Snap: Where's the Mall?

snap-downtown-signsNew signs, such as this one on Market Street at Lee Park, have just begun to dot the area surrounding the Downtown Mall to keep hapless visitors from circling for hours. The budget for the new "wayfinding" program–- which reaches out beyond the Mall–- reaches nearly half a million dollars.


you see why i do what i do? stress man.... too much of it from the man. i'm gonna get involved and make a difference in politics 'round here. you know what my agenda will be ; )

ive been working for the city for four years now trying to earn full time position but gets laid off every year to what they claim as no money in the budget to hire a full time employee. I see where the money is going now, it really makes no sense and very fustrating....

In reference to the first reply above... if these signs end up costing $2,800+ each, they could have been done in engraved stone much cheaper. And there is no costly upkeep to the stone.

Mmmm...half million dollar of signs. Tasty. At least for the local graffiti artists. Just like a bit of fresh meat for them.

Whatever happened to low bids? These signs don't need to be the fanciest in the entire Country. It's just another waste of taxpayers' money; juat like the 'JUNK' that's been placed on the medians along the bypass. Another waste of our money is doing study after study of whether to dredge or build a new dam. The work could have been done years ago on what was spent on all these studies and the same for the Meadowcreek Parkway. Either do soame-thing or forget about it!

... and there is plenty of job security, too, "crozetite!"
How long do you think it will take for the poor "misguided youth" of Charlottesville ... the kids from the community that are being "offered nothing ... so they head to the mall and cause trouble." .. The ones that the teachers and school system have failed to teach respect to, ad nauseam ....... to vandalize those lovely signs? Then the sign makers can repair or replace them .. sounds like a lucrative business to be in!

MMMMMMMMMM. Lets see $200K for 70 signs = about $2800.00 per sign! I want to be a sign painter .Does UVA offer a masters in that ? Again that's what 4 + teachers salaries. Who on the board has a relative in the sign business ?