment. So when you go tot hat entertainment venue, you need to be aware of it.

Secondly, stalking creeps know that such venues attract those who would hurt their senses, and are more vulnerable. So you want to minimize their opportunties.

Having a backup plan, clear communications with your friends, in case something goes wrong is just plain common sense. I am my brother's or in this case sister's keeper and that means having a plan and being aware of our friends.

It's time to stop getting angry at people for noting how things can be better handled in the future, and start taking a wholesome approach. I am sure if the Harringtons had it to do all over again, they would have done it differently, and they will be haunted by it for the rest of their lives. We would all feel that way. I don't blame them, but all you parents ranting at JPJ need to take that step now denied the Harringtons forever ; do it differently. Talk to your daughters about having a game plan if they get separated from their friends.

Bilfar and seesaw, with all due respect, please stop! The person you are speaking of is old enough to be Morgan's grandfather. He's also one of the most respected law enforcement officials to ever wear a badge and gun in Central Virginia. He singlehandedly brought Law & Order to a county where it wasn't safe to appear in public after dark.

And knowing him as a close personal friend for 40 years of his life, I think I can say with a very high degree of certainty that he didn't even know Anchorage Farm existed or where it is.

He committed suicide based on a personal illness, that's all. Any investigator or law enforcement officer that even considered him a not-so-likely suspect for more than 3 seconds should be ashamed of themselves.

Gas don't let bilfar and seesaw rock your boat too badly...they are just 'stirring' things. They didn't know the man (obviously) and want to spout...my brother in law worked for the man for years before becoming a "super trooper" and he laughed when I told him they were those who had an eyebrow raised and said they obviously just wanted their 15 mins of fame at someone who isn't here to defend themselves. Looking back at bilfar's posts...makes me wonder if that person knows more about Morgan's tragedy than meets the eye....

Now back to how the Harringtons are being critisized over their parenting techniques, how they are handling their daughter's death...etc.etc.....which I haven't seen anyone critsizing that has walked in their shoes yet be able to do any better...

Prayers out to Dan, Gil and Alexander...

Alot of you folks are a little too quick with the crazy conspiracy theories.

In any entertainment venue I have ever been to (and I've been to quite a few) you absolutely cannot enter the building once you've left. For any reason. There are giant signs posted everywhere. When you leave before the event is over, the folks at the door tell you repeatedly as you're leaving.

That said, how many of these folks are young? New? Maybe this is their first job? They will have been told to not let anyone back in, for any reason, at all. If she tried to get in with blood on her face, that probably wasnt a very compelling reason to a fellow young person who has been threatened with their job.

Someone further up mentioned that it doesn't matter that she was drinking. It very much does. She was underage.

Who do I place blame on? I place it squarely on her "friends". They did a very poor job at keeping track of someone they got drunk in a town that they dont know very well. Who drives away with their friends car when you cant find the person who owns it? Who says, "Uh, yeah, go ahead and walk off with those random people you met even though your judgment is impaired."?

Her friends let her down.

I dont think it was a serial killer. I dont think there is any grand conspiracy. I honestly believe this went down a whole lot like that girl at VCU. Taylor Behl fell in with a creepy dude, went to go have an encounter with him that went wrong, and ended up in a field in the middle of no where, dead.

Bad things happen, but I hardly believe that Charlottesville/Albemarle/UVA campus police are to blame for that. There's something to be said for personal responsibility.

I do not understand why personal attacks on other posters are necessary. They are juvenile, serve no purpose and do nothing to progress the discussion.

Gil and Dan Harrington have done nothing to warrant criticism. Placing any personal peculiarities aside (and who among us can say they have none), I find their actions incredibly brave. To repeatedly stand before the cameras after suffering such an unspeakable tragedy takes a level of courage I could only hope to have in similar circumstances. By keeping Morgan's story alive they are doing what they can to uncover her killer and warning others that someone dangerous remains at large. They are NOT looking for book or movie deals. The Harringtons did their best to protect their daughter and undoubtedly warned her of all the dangers that lurk in the outside world (including drinking, drugs and interacting with strange men), and in NO WAY should be blamed for what happened to Morgan. Unfortunately, none of us can protect teenage children around the clock, nor can we expect others to do so in our absence.

Regarding JPL policies, I agree with those who point out that most, if not all, concert venues have a "no re-entry" policy, and it is reasonable. I do believe, however, that if security observed her with blood on her face or saw her walking unsteadily and obviously intoxicated, they had an obligation to approach her to find out her situation, check her ID, possibly contact her friends in the arena, etc.

Did Morgan bear at least some responsibility for what happened to her? Possibly. IF she chose to drink to excess, IF she chose to leave the arena, IF she chose to get into a vehicle with someone she did not know or knew only slightly, then, in my opinion, those were personal choices that tragically led to the ultimate outcome. Does that mean she deserved to be brutally attacked and killed? ABSOLUTELY NOT, but that does not remove the element of personal responsibility from the equation. From all accounts, she was a lovely young woman, inside and out, but good people make poor choices all the time. What I hope other young women will learn from this experience is to make wise choices, to be cautious, and to watch out for each other's welfare. Something her friends failed to do for Morgan.

As for LE, from what I have read and seen, they are either incompetent or playing this case extremely close to the vest. It is possible that they are closer to an arrest than we know and do not want to tip off the suspect by revealing their hand. Time will tell which is correct.

Donna Ludlow You are absolutely right!

To both Gas... and Just...

I did not know the man and would not like to slander anyone's good character especially a man who chose to protect and serve his community with honor. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I retract my comment above.