Western Albemarle teen out on bond

Patrick Crider, 18, the former Western Albemarle High student who was arrested January 14 for allegedly threatening on Facebook to kill four other Western students, was released on a $5,000 bond March 8. As a condition of his bond, he's ordered to stay away from those students, schools, weapons, the Internet and social networking sites. His January 25 request for bond was denied.

In Albemarle General District Court March 18, Crider waived a preliminary hearing for the Class 6 felony charge for making threats he faces and his case has been certified to the grand jury. "We're working with the Commonwealth for a resolution of the matter," says his attorney, David Franzen.


Inexperienced youth making comments without much thought. Good reason to ruin his life so we can all feel safer. *rolls eyes*

Previously violent youth making threats without much thought. Good reason to restrict his life so the kids he threatened can feel safer and maybe he will be made to see the psychiatrist his parents have been trying yo get him to see for the last 18 months.